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Official Janice Man (文詠珊) & Angelababy Yeung (楊穎) Thread

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lol i was going to stop replying to people in this thread but when someone talk trash about MY TASTE then it is a no-no :lol:

when did i say they are ugly??? please go and find the post where i said they are ugly :rolleyes:

also .... what girls did I post that you think are not as attractive as these girls???? i want to know :lol: i don't even remember posting that many pictures of girls :lol:

all i know is that ALL the girls that I posted which is not a lot .... are WAY more gorgeous than these girls :lol:

and girl please you are living in a fairy land if you believe braces changes the face that much :P

I still can't believe people can't face the truth .... god people where do you people come from .... BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER

Peace out ... :w00t:

I partially agree with you, and partially don't. I'm like 99% sure janiceman got a nose job from her before pics, even though ppl say her nose looks the same, if you look carefully, you'll see the difference.

Angela....well I'm not sure. She looks a prettier version of her old self. Not sure if that's bc of hair and makeup or if she tweeked her eyes and nose too (alittle)

I'm not sure though

Oh...I think you shouldn't be so insulting cos ppl will get offended.


OMFG go get a life please.



{the bolded words..} now please go away [!] <_<

I always assumed not pretty means average

ugly means ugly


anyway let hotmonkey be, everybody has their own opinions, I think angelababy and janiceman are pretty



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Hotmonkey- Oh watever, if you think they are "average" compare to the ones you posted, than we don't even have to bother arguing with you..because let say, u have different taste ?? or just bad tastes.

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Is there any way to just erase all the irrelevant posts that have plagued this fledgling thread?

I hope this will be pinned like the Chinese Net Idol Thread, and I also hope that just because this is a new thread we won't have allll the old pictures from day 1 reposted ? I mean, some are fine... but people can check out old angela and janice in the net idol thread if they want.

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Hotmonkey, braces for overbites make a big difference! My friend was considered 'ugly' back then because she had an overbite like Angela, and this was three years ago. But after she took off her braces, her overbite was gone, and her smile is really pretty! On top of that, she went for a total make over, change her hair colour, left it longer, make up and contacts, and she looks really good now! People are so shocked when they see her now because she was always known as the 'ugly chick.'

'...' - Quote from people, not me.

And when I was 15, I look waaaay different than I do now. Not uglier, just more plain. I am now 18, turning 19 this year, and I am a qualified make up artist, so yes, make up really does make a big difference! It's all about how you do your make up, shading, contouring, highlighting in the right places, etc. These either make or break your features, you gotta know how to do it right! I've seen the before pictures of Janice and Angela, and honestly, they look the same. They appear not to have that much make up on at all or in some pictures, no make up at all! Plus, those pictures were when they were young, like 15 or something, and how old are they now? Pretty much the same age as me! Everybody knows that HAIR makes a big difference.

Anyway, I love Angelababy and Janice!!!!!!! :)

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wow im so not used to this new thread and the bashing :mellow:

thanks for starting this though! =)

Janice Photoshoot Pictures:















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Janice updated!


Janice and baby updated their xanga about the SiChuan Earthquake incident, they sound so sympathetic, its nice to know such beautiful people could have such good hearts too.


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^ I love her hair!!! I can never keep mine that long. lol. Does anyone know if those are weaves or extensions? I might wanna get some. :D

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If you think these girls are ugly, than it either u are jealous, or you have something against chinese celebrities and don't want to admit that there are acutally pretty chinese celebrities, or you have really bad taste. I see some of the pictures you post before, and they are no where as good looking as these girls,( even if these two girls have so much makeup or their before look) And oh yeah, angela baby had braces for her underbite and her bangs where unattractive back then, Janice look pretty much the same as before.

^ yah but janice nose did change, makeup and hair doesn't affect your nose that much

Yeah make up and hair doesn't effect your nose that much, but losing baby fat does. I still had my baby fat when I was 15-16, but lost it just recently. Also, I noticed that Janice and Angelababy both had lost weight! From personal experience, when I lost more weight, my face slimmed down, giving me an illusion of a taller nose. Also, new facial routines, such as using a firming cream with collagen, etc. My aunty is a beauty therapist, and when she puts on her cream she always pinches her nose for a good a few minutes, making her nose look pointier. (It's hard to explain her facial routine.)

And with make up, you can highlight the bridge of your nose to the tip of your nose with a lighter shade of concealer/powder/foundation/white shadow with slight shimmer, etc. You can also use a darker shade of foundation on the area between your nose to give an illusion of a taller nose. (shading.) Blending and making it look as natural as possible is the key. As you can see from raindrop's post of Janice (on this page above), it is evident that Janice had highlighted the bridge of her nose to the tip of her nose with a lighter shade of foundation. This is of course, done cleverly and subtly with lots of blending, and the lighting of the picture also helped.

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wow are you serious? AB and a JM thread? LOL if we wanted updates why dont we just look at



well ... half the pictures posted here aren't even on their xanga sites.

so really, their xangas don't help much at all.

you never see the pictures of them attending an event on their xangas.



and the arguments with hotmonkey is useless.

he wants to cease the arguments too but you guys keep responding.

oh my gosh.

so stop replying to him.

and people keep posting USELESS post that has nothing to do with angelababy and janice man

you just keep discussing hotmonkey.

If you're so friggen obsessed with the things he says,

open a friggen damn thread all about him and discuss the matters there!



ok, so i'm calm now.

so let me add some old/recent pictures of angelababy that i favor







The two of them together


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