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::Dear boys::

Guest mYenDlEsSLuV...will u knoe?

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Guest mYenDlEsSLuV...will u knoe?
basketball story~~
juz curious whether any1 out there knows abt dis comic... coz it doesnt seems popular altough i tink d story is awesome starting fr act 1 until ep20 of act2 now, i'm stil obsessed wif dis^^ hardly get 2 read 2 epi per yr,coz d publisher is damn slow phew -.- kinda hope 2 find sum1 who likes dear boyz here...any1?
The story concerns the progress of the Mizuho High School basketball team as it attempts to win the prefectural championship. It also deals heavily with the relationship between the players on the team, especially the two main characters Kazuhiko Aikawa and Takumi Fujiwara.
Anime Episodes: 26
*This series has also games released
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Guest DivineX

woot! thought i'll never get to see anyone talking about Dear Boys. :lol:

Me me! I like Dear Boys, be it the anime or manga~ ^_^ Yah it doesn't seem popular, most probably because most of the people prefer Slam Dunk to Dear Boys? =X

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