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[THE OFFICIAL] Taeyang 태양 Thread

Guest shinhdeplol

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Guest shinhdeplol

2010 MAMA - Best Male Artist! Congrats BAEby~ =D


credit:Always Tae Yang


Official TaeYang Twitter

Official TaeYang Youtube

Official TaeYang Facebook








mygirls.jpg taeyanglookonlyatme.jpg taeyangprayer.jpg taeyangdigitalsingleec8.jpg n6xjc4.jpg ineedagirlsss.jpg 14271125311.jpg


bigbang511024.th.jpg bigbang511280.th.jpg bigbang511920.th.jpg

bigbang521024.th.jpg bigbang521280.th.jpgbigbang521920.th.jpg

Thanks 2: yangerl@soompi, ygtaeyang @ youtube, alwaystaeyang, yg entertainment, bigbang official youtube, yg entertainment offical youtube, official taeyang, big bang bangs cartoon, bigbangnyuh@YGBB.NET (profile translations), ygbigbang.com, YGBIGBANG CAFE, bigbangpop (Thai-VIPs @ popcornfor2.com), ygbounce.com, theREALiVIPSUBS, melodygreenleaf, gyang, omgfangirl@LJ, V.I.P @ YGBB.NET, VIP @ Soompi, Jess @ YGBB.NET, bigbang_media@LJ, cyworld

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Guest 177z_Aym

Yeepieee YB's thread is open ^^

Taeyang<3 LOVE LOVE LOVE his mini album ..i can't wait to watch his perf. on music core =D

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Guest esprit

yay, finally reopened. The album is OFF THE HOOK!!!! so are both his music videos.

And just like Aimee, I can't wait for his performances on music shows, I bet they'll be even hotter than the MVs

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Guest ciindyy

yay! omg i loved his MV's, esp "look at me"

prayer was totally :o

favourite song so far is look at me and baby im sorry

did anyone notice that in "baby i'm sorry" theres the verse that GD raps in "a fool's only tears" :) awesomeness to the maxx

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TOP WAS REALLY FINEEE IN THE MV AND SO WAS GD. they look so mature? BUT DID YOU SEE GD'S GLASSES? i smell another trend.


DON'T GET ME STARTED ON TEDDY. he looks better and better. but this is Taeyang's thread after all ^^

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Guest mon5482

his album...GREAT of course! it took over a year for it to come out but hey great things take time

the MVs @__@ WOW! MR DONG YOUNG BAE's sexy body is being exploited...and we're all loving it!

PRAY MV - geezzzzz is he trying to kill half the female species? coz seriously he's burning us...TAEYANG is sooo hot!!! they hella tanned him tho lol. i find the video to have that omarion icebox/rain i'm coming mv feel to it....I LOVE IT!!! i hate the voicebox tho >.< Teddy was ok in it...he seemed like he lost weight.

LOOK AT ME MV is by far the cutest mv ever! i like it more than any BIGBANG mvs..i hope the boys will have more mvs like that. too cute!!!

I cant wait to see his debut performance.


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Guest jemnise


DLing the VID now... soo behind :(

ok so please can someone tell me to stop staring at his BODY! mannnnn! *Lord Forgive me PLEASSSSE:)*


ok for the LOOK AT ME MV. its like the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of Prayer. the cutie YB *though he can't hide the muscles BABY!* such a cutie! hahahaha:) my gaaaa and the whole GANG was there! so nice of them :) *love them to bits and pieces*











credits to Soulful


credits to Ÿž¢½ @BBVIPZ



credits to µ¿ÂÊžç @bbvipz


credits to Ç⽺·çÀÌ @bbvipz



credits to BBVIPZ

OMO. i think i'm on a PIC SPREE:) haha:)


credits to µ¿ÂÊžç @bbvipz

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Thanks for starting the thread, Jess. :)

Tae Yang's album is so good. All the tracks are so well made. My favorite tracks right now are Only Look At Me, Make Love ft Kush and Prayer ft Teddy. I've been listening to the album all day, seriously. Like it was on shuffle and repeat on my mp3 player for hours. Kept me sane as I was stuck helping my sister @ her school's summer showcase. lol

I didn't know both the mvs would be released today or so early in the day too. I was like OMFG already?!

Love both the music videos.

Only Look At Me was cute. Tae Yang was adorable at the end. And I loved that little smile montage during the bts footage. mashimarobae<3 All the Big Bang boys were cute in the mv. I especially liked GD's and Top's appearances though. Top has such a photogenic face. The camera just loves him. I've totally seen the girl in the mv somewhere before. Can't remember her name though.

The Prayer mv was asdghhjj. Seemed like Tae Yang was more shirtless than not. Though I'm not claiming. Teddy was LOVE. So handsome in that suit.

Also uploaded Tae Yang's mvs on youtube. Since I recorded some mq-ish vids.

Tae Yang - Prayer MV ft Teddy

Tae Yang - Only Look At Me MV

I can't wait for his debut performances. May 31st get here sooner!!!!!!

I hope Tae Yang gets to perform Prayer for at least one of his debut performances. So Teddy can feature. And we get a double dose of YG Hot Men. :lol:

Anyone else watch Big Bang on Kim Ji Eun's Chocolate that aired on Wednesday, yet? If not you should! Tae Yang sounded awesome singing a little snippet of Only Look At Me acapella during BB's interview pt.

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OMG. xD I'll be back! Gonna go find things to share.

I have a link! xD

Taeyang - Look At Only Me

Although I put Taeyang. I like to call him YoungBae.

Oh, and visit Taeyang's Forum xD --> Taeyang City?

How long have we waited for this guys? FINALLY!!

I heard from melody that he stated that he didn't pass his driving test xD

It makes me feel better knowing that we both are struggling ... I'm hoping

he goes on variety shows. Its about time...

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Guest clumsyxdreamer

yay!! taeyang offical thread !!

he's soooo rawrrr hottt

looveee both mv's

& teddy's in it!!

i think my fave song off the album is make love :]

i love his eyes when he smiles


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just wanna share good news with taeyang fans here....his mini album is selling like hotcakes gunning a whopping 4100 copies as at 5.40pm today 22nd may at hanteo real time chart...omg my eyes was like popping out looking at the numbers.... :w00t: cuz the rest of the artist was selling like in hundreds only....

i think by end of the day it will reach to 6-7 thousand copies...this is only from hanteo chart and he's leading the chart and at interpark i think taeyang album is 2nd on the list also real time selling chart....omg he is so popular...good for him...i bet taeyang fans are so happy right now....

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Guest Jaejoongx3

Whoa! My favorite songs are all of them! Including the INTRO LOL!

The MV is super hot hot hot! His topless! Omo his abs! *dies*

Anyone have any idea when he'll be performing on any music shows.

I heard that he'll be performing on the 24th as a offical debut or something.

But not sure where. o_o



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Guest the7REAL.


*Waynes World bow to YB*

"I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

2 MVs in one day. That is too much for my heart to take. I'll need to comment on the MVs properly when I am sane.

But, ah...I can't even choose which MV I love better. Both were just so ...perfect...so well-made with two entirely different concepts.

The choreography is just...crazy good. The songs... gosh...YB's voice... >.<;;

Dong Young Bae....you are always so perfect to me. :wub:

I'm so happy for him...so proud... :tears:

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Guest eunhyuk_LOVE21

AHHH~ Youngbae's official threaaaaaaddd!!

thanks for the caps and gifs, jess1tym4life and jemnise!!

he looks sooo freaking awesome in the mv!!

OMG~ 4100 copies?!! I'm soo suuper happy for youngbae!!

He deserves it ,his hardwork had paid off!^^

I'm really loving his album loadssss!

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Guest shamywhamy

The vid PRAYER is just OK. I agree to some of the comments that he is trying to be like Omarion.

Still, congratulations to Taeyang for having his first mini album. :D

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