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[variety] Ya Shim Man Man Season 2 야심만만2

Guest `starry.night

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can someone please....... please........

help meee :(

do you have the YSMM episode 58# where the guest were from the drama of Smile You, that is not from

Clubbox or Torrent and is uploaded from MF???

Please... Please.... I'm asking this as a biiiiiiiiig favor......


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Guest chunnie_4ever

i really want to see the episode with Smile, You Cast >_<

i know how to sub, but i can't translate

so if anyone wants to see this subbed/or help me

plz PM me or post right here XD

i REALLY wanna see the episode

cuz i don't understand at all >_<

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Guest lucky.clover

I don't know if this helps but I've found some online links for YSMM with the Smile, You cast.

very clear raw version ----> http://www.jjanglive.com/hompy/jambjh/561799/2640709

chinese subbed not so clear version ----> http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/hfPTtIYB2ug/

If anyone could eng sub this episode it'd be great =)

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Hi everyone! :) So it's 2013, but I just recently finished watching Smile, You and loved it so much! I really want to watch it in engsubs and I can see that some ppl on this thread want to too...so has anyone found a place/link to watch this episode in English subs yet?

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