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Akuma To Love Song


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Akuma to Love Song ; Devil and Her Love Song

smile.gif I love how she mirrors her classmates' actions. They bully her then in the end her words make her classmates totally speechless and end up hating her more. It's as if she can read people's minds everytime she opens her mouth. She really mirrors a devil. a lovely one~

Have you guys read this one yet? What do you guys think about it?

If you haven't, I suggest you do, seriously, after chapter one, you'll crave for more ^____^

Published by: Viz
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I read this a while ago and I love it. She's not the typical "wide eyed-innocent" heroine. I like how she can read people's character easily... she's just not very tactful. I can't wait till more gets translated

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^ yea. i so really look forward for more scanlations especially after chap 5. i just hope too that the mangaka wont kill her characteristics in the later chapters. i hope she remains strong. cuz you know, being tough on the outside, there's always a story behind it.~

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Guest choong jae

yeh, this manga is pretty good. it would be nice to see it turned into a series too. wonder who would be able to play the part, since we need an actress who can sing really good.

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new chapter is out.

oh my. i really hate how everyone is against Maria. this world is full of envious and hateful people -_____-.

especially that girl... that girl who always ticks me off... forgot hert name... she just.... ahhhh~

oh well there's still the awesome Meguro and cutie cutie yuusuke......

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Oooh! I've read this too!

I've read 11 chapters....

They are on mangafox and the evil empire

It's really interesting! I love how she gets down to the point. But sometimes, she doesn't defend herself because she feels that she doesn't have to and it makes me want to scream because she gets blamed for stuff!

But it's still good.

The boy situation is interesting...

I wish more chapters were released...

The whole 'lovely' thing is interesting and sometimes confusing due to the translation...but I get the gist of it! ^^

Although I wouldn't mind if someone tried to explain it.... :P


Chapter 12 is out too! Yay! It was a *makes me want to read more* chapter...

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^Ahhh~ the lovely transformation. :) :) :)

It's all thanks to Yuusuke's influence to Maria-cchi (Chap 1 Page 19)

Yuusuke commented how Maria's comments were straight-forward and harsh and that these words really hurt other people so he suggested that she could have said her comments in a "lovelier way" with tilting of head.

I actually didn't know that this simple suggestion Yuusuke did would make a difference in this manga. LOL.

the first time she used it was on chap 1 page 23. HAHAHAHAH~ that's a legend. I guess this lovely transformation is the start of Maria's gradual change throughout the book.

So everytime we would see her doing the tilting of head, that means she's trying to be nice and lovely yet in the eyes of her classmates, it's creeepy.

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On my current list right now. I've been trying to search forever for any blogs that are giving summaries to the latest chapter since I don't understand much of the plot by pictures alone.

The teacher is such an richard simmons

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anyone read the latest chapter yet???


well i dont really like kanda to end up with maria but you cant deny that he is adorable.

what shocked me the most was when his friends say that they only hang out with him during school but not after. like wow, that was a big blow.

then again, maria has shown her awesomeness again by reversing that classmate's statement :lol:

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I LOVE this manga ! Maria is so .. coool (; rofl . She's not your average heroine alright .

She's better . waaaaay better . I love Kanda and I want them to be together . But I have a feeling

that she likes Meguro more D: either way , I love them both .

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I read the new chapter too! (thanks for the heads up)

I like the girl who likes punk/rockerish things a lot more now. Everyone teaming up was nice.

When the boys in the class were being mean to Kanda I though they really meant it and I was really sad. It's amazing how Maria saw through that. Boys can be so stupid, acting tough cause they don't want to look hurt! :P

And who was the girl at the end who came out from the hospital?

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Guest thesassygirl2

love it! i want more scenes of people listening to her sing.. and i want to know what happened to maria at her old school.. so many secrets! i wish releases were super fast here TT_TT

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Okaaay~ finally, we've got another chapter released!!!! chapter 14.

I missed reading this manga so much T___T hopefully there will be more releases to come.

Anyways wow, a new character in the picture and she definitely looked like someone opposite to maria. I wonder if she's someone allied to Maria or if in the further chapters, she`ll be the opposite. HMPFFF, did I mention how I friggin hate the teacher AUUUUUUGH! he is such a villain. I wanna rip his hair out.

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new chapter is out! :D :D

oh wow, why do i feel like this new character will be the new beeeeech for maria?

oh well, meguro's cuteness and in-denial words made the chapter worth to read. HHAHHAHAH! ^_^

I seriously liked the part where he said "with someone like you as the girl in his mind, being in love must be really painful for a guy" BWAHHAHAH :lol:

wow, he's speaking from experience,,, how adorable.

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new chapter is out!!!

wow seriously im loving the so fast releases :D hope it wont stop anytime soon, lol.


like whaaaat??? what did just happen O.O

hahha. then again, i was so right Hana is beeeeeching on her augh

and those evil teachers, seriously they exist??? O.O

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