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[drama 2008] The Lawyers Of The Great Republic Korea 대한민국 변&#5484

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Lee Soo Kyung, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Soo Young, Han Eun Jung

Date of airing: 9th July (After Spotlight ends)

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/law

Actors/Actresses: Lee Soo Kyung, Han Eun Jung, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Soo Young

Eps: 16

Story: Lee Ae Ri (Han Eun Jung) and Han Min Guk (Lee Sung Jae) are a pair of married couple who are divorcing after a really bad fight. Byun Hyuk (Ryu Soo Young), an experience divorce lawyer was hired by Ae Ri, a famous movie star to represent her in her 100 million dollars divorce suit after Han Min Guk who didn't read the condition that stated that Ae Ri was to take how much she wanted upon their divorce. Min Guk hired Ae Ri's old classmate and friend 'Woo Yi Kyung' (Lee Soo Kyung), a newcomer lawyer who just started work for six months to represent him in the case. While fighting for their respective clients in court, both Yi Kyung and Byun Hyuk who had once co-habited together six years ago before Byun Hyuk abandoned her to go to America, find themselves in a troublesome situation as their work takes toil on their own personal lives. Yi Kyung who wanted revenge for her abandonment, worked extra hard against Byun Hyuk despite her clumsiness and inexperience. Byun Hyuk who was sure that he would win the case since his opponent was his ex-lover 'Yi Kyung' decided to give her a little hardship when he felt even more attracted to her but he didn't strike out at her easily in court due his feelings and guilt towards her.

Things became more complicated for them when Ai Ri and Byun Hyuk started to fall for each other despite their attachment to their old loves.


Woo Yi Kyung (played by Lee Soo Kyung)

-29 years old

-Rookie lawyer

Being a lawyer for six months, all together she has only done 3 cases. She's a passionate lawyer, but putting her knowledge aside, how her heart feels comes first whenever she encounters something unacceptable happening. Working at a big law firm as an accountant, she fell in love with a rookie male lawyer and cohabited with him. But one day, he just left her without any notice while she waited unknowingly for him, flipping and reading his books in anger, she became interested in law. With the law books (code of law) he left behind, she studied very hard and passed the bar exam. Getting through all her training, she became a small scale lawyer working for a one head official. Being a female lawyer, most of the cases she receives are divorce cases. On a summer evening, when everyone is shouting "Dae Han Min Guk" for the olympics, a guy named "Han Min Guk" comes knocking on the door with a big bang.


Han Min Guk (played by Lee Sung Jae)

-Mid 30's

-Representative of a Property Finance group, a master in investment

He's incompatible with the law, but really close with money. He's like a wild beast with a cold heart. He got married to a famous celebrity six years ago and received a lot of spotlight during that time. During his six years of marriage, he made a lot of money. He invested in anything that made him make a lot of money, but he didn't invest anything for his wife. He got into a couple of scandals that hit the newspapers. His wife demanded a divorce by agreement and so the two simply signed/stamped their divorce papers. The process was too easy to believe. He receives a letter in the mail stating that he owes her 100 million dollars for the divorce. Was his marriage life a dangerous investment? ...No matter how much he thinks, he doesn't understand it.


Lee Ae Ri (Han Eun Jung)

-29 years old

-A famous actress that left the entertainment industry because of marriage

Han Min Guk's wife. Woo Yi Kyung is her middle and high school classmate/friend. She's a fashion icon and a trend setter. Whatever she touches, it becomes a fad. Six years ago, because of one man, she gave up her career without any regret. She thought that marriage was the most realistic investment. However, she felt lonely during her six years of marriage life. Signing the divorce papers by agreement, she demands half the assets, which is 100 million. Realistically, she was only thinking 50 million, but the law firm lawyer suggested 100 million. Meeting a good lawyer, this can be a successful divorce for her. Would she be able to start a new life with her compensation money?


Byun Hyuk (Ryu Soo Young)

-34 years old

-He's a lawyer in charge of divorce cases from America. He got scouted to a big law firm in Korea.

He is the guy that lawyer Woo Yi Kyung cohabited with and left her six years ago. He has a fun personality. With his natural talent, he can seduce women well, get goody with the judge and even dazzle his clients. Although he has a history of abandoning his girlfriend six years ago, he is still a passionate lawyer that has so many charms that it's hard to bring back his past. Dating is dating and work is work. Knowing that Han Min Guk's lawyer is Woo Yi Kyung, he already thinks that he has won this game/case. However, as Lee Ae Ri starts relying on Byuk Hyuk, they fall into temptation, which violates the rules of the relationship between lawyer-client.

Credit: Sandy@purpletiger & yeohweping


Han Min Guk's family

Mother : Go Kyung Hee (50 yrs old)

Assistant : Oh Ryu Dong (30 yrs old)

Oh Ryu Dong's family : Wife (twenties), Oh Han (8 yrs old), Oh Min (6yrs old), Oh Guk (8 mths old)

Woo Yi Kyung's family

Father : Woo Suk Ho (53 yrs old)

Assistant : Oh Ok Hee (42 yrs old)

Oh Ok Hee's son : Han Ga Deuk (15 yrs old)


Ae Ri's stalker : Bae Su Jin (thirties)

Ae Ri's manager : Mun Dae Pyo (forties)

Byun Hyuk's boss : Choi Go Su

Senior lawyer : Oh Young Tak

Coffee guy : DdongGae (Mutt Dog) / YaguMoja (Baseball Hat)

JjangGae (Black Noodle): Jeon Ee Man

Real Estate Lady

~ Raw vids are uploaded here ~


~ OST ~

Do not take these links out of soompi.

  1. 07000014181.jpg

    01. Happiness - (Main Title)
    02. Climax - Min Kyung Hun
    03. Beautiful trip - Lee Ji Hye
    04. Home-sick - Pk Herman & Song Ji Eun
    05. Love Shake - Sol Ji
    06. 1,2,3 - Lee Won Suk
    07. Women - Kim Song Yi
    08. Climax (Drama Ver.)
    09. 1,2,3 (Duet Ver.) - Orangelala & Lee Won Suk
    10. The moment of happiness (Opening)
    11. Flight (Min Guk's Theme)
    12. Ae Ri's dream (Lee Ae Ri's Theme)
    13. A day of Yi Kyung (Woo Yi Kyung's Theme)
    14. Min Guk's world (Min Guk's Theme Ver.2)
    15. Like fate (Piano Ver.)
    16. Beautiful world (Panflute Ver.)
    17. Decisive moment (Comic Ver.)
    18. Deviation (The moment of happiness Rock Ver.)
    19. Waiting (warm Ver.)


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Guest yeohweping


프로그램명 : 대한민국 변호사

방송 : MBC 수,목 저녁 9시 55분 (2008년 방송예정)

소개 : 부부가 서로 법정 싸움을 벌이게 되면서 각 피고인의 변호를 맡은 두 변호사의 대결 이야기

출연 : 한은정, 이성재, 류수영, 이수경

Lee Soo Kyung, Han Eun Jung, Lee Sung Jae and Ryu Soo Young are confirmed for the leads of MBC "The Lawyers Of The Great Republic Korea" 대한민국 변호사

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Guest Redrac

Looks interesting. I usually like any think about law, looks like a good cast as well

Thanks yeohweping

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Guest acemaverick

first time the cast doesn't attract me but the storyline tweaks up my attention. shall give it a try when it starts to air. too bad its on mbc not kbs haha.

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Guest vistablues

too bad its on mbc not kbs haha.

I second that... I'm almost totally reliant on kbsworld. Hopefully MBC creates an "MBC Asia" channel or something :lol:

Anyway, Lee Soo Kyung's on a roll! After 'When It's At Night', and now this! The plot's really exciting too. YAY. Sparks are gonna fly... wooot.

edit. SBS has a drama about lawyers too, 'The Scale of Providence'. It'll be tough deciding which drama to catch.. seems like professional occupations are all the rage now

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Guest AlecRuby

the cast is okay, although i love han eun jung like sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. she is an excellent actor, love unnie.

but now, since she is divorcing, will she have another love story? i hope so, but i wonder with who?

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Guest mandalaywith

Ryu Soo Young is play lawyer.cannot wait!

like to casting list.Ryu Soo Young,Han Eun Jung, Lee Sung Jae. :w00t:

Drama Seoul 1945 Couple Ryu Soo Young&Han Eun Jung together come Back in this drama.hehe

yeohweping:you is fast.Great job.

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Guest anachronista

Ryu Soo Young is play lawyer.cannot wait!

like to casting list.Ryu Soo Young,Han Eun Jung, Lee Sung Jae. :w00t:

Drama Seoul 1945 Couple Ryu Soo Young&Han Eun Jung together come Back in this drama.hehe

yeohweping:you is fast.Great job.

I can't wait either ! RSY is my favorite! He'll be wonderful playing a lawyer.

This will actually be the third time RSY and HEJ are cast together in a drama. They were both in "Bright Girl's Success Story" as well.

Thanks for starting this thread, yeohweping! Hoping the fansubbers will pick this up. :D

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Guest ovette

it's like the movie Laws Of Attraction!

i really like Lee Soo Kyung. and i can totally see her as a lawyer. in Golden Era she always debates with her mother-in-law..

i hope she turns out as a perky and lively lawyer who loves to bicker at the top of her voice. it's what makes LSY cute.

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Thanks for the thread, yeohweping :wub:

Wow, third collaboration for Han Eun Jung - Ryu Soo Young... hehehe... some fate indeed!

I'm still confused.. so who's the first lead? Lee Soo Kyung? and Lee Sung Jae?

But Han Eun Jung is listed first in this:

프로그램명 : 대한민국 변호사

방송 : MBC 수,목 저녁 9시 55분 (2008년 방송예정)

소개 : 부부가 서로 법정 싸움을 벌이게 되면서 각 피고인의 변호를 맡은 두 변호사의 대결 이야기

출연 : 한은정 (Han Eun Jung), 이성재 (Lee Sung Jae), 류수영 (Ryu Soo Young), 이수경 (Lee Soo Kyung)

But I guess we know the pairs now... keke...

This sounds very interesting~ can't wait~~

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Guest debratan

I love Ryu Su Young N Han Eun Jung together! :wub: Especially in Seoul 1945.

But Lee Soo Kyung is also very pretty .. I believe the chemistry between them will be great too

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Guest piano_lady

Reposting from RSY's thread...

Will post the translation as soon as we have them..or maybe some kind soul could translate for us.. ? :)

한은정-류수영 '대한민국 변호사'로 세 번째 인연 [2008-05-21 10:47:41]


[뉴스엔 이현우 기자]

'서울 1945'년에서 지독한 사랑을 보여줬던 한은정-류수영이 다시한번 드라마 속에서 조우한다.

2002 년 '명랑소녀 성공기'에서 극중 주인공 장혁과 장나라 사랑의 훼방꾼(?)으로 나란히 출연했던 류수영 한은정은 2006년 방송된 '서울 1965'에서 열렬히 사랑하는 연인으로 출연했다. 두 사람은 7월 MBC 수목드라마 '스포트라이트' 후속으로 방송 예정인 '대한민국 변호사'에 나란히 캐스팅돼 질긴 인연을 이어가게 됐다.

'대한민국 변호사'에서 류수영은 극중 이혼전문 변호사 변혁 역을 맡았다. 변혁은 미국에서 이혼전문 변호사로 '거액의 위자료'만 취급하기로 명성을 쌓았다. 변혁은 초보시절을 지냈던 로펌 '대보'로 다시 스카우트 돼 돌아온다.

한 은정은 '대한민국 변호사'에서 대한민국 최고의 여배우 이애리 역으로 출연한다. 이애리는 겉으로는 강해 보이나 아픈 상처를 안고 있는 외강내유형의 여성으로 톱 배우로서의 자존심을 지키려 하지만 속으로는 여리고 순수한 감성을 가진 인물이다.

드 라마 속에서 이애리는 수십억원대의 자산가인 극중 남편 한민국(이성재 분)과 1,000억원대 법정 소송을 벌이게 된다. 이 과정에서 자신의 변호를 맡은 변혁(류수영 분)과 사랑에 빠지게 되는 것. 여기에 변혁의 동거녀 동거녀인 우이경(이수경 분)이 한민국의 변호를 맡게 되면서 벌어지는 애정 대결도 펼치게 된다.

한은정, 류수영의 세 번째 인연이 펼쳐질 '대한민국 변호사'는 7월 '스포트라이트' 후속으로 방송예정이다.

이현우 nobody@newsen.com

기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

손에 잡히는 뉴스, 눈에 보이는 뉴스(www.newsen.com)

copyrightⓒ 뉴스엔. 무단전재 & 재배포 금지


한은정, 이성재-류수영과 '대한민국 변호사'서 묘한 호흡 | 기사 & Iterview


[마이데일리 = 김미영 기자] 탤런트 한은정이 이성재와 류수영의 사랑을 동시에 받는다.

한은정은 7월 방송되는 MBC 새 수목드라마 '대한민국 변호사'(극본 서숙향, 연출 윤재문)의 여주인공으로 캐스팅돼 이성재-류수영과 함께 묘한 삼각관계를 이룰 예정이다.

'대한민국 변호사'는 류수영이 변호사로 등장해 전문직 변호사의 모습을 그리는 동시에 각 캐릭터간의 인간관계를 통해 사랑과 이별, 갈등 등을 현실적으로 풀어낼 예정이다.

극 중 한은정은 아픔을 간직한 톱스타로 분해 쿨하면서도 외유내강의 성격을 가진 이애리 역을 열연한다. 지난 해 SBS '사랑하는 사람아' 이후 1년 만에 브라운관에 복귀하는 한은정은 남다른 각오로 '대한민국 변호사'를 준비하고 있다.

또 남자주인공으로는 이성재와 류수영이 낙점된 상태. 이성재는 수십억대의 자산가, 류수영은 변호사로 분해 색다른 매력대결을 펼칠 예정이다.

극 중 한은정은 이성재와 사랑했으나 갈등이 전개되며 변호사인 류수영과 사랑에 빠지게 된다. 또 KBS 2TV '며느리 전성시대'에서 깜찍한 신세대 며느리 연기를 했던 이수경도 합류해 이들과 얽히고설킨 관계를 만들어간다.

'스포트라이트' 후속으로 방송되는 '대한민국 변호사'는 20일 경기도 일산 MBC 드림센터에서 첫 대본리딩에 들어간 상태며 5월 말 촬영을 시작할 예정이다.

['대한민국 변호사'의 주인공 한은정, 이성재, 류수영(왼쪽부터). 사진 = 마이데일리 DB][출처] 한은정, 이성재-류수영과 '대한민국 변호사'서 묘한 호흡 (♧ 완소 류수영 ♧ 그를 사랑한다) |작성자 유리별


From HanCinema

Lee Seong-jae, Han Eun-jeong, Lee Soo-kyeong, Lead roles for new MBC Drama (michelle's note: why is RSY's name not included!?)

Lee Seong-jae, Han Eun-jeong, Lee Soo-kyeong, and Ryoo Soo-yeong were cast for the drama "South Korea Lawyers", to air after "Spotlight".

"South Korea Lawyers" is a drama about the love line and struggle between two lawyers who are representing a fighting couple.

Lee Seong-jae plays Han Min-gook, who maintains a million dollar fortune. Han Eun-jeong was chosen for top actress Lee Ae-ri, who files a lawsuit for 100 billion won against her husband Han Min-gook.

Han Min-Kook's lawyer is a newcomer, Woo Lee-kyeong, played by Lee Soo-kyeong. The lawyer for Lee Ae-ri, Byeon Hyeok, is from a famous law firm, and is played by Ryoo Soo-yeong.

It will air in the beginning of July.

Original article:

이성재·한은정·이수경, MBC 새 수목 주연 낙점 [스타뉴스] 2008년 05월 20일(화) 오후 05:36

[머니투데이 스타뉴스 이수현 기자]


'대한민국 변호사'의 주연을 맡은 이성재,한은정,이수경(좌부터) ⓒ머니투데이 스타뉴스이성재·한은정·이수경이 '대한민국 변호사'의 주연을 맡게 됐다.

MBC 수목 미니시리즈 '스포트라이트' 후속으로 방영될 '대한민국 변호사'의 주연으로 이성재, 한은정, 이수경, 류수영 등이 캐스팅됐다.

'대한민국 변호사'는 한 부부가 법정 싸움을 벌이게 되면서 각각의 변호를 맡은 두 변호사 벌이는 대결과 러브라인을 그릴 드라마다.

이성재는 수십억대의 자산을 운용하는 한민국 역을 맡았다. 한민국의 아내로 결국 한민국에 1000억 이혼 소송을 제기하는 톱배우 이애리 역에는 한은정이 결정됐다.

또한 한민국의 변호를 맡을 신참 변호사 우이경 역에는 이수경이, 그리고 상대편에서 이애리의 변호를 담당할 유명 로펌의 변호사 변혁 역은 류수영이 각각 맡는다.

오는 7월 초 첫 방송된다.

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