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Official Threads Directory-Updated 7/4/20

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Hello & Welcome to the Official Threads Directory

K-Dramas & Movies


To make this an effective directory, please report any new threads here by including a link plus the specified tv station if it's a drama series/variety show. Anything amiss, typos or anything at all, please indicate at the thread so that we can make the index more reliable and user-friendly to all members.

Thank you for your cooperation and help, especially to those who have frequently helped to report new threads to this directory.

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1% of Anything (MBC)

1.5 Generation (MBC)


18 / Eighteen (JTBC)


20th Century Boy and Girl (MBC)


3 Guys 3 Girls (MBC)


365: One Year Against Destiny (MBC)


8 vs 1 (SBS)


9 End 2 Outs (MBC)


12 Nights (Channel A)


18 vs 29 (KBS)


19 Years Old (SBS)

90 Days, Time for Love (MBC)


101st Proposal (SBS)




Abiding Love Dandelion  (KBS) 


A Blue Bird  (TV CHOSUN)


A Dangerous Promise (KBS)


About Her(SBS)


Abyss (tvN)


Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek (KBS)


Age of Feeling / Inspiring Generation  (KBS)

Age of Youth (JTBC)

Age Of Youth 2 (JTBC)


After School Bokbulbok


A Good Day


A Good Man (?)  (KBS)


A Hundred Million Stars from the Sky (tvN)


A Hundred Year's Inheritance (MBC)


Ah-hyeon Dong's Madam (MBC)


A Wonderful Rumor (OCN)


Aide / The President's Aide (JTBC)


Air City (MBC)


Alice (SBS)


Alien Sam / Alien Teacher / Bong Sam (Tooniverse Drama)


All About Eve(MBC)


All About My Mom (KBS)


All About My Rival In Love (tvN)


All In(SBS)


All My Love (MBC)

Alone in love(SBS)


Always Spring (MBC)


A Man Called God (MBC)


Amanza (TBA)


Andante (KBS)

An Angel's Choice (MBC)

Angry Mom / Mom's Dead Upset / Mom Has Grown Horns (KBS)

Angry Mom (MBC)

Another Parting / What Kind of Goodbye

Another Peaceful Day of Second-hand Items (TBA/Web Drama)

Answer Me 1988 (tvN)


Answer Me 1994 (tvN)


Answer Me 1997 (tvN)


A Poem A day / You Who Forgot Poetry (tvN)


A Promise With The Gods (MBC)


April Kiss (KBS)

Apjugeong Midnight Sun (MBC)


Arang / Arang Magistrate's Chronicle (MBC)

Are You Human Too (KBS)

ArirangTV links


Argon (tvN)


A Second Proposal  (KBS)


A Suspicious Mother in Law (SBS)


As Much As Heaven And Earth (KBS)


Asadal Chronicles (tvN)


Assembly (KBS)


ATHENA: Goddess of War(SBS)


A Thousand Kisses(MBC)


Attic Cat (MBC)

Autumn Tale (KBS)


Auction House (MBC)


Autumn Showers (MBC)


A Very Midday Romance (KBS)


A Wife's Credentials (JTBC)


A Wild Funny Girl / Country Princess / The Courageous Girl / Funny Wild Girl (MBC)

Awl (JTBC)


AznTV links




Babel (Choson)


Baby-faced Beauty / Youthful Beauty (KBS)


Bachelor's Vegetable Store (A Channel)


Bad Couple(SBS)

Bad Family(SBS)

Bad Guy(SBS)


Bad Guys 2 (OCN)


Bad Guys (OCN)

Bad Housewife(SBS)


Bad Love  (KBS)


Bad Love 2019 (MBC)

Bad Papa (MBC)


Bad Woman, Good Woman (MBC)


Banjun Drama(SBS)


Baker King, Kim Tak Goo / Bread, Love and Dreams (KBS)

Ban Ol Lim 1 / Sharp#1 (KBS)


Ban Ol Lim 2 / Sharp#2 (KBS)

Ban Ol Lim 3 / Sharp#3 (KBS)

Bare-footed Youth (MBC)


Basketball (tvN)


Beast's Beauty(SBS)

Beautiful Days (KBS)


Beautiful Days(SBS)


Beautiful Mind (KBS)


Beautiful My Lady(SBS)


Beautiful World (JTBC)


Beautiful You (MBC)


Because It's My First Love (Netflix)


Beethoven Virus (MBC)


Before and After Cosmetic Surgery (MBC)


Begin Again (JTBC)


Believe in Love / My Love, My Family (KBS World)


Beloved (JTBC)


Be Strong Geum-soon (MBC)


Best Couple (MBC)


Best Drama Theater (MBC)


Best Drama Theater : Taerung's National Village (MBC)


Best Kitchen (DramaX)


Beyond the Clouds (KBS)



Big (KBS)

Big Fish / Daemul (SBS)

Big Forest (tvN)

Big Heat (E Channel)

Big Issue (SBS)

Big Man (KBS)

Big Picture House (TBA)

Billie Jean, Look At Me (MBC)

Birdie, Buddy (tvN)

Bird That Doesn't Cry (tvN)


Birth of a Beauty(SBS)


Birth of a Rich Man  (KBS)


Black (OCN)


Black Dog (tvN)


Black Knight (KBS)


Blissful Woman / Happy Woman  (KBS)


Blood (KBS)

Blow Breeze (MBC)


Blue Eyes (OCN)


Blue Fish(SBS)


Blue in My Heart (MBC Dramanet)


Bluebird's House (KBS)


Bok Soo's Back (SBS)


Borg Mom (MBC)


Born Again (KBS)


Bool Sae / Firebird / Phoenix (MBC)


Bouquet / Flower (Variety Show) (MBC)


Boyfriend (tvN)

Boys Over Flowers (KBS)


Brain  (KBS)


Bravo My Life(SBS)


Break (Mnet Drama)


Bridal Mask  (KBS)


Bride of the Century (TV CHOSUN)

Brilliant Legacy / Shining Inheritance / Life Is Beautiful (SBS)


Buam-dong Revenge Social Club (tvN)


Bubblegum (tvN)


But Like / I Hate You But I Like You(SBS)

Butcher Oh Soo Jung(SBS)


By My Side (MBC)



Cain and Abel(SBS)


Camilla (Youtube)

Can Anyone Love? (SBS)


Can Love Become Money (MBN)


Can't Live Without You (MBC)


Can't Lose (MBC)

Can You Hear My Heart (MBC)


Can We Get Married (JTBC)


Can We Love (JTBC)

Capital Scandal/ Scandal in the Capital (KBS)

Catch A Ghost / Catch Roo Ryung (tvN)

Catch A Kangnam Mother(SBS)

Chaebol's Daughter(SBS)

Challenge 1000 Songs(SBS)


Change (SBS)


Cheap Cheonlima Mart (tvN)


Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! (KBS)


Cheese In The Trap (tvN)


Chicago Typewriter (tvN)


Children of The Lesser God / Children of a Small God (OCN)


Childless Comfort (JTBC)


Chimera (No Broadcast Station Yet)

Choikang! Eol Mom / My Mom, Super Mom  (KBS)

Choi Su Jong Show / Noraebang(SBS)


Chocolate (JTBC)


Chun Ja's Happy Events (MBC)


Chosun Police (MBC)

Chuno / Slave Hunters  (KBS)


Cinderella Man  (MBC)


Cinderella and the Four Knights  (tvN)

Cinderella's Sister / Cinderella Unni  (KBS)


Circle (tvN)


City Hall (SBS)


Civil War of Prosecutors (JTBC)


Clean With Passion For Now (JTBC)


Cloud Stairway  (KBS)


Coffee Do Me A Favor


Coffee House(SBS)


Coffee Prince (MBC)


Coma (OCN)


Come Back Mister(SBS)


Come! Jang Bo-Ri (MBC)

Comrades / Legend of the Patriots  (KBS)


Confession (tvN)


Convenience Store Morning Star /Backstreet Rookie (Lifetime Channel)


Cooking Up Romance / Returned Earthen Bowl   (KBS)


Couple Breaking (CH-CGV)


Couple Of Fantasy


Crash Landing of Love (tvN)

Crazy For You(SBS)


Crazy Love (tvN)


Creating Destiny (MBC)


Crime Puzzle (TBA)

Crime Squad / Homicide / Detectives in Trouble (KBS World)

Criminal Minds (tvN)


Cross (tvN)


Cruel City / Heartless City (JTBC)


Cruel Palace / War of Flowers (JTBC)

Cuckoo Nest (KBS)


Cunning Single Lady (MBC)





Dae Jang Geum / Jewel in the Palace (MBC)

Dae Jang Geum is Watching (MBC)


Dae Jo Young (KBS)


Dae Mang / The Great Ambition(SBS)


Dal Ja's Spring (KBS)


Dal Soon's Spring (KBS)

Damo (MBC)

Danbi (variety) (MBC)


Dance Sports Girls (KBS)

Dancing With The Star (reality) (MBC)

Dandelion Family / Blossom Sisters  (MBC)


Dance Sports Girls  (KBS)


Daring Women(SBS)


Dating Agency (tvN)


Dating is the Easiest


Dating is annoying but I Hate being lonely (MBC Every1)




Dazzling/Brilliant (JTBC)

D-Day (JTBC)


Dear Citizens (KBS)


Dear My Friends (tvN)

Dear Heaven / Love in Heaven / Sky(SBS)


Dear Judge(SBS)



Definitely Neighbors(SBS)


Delightful Girl Choon Hyang (KBS)


Descendant of the Sun (KBS)


Designated Survivor (tvN)


Detective Mr. Lee (MegaTV Drama)


Devilish Joy (Dramax)

Different Dreams (MBC)


Discovery of Romance (KBS)


Divorce Lawyer in Love(SBS)


Do You Like Brahms? (SBS)


Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (KBS)


Doctor Detective (SBS)


Doctor Prisoner (KBS)


Doctor Room (SBS)






Don't Go Away / Don't Be Swayed (MBC)

Don't Hesitate(SBS)


Don't let go of your mind (JTBC)

Dong Yi  (MBC)


Doubtful Victory (Oh, the Mysterious)(SBS)


Do Well (MBC)

Drama City --> Drama Special (KBS)


Drama City: Fog Street  (KBS)


Dream (SBS)


Dream High (KBS)


Dream High Season 2  (KBS)


Dream Knight


Drinking Solo (tvN)


Dr. Ian


Dr. Frost (OCN)

Dr. Jin (MBC)

Dr Kkaeng / Dr Gang (MBC)


Drops of God


Dr. Stop(SBS)

Dual (OCN)





Gag Concert (KBS)

Gag Star (KBS)


Gangnam Scandal (SBS)


Gapdongi / Gapdong (tvN)


General Hospital 2 (MBC)


Geomsaekdaewang (Sunday Sunday Night segment) (MBC)

Ghost-Seeing Detective Cheo-yong (OCN)


Ghost Stories / 2009 Hometown Legends  (KBS)




Gipizigi / Jipijigi (MBC)

Girl Who Can See Smell(SBS)


Girl's World (tvN)

Give Love Away(MBC)


Give Me Food / What's For Dinner (MBC)


Glad to Love You / Finding Mr & Ms Right (KBS World) / Good Thing I Loved You (KBS Global) (KBS)


Glamorous Temptation (MBC)

Glass Castle / City of Glass / Elegant Family(SBS)

Glass Mask (tvN)

Glass Slippers(SBS)


Global Talk Show / Chitchat of Beautiful Ladies (KBS)


Gloria (MBC)


Glory Of Family / Family Honor (SBS)

Glory of Youth / Splendor of Youth (KBS)

Glowing She / She's Completely Insane / She's Glowing (KBS)


Goblin (tvN)


God Of Cookery Expedition (MBC)

GOD YookailgiGolden Fish (MBC)


God's Quiz (OCN)


God's Quiz 5: Reboot (OCN)


Golden Apple (KBS)

Golden Bride (SBS)

Golden Cross (KBS)

Golden Era of Daughter In Law (KBS)


Golden Fishery (MBC)


Golden Garden (MBC)


Golden Rainbow (MBC)

Golden Time (MBC)


Goodbye Dear Wife (A Channel)


Goodbye My Love (MBC)


Goodbye Mr Black (MBC)

Goodbye Sadness / A Farewell to Tears (KBS)

Goodbye Solo (KBS)


Good Casting (SBS)


Good Daddy (SBS)


Good Doctor (KBS)


Good Witch (SBS)


Gourmet (SBS)


Graceful Family (MBN)


Grand Prince (TV CHOSUN)


Greasy Melo/Wok of Love (SBS)


Great Battle / Great Showdown (KBS)(game show)


Great Inheritance (KBS)


Great Seducer (MBC)


Green Coach (SBS)


Green Rose (SBS)


Gu Am Heo Joon (MBC)


Gu Family Book (MBC)


Guardian Angel (SBS)


Gumiho: Tale of the Fox's Child (KBS)

Guys Talk (KBS)


Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King / Masquerade (tvN)


Gwanggaeto the Great  (KBS)


Gyebaek (MBC)


Gyeryong Goddess (tvN)




Haechi (SBS)


Haeundae Lovers (KBS)

Haja! Go (SBS)


Half of Half (tvN)


Hand: The Guest (OCN)

Hanoi Bride (SBS)

Hansungbyulgok / Conspiracy of the Court / Seoul's Sad Song  (KBS)

Happiness / Bliss / I Am Happy (SBS)


Happy Ending(JTBC)


Happy Home (MBC)


Happy If You Died (KBS)


Happy Shares Company (MBC)


Happy Sisters (SBS) 


Happy Time (MBC)

Happy Together (KBS) 


Happy Together (SBS)


Happy Together Friends  (KBS)

Happy Together Season 3 (KBS)

Hateful But Once Again / Again My Love (KBS)

Hardtack Teacher & Star Candy (SBS)


Harvest Villa (MBC)


Harvest Villa  (tvN)


Haru (KTO Hallyu drama)


Heading To The Ground (MBC)

Healer (KBS)

Heard it as a Rumor (SBS)

Heart / In Search of Love  (KBS)


Heart to Heart (tvN)

Heaven, Earth & Star (MBC)


Heavenly Beauty / Woman Of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung Geum (MBC)

Heavenly Woman / Angel's Revenge (KBS)


Heaven's Fate / King Flower Fairy (MBC)


Heaven's Postman  (SBS)


Heaven's Promise (KBS)

Heaven's Tree (SBS)


Hello! Franceska (MBC)


Hello? It's Me! (KBS)

Hello Monster | I Remember You  (KBS)

Hello! Miss (KBS)


Here (TBA)

Here Comes Ajumma / Ahjummah Is Going (KBS)


Her Legend (JTBC)


Her Private Life (tvN)


Hero / Strange Hero (MBC)


Heroes (JTBC)

Hey Hey Hey 2 (SBS)


He Who Can't Marry / The Man Who Can't Get Married (KBS)


Hi, Bye, Mama! (tvN)


Hide and Seek (MBC)


Hidden Identity (tvN)

Highkick Through The Roof (MBC)


High School King / King of High School Life (tvN)

High School - Love On (KBS)



Hip Hop King (SBS)


Ho Goo's Love (tvN)


Home Sweet Home / My Happy Home (MBC)

Hong Gil Dong (KBS)

Hooray for Love (MBC)


Horror Movie Factory MBC Sunday Night Special Project with SNSD (MBC)

Horse Doctor (MBC)


Hospital Ship (MBC)

Hot Blood (KBS)

Hot Blooded Priest/ The Priest (SBS)


Hot Brothers (variety) (MBC)

Hotelier (MBC)


Hotel Del Luna (tvN)


Hotel King (MBC)


How Are You Bread (Web Drama)

How Are You, God  (KBS)


How Much Love? (MBC)

How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor (SBS)


How To Train Your Blind Boss (SBS)


Human Lessons (Netflix)


Hundred Days' Husband (tvN)


Hundred Million Stars From the Sky (tvN)


Hunters (variety) (MBC)


Hush (JTBC)

Hwang Jini (KBS)


Hwayuki / Hwayugi (tvN)


Hyde, Jekyll, and I (SBS)


Hyena (tvN)


Hyena 2020 (SBS)


Hymn of Death (SBS)


Hyunhaetan Marriage War / Marriage War of Doenjang-gun and Natto-jjang (MBC)





I Am A Mother, too (SBS)

I Am Legend (SBS) 


I Am Not a Robot (MBC)

I Am Sam (KBS)

I Believe In Men / I Trust Men (MBC)

I do, I do (MBC)


If In Love ... Like Them (SBS)


If It's Her / About Her (SBS)


If you cheat you die (KBS)


I Hate Going To Work (KBS)


I Hate to Love You (Love Returns) (KBS)

I Hate You, But It's Fine (KBS)


I Hate You Juliet (Oksusu)


I Have a Lover / I Am Taken (SBS)


I Holo You/My Holo Love (Netflix)

Iljimae (SBS)

Iljimae /Return of Iljimae (MBC)


I Like You / You Stole My Heart (KBS)


I Love Thee / I Love You  (MBC)

I Love You (SBS)

I Love You, Don't Cry (MBC)


I Love Lee Tae Ri (tvN)

I Love You Ten Thousand Times (SBS)


I picked up a star on the road (Oksusu)


I'll Give You Everything / Give You All / Reversal of Fate (KBS)

I'll Give You the Stars and the Moon (KBS)


I'll go to you when the weather is nice (JTBC)


Imaginary Cat (MBC Dramanet)


Immortal Classic (A Channel)


Immortal Lee Soon Shin (KBS)


I'm Psychopath but it's okay (tvN)


I'm Sorry Kang Nam Goo (SBS)


I'm Sorry I Love You (KBS)


I'm Still Loving You (MBC)


Indomitable Daughters-in-Law  (MBC)


I Need Family Season 4 (MBC every1) (MBC)


I Need Romance (tvN)


I Need Romance 2 (tvN)


I Need Romance 3 (tvN)


I only walk on Flower Paths (KBS)


Infinity Challenge (MBC)

Infinity Girls (MBC)


Inki Gayo (SBS)

Innocent You (SBS)

Into the Flames (TV CHOSUN)


Into The Sun (SBS)


Into the Flames

In-soon Is Pretty / Pretty In-sun (KBS)

Introducing A Star's Friend (MBC)

Introverted Boss (tvN)

Investigation Couple (MBC)


Investigation Couple 2 (MBC)


Invincible Lee Pyung Kang (KBS)

Invincible Parachute Agent (SBS)

I Really Really Like You (MBC)

Ireland (MBC)






Iron Lady Cha (MBC)


Iron Man (KBS)


Item (MBC)


Itaewon Class (JTBC)

I Summon You, Gold! (MBC)


It Was Love / Maybe Love (MBC)


I Want To Love (SBS)


I Want To See You (MBC)







La Dolce Vita (MBC)

Lady (JTBC)


Lady of the Storm/Stormy Woman (MBC)


Lady Who Lugs A Luggage / Woman With A Suitcase (MBC)




Land of Wine (SBS)


Last (JTBC)


Last Dance is With Me (SBS)


Last Minute Romance (JTBC)


Late Night Hospital / Midnight Ward(MBC)


Late Night Restaurant (SBS) 


Lawless Attorney / Lawless Lawyer (tvN)


Learn Word (MBC)Lee Kyung Kyu's Hidden Camera (Sunday Sunday Night segment) (MBC)


Leave It To The Destiny (KBS1)


Left-handed Wife (KBS)


Legal High (JTBC)

Legend / The Story of the First King's Four Gods (MBC)

Legend of Hyang Dan (MBC)

Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS)


Let Me Hear Your Song (KBS)


Let Me Melt (tvN)

Let's Eat (tvN)

Let's Eat 2 (tvN)


Let's Eat 3 (tvN)


Let's Fight Ghost (tvN)

Let's Go to the Beach (SBS)


Let's Hold Hands Tightly And Watch The Sunset (MBC)


Let's Marry (MBC)

Let's Not Divorce / Enjoy Life  (MBC)


Level Up (MBN)


Leverage (tvChosun)


Liar Game (tvN)


Lie of a Lie (Channel A)


Life (JTBC)


Life is Beautiful (SBS)


Life is Beautiful / Beautiful Life (KBS)


Life On Mars (OCN)


Life Special Investigation Team (MBC)

Lights & Shadows (MBC)


Line Up (SBS)


Live (tvN)


Live On (JTBC)


Live Up To Your Name (tvN)

Lobbyist / Angel (SBS)


Looking For Dorothy (MBC)


Lord of Study (KBS)


Loss Time Life (UHD Umax Channel)


Lottery Trio / Lottery 3 Musketeers  (KBS)


Love & Secret (KBS)


Love Affair in the Afternoon (Channel A)


Love Alarm (tvN)


Love And Ambition / A Fairy Story Of Love / Shinhwa / Myth5 (SBS)

Love Cell / Dating DNA

Love Chaser/Pursuer (variety) (MBC)

Love Choice / Selection Couple (SBS)

Love Day / Good Day To Love (SBS)


Loveholic (KBS)


Love Hymn (MBC)


Love In Asia (KBS)

Love in Sadness (MBC)


Love is Beautiful, Life is Wonderful (KBS)


Love is Delicious (OCN Movie) (OCN)


Love is Drop by Drop (SBS)


Love Letter (MBC)

Lovely Horribly (KBS)

Love Marriage / Love Match / Match Maker's Lover (KBS)

Love Needs a Miracle (SBS)

Love on a Rooftop (KBS)


Love's Discovery (MBC Every1) (MBC)

Love Rain / Love rides the Rain (KBS)

Lovers (SBS)

Lovers In Aska (SBS)

Lovers In Paris (SBS)

Lovers In Prague (SBS)


Love Revolution (TBA)


Love Story In Harvard (SBS)


Love Watch /Fluttering Warning


Loving (KBS) 

Love Until The End (KBS)


L.U.V. Collage (tvN)


LUCA (tvN)


Lucky Romance (MBC)

Luther (MBC)



Ma Boy (Toon Verse)


Mackerel Run! (SBS)


Mad Dog (KBS)


Madame Antoine (JTBC)


Madam Cha Dal Rae's Love (KBS2)


Magic (SBS)


Magic School (JTBC)


Make a Wish (MBC)


Make a Woman Cry (MBC)

Mama (MBC)


Mandate of Heaven / Heaven's order (KBS)


Manhole (KBS)


Manny (tvN)


Man of Honor / The Glory of Jae In (KBS)


Man to Man (JTBC)

Man Who Bakes Bread


Man Who Dies to Live (MBC)


Man Who Sets the Table (MBC)


Marriage Without Love / Marriage Without Dating (tvN)

Marrying The Mafia / Family Honor (SBS)

Mary Stayed Out All Night / Marry Me, Mary!  (KBS)

Mask (SBS)

Masked Prosecutor (KBS)


Masquerade (tvN)


Master: God of Noodles (KBS)

Master of the Mask  / Ruler: Master of the Mask (MBC)


May Queen (MBC)


Medical Top Team (MBC)

Merchant Kim Man Deok (KBS)


Melo Is My Nature (JTBC)


Memory (tvN)


Memories of Alhambra (tvN)


Memorist (tvN)


Me Ri, Dae Gu's Attack And Defense Battle (MBC)


Method (tvN)

Me Too, Flower! (MBC)

Midnight Idols / Children of the Night (Variety) (MBC)


Midnight Snack Couple (JTBC)


Miracle That We Met (KBS)


Miraculous Victory And Defeat (SBS)


Mi-Rae's Choice / The Future Choice (KBS)


Mirror of the Witch (JTBC)


Misaeng (tvN)


Mischievous Kiss / Playful Kiss (MBC)


Miss Korea (MBC)


Miss Gold's Coming  (SBS)

Miss Hammurabi (JTBC)

Miss Kim's Making One Billion Won Project (SBS)


Miss Kim's Mystery - Drama Special (KBS)


Miss Lee (tvN)


Miss Lee Knows (MBC)


Miss Mermaid / Mermaid Lady (MBC)


Miss Ripley (MBC)


Missing Nine (MBC)


Missing Noir M (OCN)


Mistress (OCN)


Misty (JTBC)


Mojito (TBC)


Mom (MBC)


Money Flower (MBC)


Money Game (tvN)


Monstar (tvN)




Monster (MBC)


Monthly House (JTBC)


Moon Hee (MBC)


Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS)


Moorim School (KBS)


More Beautiful Than A Flower (KBS)

More Charming By the Day (sitcom)    (MBC)


Mother (tvN)


Mother's Garden (MBC)


Mount Jiri (TBA)


Mouse (tvN)


Move to Heaven (Netflix)

Mozart Romance (KBS)

Ms. Ma, Goddess of Revenge (SBS)


Mr. Baek (MBC)


Mr. Duke (MBC)

Mr. Goodbye (KBS)

Mr. Temporary / Mr. Fixed Term (OCN)


Mrs Cop (SBS)


Mrs. Cop 2 (SBS)

Mr. Sunshine (tvN)


Mung Bean Flower/Ugeumchi (SBS)


Mung Bean Pancake (tvN)


My Ajusshi / My Mister (tvN)


My Beautiful Ally (KBS)


My Beautiful Bride (OCN)


My Beloved Children / My Precious You (KBS)

My Bittersweet Life / Women In Our House  (KBS)


My Brilliant Life (MBC)


My Country (JTBC)

My Country Calls / Call of the Country (KBS)


My Dangerous Wife (MBN)


My Dark History Wrong Answer Note - Drama Special (KBS)


My Daughter Geum Sa Wol (MBC)


My Daughter Is The Kindest (KBS)


My Daughter Seo Young (KBS)


My Dear Friend (tvN)

My Fair Lady (SBS)

My Fair Lady / Lady Castle / Take Care Of Agasshi (KBS)


My First Love / Longing Heart (OCN)

My Girl (SBS)

My girlfriend is a nine-tail fox / My girlfriend is a Gumiho  (SBS)


My Golden Life (KBS)

My Healing Love (MBC)


My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (SBS)

My Husband Got a Family (KBS)


My Husband Oh Jak-doo (MBC)


My ID is Gangnam Beauty (JTBC)

My Man's Woman (SBS)


My Lady Boss, My Hero (OCN)


My Lady / My Woman (MBC)


My Life's Golden Age / Prime Of My Life / All About My Family (MBC)


My Little Baby (MBC)


My Love (SBS)

My Love Eun Dong (JTBC)


My Love for You (MBC)

My Love Patzzi (MBC)


My Lovely Family  (KBS)

My Lovely Fool (SBS)


My Mother is having a affair (SBS)


My Name Is Kim Sam Soon (MBC)

My Name is Princess / Love or Nothing (MBC)

My Only One (KBS)


My One And Only / Just You  (KBS)

My Pitiful Sister / Big Sister (KBS)


My Prettiest Moments / When I was the prettiest (MBC)


My Princess (MBC)


My Secret Hotel (tvN)

My Secret Romance (OCN)


My Sister (MBC)


My Sister in Law is 19 (SBS)


My Son In Law's Woman (SBS)


My Sweet Seoul / My Bittersweet City (SBS)


My Unfortunate Boyfriend


Mystery Queen (KBS)


Mystery Queen 2 (KBS)


Mysterious Personal Shopper / House of Dolls (KBS)


Myung Wol the Spy  (KBS)


My Wife's Having An Affair (JTBC)


Mystic Pop Up Bar (JTBC)





Padam Padam... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (JTBC)


Page Turner (KBS)

Painter of the Wind  (SBS)


Palace / Goong / Princess Hours --> THREAD CLOSED Palace / Goong / Princess Hours -->  NEW THREAD  (MBC)


Palace 2 / Goong 2 / Prince Hours / Goong S  (MBC)


Panda and Hedgehog (A Channel)


Park Kyung Lim's Wonderful Outing (MBC Every1)  (MBC)


Parting Left  (MBC)


Partner (KBS)


Past / Please Don't Bury the Past (OCN)


Pasta  (MBC)

Peculiar Woman, Peculiar Man / The Bizarre Bunch (KBS)


Peninsula / Hanbando (TV CHOSUN)


Penthouse (SBS)


People with flaws / Doctor People (MBC)


Perfect Wife (KBS)


Perfume (KBS)




Personal Preference / Personal Taste  (MBC)


Person who gives happiness  (MBC)


Picnic  (MBC)

Pied Piper (tvN)

Pink Lipstick  (MBC)


Player (OCN)

Please Come Back, Soon-Ae  (SBS)


Please Don't Ask Me About the Past / Please Don't Ask About the (OCN)


Please Don't Meet That Man (MBC Every1)

Please Marry Me / All About Marriage  (KBS)


Police Unit 38 (OCN)


Possession (OCN)


Postpartum Care Center (tvN)


Powerful Opponents / Formidable Rivals (KBS)


Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food / Something in the Rain (JTBC)


Pride and Prejudice  (MBC)


Priest (OCN)


Prime Minister and I (KBS)


Prince's First Love  (MBC)


Princess Aurora  (MBC)

Princess Ja Myung Go  (SBS)

Princess Jungmyung  (MBC)

Princess Lulu  (SBS)


Private Life (JTBC)

Producer (KBS)


Project Runway Korea (OnStyle Variety) (OCN)

Prometheus (MBC)


Prosecutor Princess  (SBS)


Protect The King (MBS)


Psychopath Diary (tvN)

Punch  (SBS)


Pure 19 / Pure in Heart / Hearts of Nineteen (KBS)


Pursuing Servants (KBS)




Queen Cheorin (tvN)


Queen In Hyun's Man (tvN)


Queen Insoo (JTBC)


Queen of Housewives  (MBC)


Queen of The Game  (SBS)

Queen Returns (KBS)

Queen of Reversals  (MBC)

Queen Seon Deok (MBC) 

Que Sera Sera  (MBC)

Quiz That Change The World  (MBC)






Radio Romance (KBS)


Rascal SonsRebel Hong Gil Dong  (MBC)


Real School (sitcom)  (MBC)


Rebirth - Next  (MBC)


Record of Youth (tvN)


Red Moon, Blue Sea (MBC)


Remember - War of the Son  (SBS)


Repentance  (MBC)


Return of Bok Dan Ji  (MBC)


Reset (OCN)

Resurrection / Rebirth (KBS)


Return  (SBS)

Reunited Worlds  (SBS)


Rich Family's Son  (MBC)


Riders: Catch Tomorrow (E Channel)


Risky Romance  (MBC)


Road No. 1 / Road Number One  (MBC)


Robbers  (SBS)


Romance  (MBC)

Romance Town (KBS)


Romantic Comedy King / Absolute Boyfriend Remake (OCN)


Romantic Doctor Season 2 (SBS)


Romance Is A Supplement (tvN)


Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (MBC)


Room Nine (tvN)

Rose War (Game Show) (KBS)

Rosy Life (KBS)


Royal Family  (MBC)


Ruby's Ring (KBS)

Rude Women  (MBC)


Rugal (OCN)


Ruler of Your Own World / Do As You Wish  (MBC)

Run Away / Fugitive / Plan B (KBS)


Run On (JTBC)


Running Investigators (OCN)




Sad Love Story  (MBC)

Sagaji House  (MBC)


Saimdang, The Herstory  (SBS)

Salt Doll  (SBS)


Sandglass / Hourglass  (SBS)


Sang Sang Plus (KBS) 

Sang Sang Plus Season 2 (KBS)

SangDoo, Let's Go to School! (KBS)


Save Me (OCN)


Save Me 2 (OCN)

Saving Madame Go Bong Shil (TV CHOSUN)

Sayuksin / Six Martyred Ministers (KBS).


Say You Love Me / Tell Me You Love Me  (MBC)


Scandal  (MBC)

Scent Of A Man  (MBC)

School Nurse Ahn Eun Young (Netflix)

School Season 5 (KBS)


School 2017 (KBS)


School 2020 (KBS)


Screen  (SBS)


Search (OCN)


Second Time Twenty Years Old (tvN)

Secret / Secret Love (KBS)


Secret  (MBC)


Secret Boutique (SBS)


Secret Garden  (SBS)


Secret and Lies  (MBC)


Secret Love Affair (JTBC)

Secret Love - Miniseries (KBS)

Secret Lovers  (MBC)


Secret Man (KBS)

Secret Mother  (SBS)


Secret: www (tvN)


Selecton: The War between Women (tv Chosun)


Senior, Don't Put on That Lipstick (JTBC)


Sensory Couple  (SBS)


Seo Dong Yoh  (SBS)


Seonam Girls High School Investigators (JTBC)


Seoul 1945 (KBS)

Seoul Martial Arts Series / Seoul Gungfu  (MBC)

Seven Princesses / Chil Princesses (KBS)

Several Questions that Make Us Happy (KBS)


Servants / Maids (JTBC)




Shark (KBS)


Shall We Eat Together (MBC)


Shall We Live Together? (KBS)


Shanghai Brothers (Dramax Drama)


She is Back / Icegirl / Love Lost in Time (KBS)


She Was Pretty (MBC)


Shindon (MBC)


Shin Dong Yup's Itta Upda  (SBS)

Shin Dong Yup's My Child Has Changed!  (SBS)

Shin Dong Yup's Sarang Ee Wee Tahk Moh  (SBS)


Shine or Go Crazy (MBC)


Shining / Twinkle Twinkle / All That Glitters (MBC)


Shin Saimdang, the Herstory  (SBS)


Shoot for the Stars  (SBS)

Short (OCN)

Should we kiss first?  (SBS)


Show Power Video (KBS)


Show! Music Core (MBC)


Show Survival (MBC)


Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN)


Signal (tvN)


Signal 2 (tvN)


Silence (JTBC)


Since I Met You / Since We Met (MBC)


Sincerity Moves Heaven / Sweet Springs  (KBS)

Singles' World  (SBS)

Sirasoni (KBS)


Sisyphus : The Myth (JTBC)

Six Flying Dragons  (SBS)

Sixth Sense Quiz   (SBS)


Sketch (JTBC)


Sky Castle (JTBC)


Sky Ground, Star Ground (MBC)


Sleeping Over / Let Us Stay Just For Tonight (MBC)

Smile Again  (SBS)

Smile, Dong-hae / Smile Again (KBS)

Smile, You   (SBS)


Snow In August  (SBS)

Snow Queen (KBS)

Snowflakes / Snowflower  (SBS)


Snowman (MBC)

Snow White / Taste Sweet Love (KBS)


So I Married An Anti-Fan


Solitude (KBS)


Solomon's Perjury (JTBC)


Some Boy Some Girl


Someday (OCN)


Somehow Family (Chosun TV)

Song Battle (KBS)

Sound of Your Heart Season 2 (KBS)


Soldier/ God of War (MBC)
Soul / Spirit  

Soulmate (MBC)


Soul Repairer (TBA)


Special Affairs Team TEN (OCN)


Special Affairs Team TEN 2 (OCN)


Special Crime Investigation (KBS)


Special Labor Inspector Jo Jang-Poong (MBC)


Special Laws of Romance (A Channel)


Special of My Life (MBC)


Speed  (SBS)


Sponge (KBS)


Spotlight (MBC)

Spring Day  (SBS)


Spring Must Be Coming (MBC)


Spring Night (MBC)

Spring Spring  (KBS) 

Spring Waltz  (KBS)

Spy (KBS)


Squid Game (Netflix)


Stained Glass / Yurihwa  (SBS)

Stairway to Heaven  (SBS)

Star's Falling From the Sky / Wish Upon a Star  (SBS)


Star Golden Bell (KBS)


Star's Lover / Celebrity's Sweetheart  (SBS)


Star In My Heart / Wish Upon A Star (MBC)


Startup / Sandbox (tvN)

Steal My Heart / Fascinate My Heart  (SBS)

Stock Flower (KBS)

Stormy Lovers / Hurricane Couple / Love Stronger Than Death (MBC)

Story of A Man / The Slingshot (KBS)


Story of Wine / Just Kidding / Off Line / Man Who Wants to Die (MegaTV Movies)


Stove League (SBS)

Stranger than Paradise / Stranger than Heaven  (SBS)


Strangers From Hell (OCN)


Strike Love / 2009 Alien Baseball Team (MBC)

Strongest Chil Woo (KBS)


Strongest Deliveryman (KBS)


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (JTBC)


Style   (SBS)


Such A Long Goodbye - Drama Special (KBS)


Suddenly One Day (MBC)


Summer Care (KBS1)


Summer Days (LG XNOTE Ad Campaign)


Summer Scent (KBS)


Sunlight Pours Down  (SBS)


Sunday Sunday Night segment: Angels' Chorus / Angel's Singing / Chorus of Angels (MBC)

Sunday Sunday Night segment: Jin Ho Yah I Love You (MBC)

Sunflower (MBC)


SungKyunKwan Scandal (KBS)

Sunshine Hunting (KBS)


Super Daddy Yeol  (tvN)


Super Rookie (MBC)


Surgeon Bong Dal Hee  (SBS)


Suriname (MBC)


Survival I Am A Singer (Variety) (MBC)


Suspicious Family (MBN)


Swallow the Sun / The Land Of Professionals   (SBS)


Sweden Laundry (MBC)


Sweet 18 (KBS)


Sweet Family (MBC)
Sweet Guy 


Sweet Home (tvN)

Sweet Home, Sweet Honey (KBS)

Sweet Palpitation / Pit-a-pat, My Love (KBS)


Sweet Red Bean Bun (MBC)

Switch  (SBS)

Sword and Flower (KBS)

Syndrome (JTBC)



Tale of the Gumiho (tvN)


Tale Of the Nine Tailed Fox / My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (KBS)


Take My Hand (MBC)


Tamra the Island / Tamna the Island (MBC)


Team Bulldog: Off Duty Investigation (OCN)


Tears of Diamond  (SBS)


Tears of Heaven (MBN)


Tell Me What You Saw (OCN)


Temperature of Love  (SBS)

Temptation of An Angel  (SBS)

Temptation of Wife / Cruel Temptation  (SBS)


Terius Behind Me (MBC)

Terms Of Endearment / Condition Of Love (KBS)

Terroir  (SBS)


Thank You (MBC)


Thank You Life / Gracias a la vida (KBS)


That Fool / Six Months / Accidental Love (KBS)


That Man Oh Soo (OCN)

That Person Is Coming (MBC)


The Psychometric Guy (tvN)


The Spy who loved me (MBC)

That's Right, I Love You (MBC)


That Winter, The Wind Blows  (SBS)


That Woman  (SBS)

That Woman's Choice (KBS)

That Woman is Scary  (SBS)


The 3rd Hospital (tvN)


The Actress' Butler (Variety) (MBC)


The Ballot (KBS)


The Banker (MBC)


The Beauty Inside Remake (JTBC)


The Beauty of the Beast  (SBS)


The Best Divorce (KBS)


The Best Future


The Best Lee Soon Shin / You're the best Lee Soon Shin(KBS)


The Birth of a Great Star (Singing Contest) (MBC)

The Black Knight (KBS)

The Book of Corrections (KBS)


The Book of Three Han: The Chapter of Jumong (MBC)


The Bride of the Water God (tvN)


The Color of Woman (A Channel)


The Count of Myeongdong (EBS Drama)


The Devil (KBS)

The Devil that Drinks Wine (MBC Every1) (MBC)


The Duo (MBC)

The Eccentric Daughter-in-Law (KBS)


The End of the World (JTBC)


The Equator Man (KBS)

The Evil Twin / Legendary Hometown (KBS)


The Flower in Prison (MBC)


The Fifth Republic(MBC) 


The First Born (JTBC)


The Game (MBC)


The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop / Laurel Tree Tailors (KBS)

The Goddess of Fire, Jeongi (MBC)

The Golden Ladder / Road Show! Quiz Expedition (variety) (KBS)

The Good Day When The Wind Blows / Happiness In The Wind  (KBS)

The Good Wife (tvN)


The Great King Sejong (KBS)


The Great Show (tvN)


The Greatest Love (MBC)


The Gu (Nine) Family's Book (MBC)


The Invisible Man (KBS)


The K2 (tvN)


The King (MBC)


The King : The Eternal Monarch/ The King Forever Sovereign


The King And I  (SBS)


The King 2 Hearts (MBC)


The King Loves (MBC)

The Land of Wind / The Kingdom Of The Winds / Country Of Wind (KBS)


The Last Scandal of My Life (MBC)


The Lawyers (MBC)

The Lawyers Of The Great Republic Korea (MBC)


The Love Will Not Be Stopped By Anyone (MBC)


The Lovers of Samkwang Villa (KBS)


The Life is our First (tvN)


The Love That I Want To Kill / Ijuksa (KBS)


The Man Living in Our House (KBS)


The Marriage Plot (tvN)

The Merchant : Gaekju (KBS)

The Mermaid (tvN)


The Mermaid Prince (Lifetime Original)


The Moon That Embraces The Sun (MBC)


The Most Beautiful Goodbye (tvN)


The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (tvN)


The Night the Memories Shine Bright (variety) (MBC)


The Number of Times a Friend becomes a Lover (JTBC)


The Package (JTBC)


The Person I Love  (SBS)


The Player (OCN)


The President (KBS)


The Priest / Hot-blooded Priest (SBS)


The Princess' Man (KBS)


The Qualities of a Man (Happy Sunday show) (KBS)


The Queen's Classroom (MBC)


The Queen of Office / God of the Workplace (KBS)

The Relationship Between the Face, Heart, and Love / My Love Ugly Duckling  (SBS)


The Reputable Family (KBS)

The Return of Shim Chung (KBS)


There's A Cat! Meow (KBS)


The Road Home (KBS)


The Rustic Period / Yainshidae  (SBS)


The Scale Of Providence / God's Balance  (SBS)

The Scholar Who Walks The Night (MBC)

The Secret Lover / Battle of the Secret Lover / Level 7 Civil Servant (MBC)

The Secret of Coocoo Island (MBC)

The Second Last Love  (SBS)


The Secret of My Love (KBS)


The Sea of Silence (Netflix)


The Servant / Bang-ja Chronicles  (CH-CGV)


The Single Father Is In Love (KBS)


The Shining Eun Soo (KBS)

The Sons Of Sol Pharmacy House (KBS)


The Spring Day of My Life (MBC)


That Summer's Typhoon  (SBS)


The Sun's Seasons (KBS)


The Superman Age (tvN)


The Sweet Spy (MBC)


The Tale Of Janghwa And Hongryeon / Love & Obsession  (KBS)


The Temperature of Talk (tvND)

The Third Charm (JTBC)


The Three Musketeers Season 1 (tvN)


The Time of Dog and Wolf (MBC)


The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days  (SBS)


The Thorn Tree Bird / The Thorn Birds (KBS)


The Thousandth Man (MBC)


The Tuna and the Dolphin (KBS)


The Trio (MBC)


The Truth / Jin-sil (MBC)


The Ugly Rice Cake / Bullying (MBC)


The Undateables / Handsome Guy and Jung Eum (SBS)


The Unstoppable High Kick (MBC)


The Unstoppable Marriage (Sitcom) (KBS)

The Vineyard Man (KBS)


The Virus (OCN)


The Way He Remembers (MBC)


The Wind Blows (JTBC)


The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (MBC)


The World of Husband and Wife (JTBC)


The World They Live In (KBS)


They were there (OCN)


Things We Do That We Know We Will Regret (KBS)


Third Rate My Way / Fight My Way (KBS)


Thirty but Seventeen I Am (SBS)


Thirty Thousand Miles In Search Of My Son  (SBS)

This Life is our First (JTBC)


Thoraic Surgery  (SBS)


Thorn Flower/Spine Flower (JTBC)


Thousand Year of Love  (SBS)


Three Brothers / Strange Brothers (KBS)


Three Dads and a Mom (KBS)


Three Leaf Clover  (SBS)


Three Men Three Women (MBC)


Three Sisters  (SBS)


Through The Waves (KBS)


Time (MBC)


Times (OCN)


To All The Guy Who Loved M (KBS)


Today's Detective (KBS)


To Jenny (KBS)


To Marry a Millionaire / Marrying a Millionaire  (SBS)


To My Name (NaverTV)


Touch (ChannelA)


Touch your heart / The truth delivered (tVN)


Tofu Personified (iMBC)


Tokyo Shower  (SBS)


Tomato  (SBS)


Tomorrow With You (tvN)


Tomorrow Victory (MBC)

Too Bright Outside for Love - Drama Special (KBS)


Top Management (YoutubeRed)


Top Star Yoo Baek (tvN)


Train (OCN)


Trap (OCN)


Triangle   (SBS)


Triangle (MBC)


Triple (MBC)


Tropical Night in December (MBC)


Trot Lovers (KBS)


True Beauty (tvN)


Truth Game  (SBS)


Tunnel (OCN)

TV Novel Dear My Sister / Bokhee Noona (KBS)

TV Novel: Eun Hee (KBS)

TV Novel - Land of Gold  (KBS)


Two Cops (MBC)


Two Hearts (KBS/Naver TV)


Two Weeks (MBC)


Two Wives   (SBS)

Twelve Men in a Year (tvN)






Vacation (DBSK Theatrical Drama)


Vagabond (SBS)


Valid Love (tvN)


Vampire Detective (OCN)


Vampire Flower

Vampire Prosecutor (OCN)


Village (SBS)




Voice (OCN)

Voice 2  (OCN)


Voice 3 (OCN)






Wanna Taste? (SBS)


Wanted (SBS)


War Of Flowers / Tazza (SBS)


War Of Money / Money's Warfare (SBS)

War of the Brilliant Minds (SBS)


Watcher (OCN)


Wave Wave (KBS)


Way to Go, Rose / Run, Jang Mi (SBS)


We Are Dating (Variety) (MBC)


We Are Family (tvN)


We Broke Up


We're Dating Now (SBS)


Wedding (KBS)


We Got Married (Sunday Sunday Night) (MBC)


Welcome (KBS)


Welcome 2 Life (MBC)


What Happened in Bali (SBS)


What Shall I Do With My Husband (SBS)


What's The Problem, Poong Sang/Liver or Die (KBS)


What's Up? (MBN)


What's Up, Fox? (MBC)


What's With This Family (KBS)


When a Man Love / Whan a Man Loves a Woman (SBS)


When A Man Loves (MBC)

When It's At Night (MBC)


When Spring Comes / When The Spring Flowers Bloom (KBS)


When The Camellia Blooms (KBS)


When The Devil Calls Your Name (tvN)


When Time Stops (KBS W)


Where Stars Land / Fox Bride Star (SBS)


Which Star Are You From (MBC)


While You Are Sleeping (SBS)


Whisper (SBS)


White Lies (MBC)


White Power / White Tower (MBC)


Who Are You? (MBC)


Who Are You: School 2015 (KBS)


Why Did You Come To My House / Wanted : Son-in-law (SBS)


Why Secretary Kim(tvN) 


Wife Returns/ Wife's Back (SBS)


Wife Scandal (TV CHOSUN)


Wild Romance  (KBS)


Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion (tvN)


Will it Snow for Christmas? (SBS)

Will You Have Dinner With Me? (SBS)


Winter Bird (MBC)


Winter Sonata: The Animation


Wind, Cloud and Rain (TV Chosun)


Windy City  (KBS)


Wings, Fly Up (KBS)

Winter Sonata (KBS)

Win Win (Variety) (KBS)


Wise Prison Life (tvN)


Wise Doctor Life (tvN)


Witch Amusement / Witch Yoo Hee (SBS)


Witch's Castle (SBS)


Witch's Court (KBS)


Witch Love (MBC)


Witch's Love 


Witch's Love (MBN)

Wolf (MBC)

Wonderful Days / Very Good Times (KBS)


Woman of 9.9 Billion (KBS)


Woman of Dignity (SBS)

Women, Comics, and Shoes


Women In The Sun (KBS)


Women's Secret (KBS)


Women Who Have Secrets (SBS)


Wonderful Life (MBC)


Wonderful Outing 2 (MBC Every1) (MBC)


Wooden Carousel (MBC)


Working Mom, Stay Home Mom (SBS)










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1film.jpg    K O R E A N   M O V I E S
thanks to @melusine for the revised listingIf any of the links is broken, please inform me or the Moderators about it. Thank you.



















Mad Sad Bad 



Made in China



Mai Ratima / Boy, Dreams of Sansevieria 


Make It Big

Man of Vendetta



Marine Boy

Marrying School Girl

Marrying the Mafia

Marrying the Mafia 2

Marrying the Mafia 3


Masquerade / Gwanghae, the Man who Became King




Maundy Thursday / Our Happy Time

May 18 / Splendid Holiday

Meet Mr. Daddy / A Shiny Day

Memories of Murder


Memories of the Sword


Memory of a Dead End


Memory Of Tomorrow


Midnight (TV Movie)

Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theater / The Ghost Theater

Minority Opinion

Miracle in Cell No.7

Miracle on 1st Street



Miss Gold Digger / Gold Digger Miss Shin


Miss Granny / Suspicious Girl




Mission Sex Control


Modern Boy







More Than Blue / A Story Sadder Than Sadness / Sad Sad Love



Mount Paekdu

Mourning Grave

Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait

Mr. Butterfly

Mr. Handy / Mr. Hong

Mr. Housewife

Mr. Socrates

Mr. Wacky

Musa, The Warrior

Mutt Boy

My 11th Mother / Eleventh Mother

My Black Mini Dress

My Boss, My Student

My Boyfriend is Type B

My Brother

My Captain Mr. Underground

My Dear Enemy

My Father

My Girl and I / Blue Alert

My Girlfriend is an Agent / 7 Grade Civil Servant

My Little Bride

My Love

My Love By My Side / Closer to Heaven

My Love My Bride

My Mighty Princess

My Mom / Our Mother

My New Partner

My Palpitating Life

My Pavarotti

My Piano / For Horowitz

My Sassy Girl

My Scary Girl / My Sweet Yet Brutal Sweetheart

My Tutor Friend

My Tutor Friend 2

My Wife Got Married

My Wife is a Gangster

My Wife is a Gangster 3














Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War

Take-Off / Jump / National Athlete / National Representative


Tazza: The High Rollers / War of Flowers

Tazza: The Hidden Card

Teenage Hooker Became a Killing Machine in Daehakroh


Temperature of Love / Degree of Love / Very Ordinary Couple

That Guy

The Admiral: Roaring Currents


The Age of Shadows / Secret Agent / Miljeong


The Aggressives

The Art of Fighting

The Art of Seduction

The Atmosphere of That Day

The Chaser

The City of Violence

The Classic


The Concubine / Royal Concubine / Concubine of King 

The Crucible / Silenced

The Day Min Woo Comes

The Destroyed Man

The Divine Weapon

The Executioner


The Five


The Fortress / Namhansanseong Fortress / South Castle

The Foul King

The Fox Family

The Game / Devil's Game


The Gangster Shaman

The Garden of Heaven
The Good, The Bad, The Weird

The Greatest Expectation


The Guest

The Happy Life

The Host / Gwoemul

The Housemaid

The Huntresses

The Influence

The Informers / MobyDik


The Intimate / Lover


The Jackal is Coming 


The King and The Clown / King's Man


The King's Wrath

The Last Godfather / The Dumb Mafia

The Legend of Gingko

The Letter


The Long Way Home

The Man From Nowhere

The Moonlight of Seoul / Beastie Boys

The Mutant / Mutation

The Naked Kitchen / Kitchen


The New World


The Night Before the Wedding 

The Old Garden

The Perfect Couple

The Peter Pan Formula

The Phone


The Priests

The Professionals / Thieves


The Punisher


The Railroad

The Recipe / Miso / Bean Paste Doenjang

The Restless

The Romance

The Scam

The Scarlet Letter

The Scent of Love / The Scent of Chrysanthemums

The Servant / Bang-ja Chronicles


The Shameless

The Superhuman / Psychic

The Sword with No Name / Like Fireworks, Like a Butterfly

The Technicians

The Truck

The Twins

The Uninvited

The Unjust / Bad Deal

The Warrior's Way / Laundry Warrior

The Way Home

The Wonder Years / Girl, Thirteen

Thirst / Bakjwi

Three, Monster / Three... Extremes


Time Renegade

Today / A Reason to Live / Nobody Somebody

To My Boyfriend 


Top Star

To Sir, With Love

Too Beautiful to Lie / Don't Believe Her

Traces of Love


Train to Busan

Tunnel 3D



Two Faces of My Girlfriend










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Award Shows & Film Festivals

2005 KBS Drama Awards

2005 MBC Drama Awards

2005 SBS Drama Awards

2006 KBS Drama Awards

2006 MBC Drama Awards

2006 SBS Drama Awards

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2007 SBS Drama Awards

2007 SBS Entertainment Awards

2008 KBS Drama Awards

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2010 KBS Drama Awards

2010 MBC Drama Awards

2010 SBS Drama Awards

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2013 MBC Drama Awards

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2013 KBS Drama Awards

42nd Annual Baeksang Arts Awards

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44th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards

45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards 2009

46th Annual BaekSang Arts Awards 2010

47th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards 2011

48th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards 2012


56th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards 2020

43rd Grand Bell Awards (2006 Daejong Film Festival)

44th Grand Bell Awards (2007 Daejong Film Festival)

45th Grand Bell Awards (2008 Daejong Film Festival)

46th Annual Grand Bell Film Awards 2009

49th Grand Bell Awards (2012 Daejong Film Festival)

2nd Asian Film Awards

26th Blue Dragon Awards (2005)

27th Blue Dragon Films Awards (2006)

28th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2007)

29th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2008)

30th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2009)

31st Blue Dragon Film Awards (2010)

34th Blue Dragon Film Awards (2011)

2006 Korea Drama Festival

2008 Korea Drama Festival

4th Korea Film Awards

5th Korea Film Awards

6th Korea Film Awards

7th Korean Film Awards

11th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF 2006)

12th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF 2007)

13th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF 2008)

14th Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF 2009)

2006 Seoul Drama Awards

2007 Seoul Drama Awards

2008 Seoul Drama Awards

2009 Seoul Drama Awards


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Who is the best actor/actress for you?

Why Do Non-koreans Like K-dramas, Actors, Actresses, Movies?

Your favorite top 5 actors/actress

Your Dream Korean Drama Character/Roles

Your Favourite Kdrama Chaebol/arrogant/playboy Character?

Your Top 5 "Killer" Korean drama/movie couple

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