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[drama 2008] My Lady / My Woman 내여자

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[MBC] Park Sol Mi, Park Jung Chul, Go Joo Won, Choi Yeo Jin, Chu Sang
Scheduled to debut in 26 July 2008, replacing My Bittersweet Life.

Director : Lee Kwan Hee 이관희

Scriptwriters : Lee Hee Woo 이희우, Sun Kyung Hee 선경희

Cast : Park Sol Mi 박솔미, Park Jung Chul 박정철, Go Joo Won 고주원, Choi Yeo Jin 최여진, Chu Sang Mi 추상미

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mylady


Official English site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/08/1704893_25450.html

Official site to watch for free : http://www.mycreo.com/vod/vodDetail.aspx?p...p;menuID=100001

Daum Drama Site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=51724


Synopsis :

As a modern remake of the 1980s hit drama, “Terminal Point,” “My Woman” is set in a shipbuilding yard. “Terminal Point” had the highest ratings back in its day.

Hyun-min (actor Koh Joo-won) lost his father at sea when he was a young boy and ever since that loss, he vowed to build safe and reliable boats. But his dreams of designing ships and living happily with the woman he loved were taken away from him. He rebounds from these huge setbacks and the drama follows his life as he sets out to become a tycoon in the shipbuilding industry.


Kim Hyun-min / actor Koh Joo-won

A ship designer at Dongjin Heavy Industries who is obsessed with ships.

He currently works as a ship designer at the design arm of Dongjin Heavy Industries. Later on, he becomes a key ship designer and the company regards him as an important asset. Chairman Jang of Dongjin puts his trust in him and Hyun-min displays a strong character with healthy values. His dedication in designing ships goes beyond making commercial tankers. He also designs destroyers, frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers.


Yoon Se-ra / actress Park Sol-mi

Team member, Shipbuilding Department, Planning Team, Headquarters, Dongjin Heavy Industries

A woman with an evil streak that she hides behind her angelic face. With her stunning looks, she is also fluent in English, Chinese, and Japanese. She has an inferiority complex about being from a poor family and she works hard to become a member of the upper class. She is obsessed with becoming an elite ember of society. She pours her energy into learning new languages to raise her social status.

She dearly loves Kim Hyun-min and plans to marry him.


Jang Tae-sung / actor Park Jung-chul

Eldest son of the founder of Dongjin Heavy Industries and future successor.

His ambition is to make Dongjin Group, which is currently ranked as number 50 in terms of revenues, one of the top 10 companies in the country. His strategy is to increase the scale of the shipbuilding business at Dongjin Heavy Industries.

He has an overbearing personality but he is a gentleman in every way.

He received his college degree from an American university and gained work experience in management while he was there before he returned to Korea.

Upon returning to Korea he fell in love with Yoon Se-ra. Once he makes up his mind, he will use any methods to get what he wants.

That inevitably leads him on a collision course with Kim Hyun-min.


Jang Tae-hee / actress Choi Yeo-jin

The youngest daughter of the founder of Dongjin Heavy Industries. She is Tae-sung’s sister.

She is keenly interested in who will become the successor of her father’s company. That is why she divorced her husband, whom she married through an arranged marriage, after just six months of marriage because he lacked ambition. Though she is the daughter of the chairman, she wants to succeed her father as the next president of the company.

She takes on the role of being the head woman of the household and she follows her father to every meeting he attends. She has wide influence in the company. She starts to focus on the shipbuilding industry to counter her brother’s ambitions. She is drawn to Kim Hyun-min’s warm character.

She is profoundly moved when she sees Kim Hyun-min’s deep passion for ships and his ambitions to achieve more.


Hong Min-ye / Choo Sang-mi

A woman of mystery

Possessing stunning beauty, she has a curvy, sensuous figure, which gives her the look of a woman who is wealthy and powerful.

She oversees $500 million in cash as one of the hidden hands in the financial market. She has contacts with many influential people in politics, law, and finance. She runs an investment company and acquires debt-ridden and poorly managed companies, which she sells at a profit by hiring managers to improve the bottom line of these underperforming companies.

Music Video :

1. http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...=m&index=n) (by TIM)

2. http://mv.daum.net/player/mv_player.asp?no...k=m&index=n


OST album :
















My Woman OST

01. 내 여자

02. 세상 끝에서 - Tim

03. 출발

04. 얼마나 사랑했을까 - Ga Bin

05. 가리워진 나래

06. 복수

07. 모르나요 - Joon Suh

08. Memory

09. 잃어버린 바다

10. 내 여자 (Piano Solo Ver.)

11. 세상 끝에서 (Inst.)

12. 얼마나 사랑했을까 (Piano Solo Ver.)

13. 모르나요 (Inst.)

14. 가리워진 나래 (Piano Solo Ver.)


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Guest huangsy
Guest huangsy

Press Conference today 4 July 2008.







Aother Press Conference today 23 July 2008.












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Guest Redrac

ohhh i'm very curious what this drama's about

Me too, I always liked Choi Yeo Jin in whatever she has been in

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Actress Park Sol-mi Returns to TV Screen


Actress Park Sol-mi of the “All In” fame will return to TV screen for her first acting role in three years. She is to star in weekend drama series “My Woman” due to air in July. She will play a talented and multilingual career woman named Sera. The main character Sera is an ambitious woman, who betrays her long-time boyfriend in order to attain the riches and enter high society.

Park’s last regular appearance on TV was in KBS drama “Golden Apple” in 2005. Since then she has starred in the 2007 film “Paradise Murdered” opposite Park Hae-il. She said that it took her a long time to come back to TV, because she took care to select a role that fit her best. Park thanked her fans for waiting patiently during the hiatus and added that the character Sera was very appealing, because Sera has both the bright and dark sides to her personality.

“My Woman” is a remake of “Terminal,” a high-rating drama during the 1980s. The new version will be written by Lee Hii-woo and Sun Kyung-hee and directed by esteemed producer Lee Kwan-hee.


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Guest renea2

I am really looking forward to this drama. i am a big Go Ju Won fan. The preview pictures of him are great.

Hopefully it will be subtitled by one of the great fan subber groups. can't wait.

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Argh.... Park Jung Chul I like him sooooooooooo much :w00t: the last time I see him in a movie Oh Happy Day with Jang Na Ra.... :rolleyes: Can't wait to watch this drama ASAP!!!! B)

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There are very few Korean 'idol' actors/actresses. Go Joo Won is one of these selected few. They are entertainers whose acting skills are far out weighed by their demand. This guy's face is so much in demand that the viewer don't care that the script/story has to be changed because he is unable to pull of the character. They still want to see him so he is always selected for important roles in a good series just so they can see his face. I for one like looking at his face but I just can not stand his acting. Poor fellow, I wish they would give him a break so he can practice a little (NO A LOT) more :tears:

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Guest renea2

There are very few Korean 'idol' actors/actresses. Go Joo Won is one of these selected few. They are entertainers whose acting skills are far out weighed by their demand. This guy's face is so much in demand that the viewer don't care that the script/story has to be changed because he is unable to pull of the character. They still want to see him so he is always selected for important roles in a good series just so they can see his face. I for one like looking at his face but I just can not stand his acting. Poor fellow, I wish they would give him a break so he can practice a little (NO A LOT) more :tears:[/quot

i find this a little nasty to say the least. the drama has not even started yet and you are putting him down. why don't we wait and see it first before judging.

I personally have not seen a big problem with Go Joo Won's acting but have noticed that a lot of Korean Actors/Actresses who(in my opinion only) tend to over act. I put it down to different tastes and culture and just go on to enjoy the show. a little kindness goes a long way.

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I LOVE Park Jung Chul for the longest time!!!

Though after serving the National Service, his charisma NEVER diminshed!

Among so many male actors, why do they have to pick Go Joo Won??? *haiz*

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Guest huangsy

Source : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/interview...4877_25558.html

Sea of Ambition (writer: Lee Hee-woo, Choi Seong-shil, director: Lee Gwan-hee) will premiere on July 26th, as the follow-up drama to “Sweet Life.” Set in a shipbuilding yard, the scale of the drama will be like no other and also bring a realistic portrayal of how a shipbuilding yard operates.

Here is the interview we had with the main cast.

▶ Your character is a good guy until something changes his life later on in the miniseries. Could you tell us about that?

▷ Koh Joo-won: In the beginning, his life revolves around his work and family but then he is betrayed, which deals him a crushing emotional blow. That profoundly alters his view on life and he becomes filled with thoughts of revenge. I don’t know exactly how the story will develop from there on but I’m being mindful about the upheaval of my character’s personality.

▶ Did you prepare your role as a ship designer?

▷ Koh Joo-won: I was amazed by many things while shooting scenes in the shipbuilding yard. I think the shipbuilding industry in Korea has grown enormously. I received a lot of support from experts at the ship docks and I had a fun learning experience while asking questions to them.

▶ We were told that your character speaks many languages. Tell us more about that.

▷ Park Sol-mi: My character speaks several languages. I thought I had to speak briefly in those languages but the script included seven different languages. Memorizing the lines in Arabic was especially tough. I don’t know what people will say about my foreign language skills, but I’m kinda embarrassed about it.

▶ You’ve been frequently injured while shooting dramas. Is that true?

▷ Park Sol-mi: There was a recent scene where a worker was welding a part. I was keeping my distance from the sparks but it hit my eye. I injured my cornea. Welding is a scary job.

▶ How did you portray your natural charisma through your character?

▷ Choo Sang-mi: My character is charismatic and filthy rich. I want to bring my character alive. Not just in her outer appearance but also her inner charisma and emotions. I think she will get revenge by using subtle tactics instead of letting her anger get the better of her. I’m working hard to fully understand my character.

▶ There are many scenes where you wear a uniform. How was that like?

▷ Choi Yeo-jin: My character is a rich kid but she’s also a passionate girl who gets engrossed with her work. So sometimes she doesn’t care about what she wears. She also wears high fashion. I’ve played a rich kid before so it’s somewhat easy to play my part.

▶ What side of the character will you try to show the most in the drama?

▷ Choo Sang-mi: When I read the synopsis, I found my character charming. For the last three years, I’ve played characters who were poor. But appearing in this role makes me feel like I’ve come full circle. I wanted to play this part. (smiles) I felt the carefree attitude of the character and I wanted to play a different kind of character.

▶ What’s it like to play a woman who betrays a man?

▷ Park Sol-mi: I get a lot of questions like that. Reporters ask me if I feel pressure playing a bad girl. I told the director that I wanted to portray a woman who is heartless and cold. A woman who will never change her ways...

▶ You play the daughter of the founder who wants to inherit the company. That’s similar to the role you played in Golden Bride, isn’t it?

▷ Choi Yeo-jin: In Golden Bride, my character wanted to start a business but her in-laws got in her way and she gave up her dreams. In my new role, I’d like to see my character managing some part of the company. I think her life will revolve around Koh Joo-won’s character and the shipbuilding business.

▶ How will portray your character?

▷ Park Jung-chul: Well, I thought I’d give my character an abstract image. But the writer exceeded my expectations by making my character three-dimensional and I’m very satisfied with that. I’ll work extra hard to study my character.

▶ The drama is a remake. What will be different in this remake?

▷ Choi Seong-shil (writer): Love, betrayal, and revenge happen all the time. But I think the love and betrayal that was portrayed in dramas from the 1980s is different than how it’s portrayed today. Society has changed and people’s values have shifted. So viewers will see how we made the story contemporary and gave the characters a modern makeover. Women in our society have bigger ambitions than before. They’re not waiting for a knight in shining armor to sweep them off their feet. They’re working hard to build their careers and some of them want to be the president of a firm. The important factor in this remake is to make it modern enough for viewers.

▶ Did you face any problems during shoots? Were there any incidents that stuck out in your mind?

▷ Lee Gwan-hee (director): I wanted to shoot scenes in the shipbuilding yard but we weren’t able to do that. SPP Shipbuilding Yard rented out their dock to us and they offered us consulting on various technical matters. This drama goes deep into the shipbuilding industry. We did face problems in getting the ships into the scenes because they’re so massive. It was a difficult task to shoot the entire length of the ships.


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