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``````recent Wonder Girls Interview Reveals All

Guest CharlotteDarcy

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Guest V-ni@star

if iw were them, i will proud to i can earnt my own money n bought my parents or families some stuff.. at leat i can showthem that i have success n i still love them..^^

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Guest loveex3

what a touching interview.

IS: I'm interested in "So Hot" creation. When did you first hear it?

Wonder Girls: It was around January. JYP PD called us to a shabby restaurant and told us about the new song and the rhythm. We thought it was funny and he also showed the basic dance steps.

Initially, it only had "I'm so pretty", and the basic lyrics, but even from the first time hearing it, the feel came to us. When the song was completed in early April, JYP PD called us to the recording room and made us listen to the completed song. In his training suit, he showed us the dance for "So Hot" on the spot. Looking at us seriously, he asked us, "Isn't this move really sexy?", and we still cannot erase that moment from our memory.


i can so imagine that.

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Guest Vagabond.

Sun Ye: Whenever I want to see my father and grandmother, I liked that I no longer have to ask my manager to drive me. My greatest joy now is going on a drive with my father and grandmother. My father has a disability and apart from the little support he gets from the government, he says he's receiving money for the first time, and often says he's sorry.

▬ ▬

I don't know why, but I got quite emotional reading this part of the interview


▬ ▬

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Guest i.said.hi

You have an error.

Sunmi and Sohee are 1 years in High school (basically a sophmore, but in Korea, Junior highs range from year 1-3, same goes with HS)

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hahah....the girls are so funny!!!!!!!...hah....glad that they got interview so we get to know them more!!......

ahahhajjjjj......and sohee is so funny didn't wait to stand next to yubin...so cute!!!

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Guest incomplete.

aww Wonder Girls

these really get me to know them more

and lol at Sohee when she was talking about Yoobin's leg

and JYP danced in front of them XD

i loveeee Wonder Girls

so proud of them too!

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Guest toanyone21

Love these girls really! They had to go through hard stuff~

This makes me love them even more!!!!

Never knew Sun Ye dad was disable...thats sooo sad but shes spending time with him and thats good.


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I never knew Sunye's family is financially unstable. I didn't know her dad has disabilities and they received money from the government. I'm glad that they earn enough money to buy their parents stuff that they did not afford to before. . And yes I'm glad that their friendship has become more closer with each other.

I love Soohee's answer to the comparison of her legs and Yoobin's legs.


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Guest lilswtazndevil

how interesting!

thanks for the translation! i like reading it!

all of them look really skinny!! eat more! LOL! =]

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Guest iBC-NUB

Wonder Girls are so funny

esp Yoobin kissing Sunmi

poor sunmo ahahha .

she was just on the couch .

and Sunye able to visit her parents

and grandparent now is sweet

the girls are really humble.

giving themselves a 5 out 100

and they had to endure the pain

of watching JYP dance the so hot dance

that would have been hilarious. .


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Guest corazoncomplicando

it's good that they are so open about these things. makes me like them even more. i love yoobin's legs too <3

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Guest jirappo.

yoobin's legs are HOT. i want them. all their legs are hot actually HAHA

i loved reading this interview! the girls are so real and cute and HUMBLE! love how they're so open with everything! i learned a lot about them :)

so hot is an addicting song too ahah they are SO HOT! especially sunye. i'm so in love with her new hair!

thanks so much for posting! :D

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