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New Sm Boyband : Shinee (sounds Like Shiny)

Guest Soy

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Guest SHINee^-^


I really love them!!


they all are really cute and handsome!!

three of them, KEY, Minho and Taemin, are younger than me

i just play their song and replay so many times eveyday!!

hmm...i think SHINee is original,

they didnt copy FTI or bigbang or DBSK..

SHINee is just SHINee..

my favourite in SHINee is Kim Ki Bum aka KEY..

he makes me melting everytime i see him..

what a handsome boy!!

i cant take my eyes off him..haha..

but actually i love all of them!!they make my life so SHINY!!


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Guest rainbowparfait

This group is getting HOT really, really fast. Legions of fan girls are dropping their former loyalties, me thinks. One of my boyfriend's classes proclaimed that their new favorite band was "SHIIIINEEEEEEEE!!!"


omg yes!! i can feel my WG fandom has dropped by 10 degrees >.< and normally i really really hate when ppl call me noona. i just wouldn't let anyone call me noona ever but since that song came out i was like ok fine i guess i'll be shinee's noona lolol

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Guest SakuraIchigo

ever since I'm expose to this group.

[berryz Koubou fan know about them from ASF]

I'm just obessed with them.

Key is definately my favourite

It's slightly weird how three of them are younger than me = ="

Anyhows, their performance in ASF was impressive ^^

Definately keeping an eye on them :good:

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Guest nylenuol

haha i'm surprised this thread emerged since they already have their official thread in the music section.. XD

i went through a couple of pages back... and reading comments(with all the comparisons and whatnot to other artists).. bring nostalgic feelings and a sense of pride being a fan of these boys.

when they debuted alot of people were curious as to how they will do coming from a company like sm..

the thread's pages grew tenfolds as the day passed by with people coming in to criticize and praise.

now after 5 months.. the boys have proven and established themselves in the korean music industry.. quite a short time actually.. yes?

them being young yet able to accomplish a feat other newbies couldn't.. awards, shows, endorsements,concerts, album sales,etc..

they have evolved in such a short span of time, it's scary.. LOL

but one thing for sure is that they keep getting better and BETTER..

now they are going to conquer bigger things in the future..

staying true to their name: "a person who receives light" they sure have a bright road ahead of them..

ah~ i wonder how they will be in the coming years!!

kids~ hwaiting! <3

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Guest repeat_on_echo

Ah, Taemin's the only younger kid, :)

But I absolutely love SHINee with my heart, ever since their debut I fell in love. :)

Their songs are sooo niiiice,<3mmm,

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