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[variety] Introducing A Star's Friend 스타의 친구를 소

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Guest baqinardo

ouch.. i lost this thread before.. :sweatingbullets:

Thanks god, i found it again.. haha..

(i always forget looking at directory :sweatingbullets: )

now bookmarked already :sweatingbullets:

i'm pretty sure he didn't mean that Chae Yeon would be in the episode.

i think the article just mentioned something related to Hong Kyung Min/his friend, Chae Yeon and this show...

so maybe they mentioned something about her while filming, etc...

but you can read Korean, can't you? why don't you just look at the article? :sweatingbullets:

I just too excited when i saw CY name :sweatingbullets:

i didnt read the article (i tried, but the page wasnt opened :crazy: ), so i just assuming that CY in last week eps.

but after i watched, it hurts me :tears: No chae Yeon :tears:

yeah, sorry baqinardo if I implied that she would appear on this show ... no, i meant what silverwingz said, HKM's friend, seo kwon young(?) the singer for the rock band Rockstone was linked with Chae Yeon in that article & just wanted to watch it to see if anything was mentioned, but I wouldn't mind if CY made an appearance on this show, it seems quite entertaining! :)

owh, no need to sorry pals..

That's my bad when i'm exciting :sweatingbullets:

Edit: Owh.. On Top of page :w00t: haha..

Sorry guys..

nothing to share.. :sweatingbullets:

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Guest kassuma

080726 Introducing Star's Friend

Guest Stars: Lee Gi Chan, Evan, Horan (Clazziquai), Boom, Jo Jung Rin & Kim Na Yeong







Evan's friend who is pan-asian is hot looking like daniel henney & dennis o!

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Guest Diavle

Great work with the uploads ppl.

Today's ep was great, way better than the last (the guests and friends were much more entertaining). The missions in the beginning were hilarious.

Can anyone translate what that one female friend (who sat next to Hui Jae) said about HY? She seemed to be telling some kind of story and then topped it off with a diss.

The next episode looks awesome (MC Mong is one of the guests). Is Boom a permanent now? Cuz he is in the next ep as well, which I approve of of course. Too bad the Wonder Girls will be in as well, but guess you have to take the good with the bad.

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Guest xXsmilesXx

this seems like such a great show. dang too bad youtube already

took down most of the ep that were uploaded. i really wanted to watch

andy+junjin's & dongwan+brian's ep i guess i'm gonna have to stick with dling it.

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Guest baqinardo

Can someone upload the Wonder Girls episode to megaupload?

You can download most of korean variety shows in http://dkyang.midoyo.net/ HQ n LQ

read the rules, notice before downloading :)

u'll love that blog :wub:


i watched last week ep.

was so good...

but poor Kim Kyung Rok's friend :sweatingbullets:

He's such a nice, good-looking (even i'm a guy admit it) n looks like not a "baramdoongi" (playboy) :sweatingbullets:

but he ended alone

IMHO boom's fren more is more like playboy :sweatingbullets:

MC Mong n Boom meet again.. haha..

MC mong's fren so funny.. haha.. :lol:

really great ep.

Dunno why but for me, every show with MC Mong in it, the show be so fun.. :rolleyes:

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Guest gracie88

how can i watch the show on clubbox? the earlier episodes are deleted from youtube and i haven't watched them. can someone please tell me how clubbox works? i wanna watch the episode with brian lol

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Guest redevilica

^ and xKrnxSweetiex , you can checkout how clubbox works in this thread


available in CB



Thanks a bunch, Joyce! :D

[HQ] Introducing A Star's Friend (2008-08-16).avi [619.8MB]

Park Hyun Bin, DJ Koo, Boom, Ahn Seon Yeong, Ahn Hae Kyoung, etc

File renamed to 'Celebritys Friend Blind Date' in cb.

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Guest melijay

if you dont want to download from clubbox or anywhere else for that matter i think dkyang on midoyo has it streamed. just go to streaming videos, click accept, and find the date it has been broadcasted.

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