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Wonder Girls Comeback Today (053208) Wg Inkigayo Intro Pics

Guest i.said.hi

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Guest iheartBIGBANG

the girls are really pretty!

the song is catchy.

and hey, the lyrics match so hee perfectly.

theres my opinion.

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Guest tesslovemusic

I love the song :D

It's really catchy! The only thing i didn't like was the fact that the girls

couldn't show off all their awesome voices, but i guess there are more tracks on the

album for that, right) :lol:

I love Sunmi in this Vid so much x) And her face when looking at the huge diamond ring was priceless :)

and Yoobin's rap was also awesome!

Good luck to the girls :D

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

i take back what i said. As i watch the video again and again, the song beginning to stuck inmy head, it's really catchy now. At first i thought it sound so "lazy". But i hav a feeling i will get bore with it realy fast

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Guest 1S0ULL

I just watched the MV with english subs.

Damn the lyrics are soooooo ehh.

But it's kinda funny lool.

Yoobin is so purtttyy (:

& her rap was goood

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Guest incomplete.

The song is very addictive

i mean i couldn't stop listening to it now and im go like I'm so hot LOL

sexy image is not HURT at all

i actually like it i mean they can pull of any style

and even tho this one is sexier than any other that they had

still they look cute and classic

i meant they don't look like a 'HO' ;D

all the girl have gotten even prettier XD

more loveee to the Wonder Girls!

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Guest im_so_flyy

they really do look so hot


yeeun is really pretty

and so is yoobin

and i really like sunye's new hair. shes gorgeous

and sunmi looks really pretty too

and so does sohee

is leopard their new concept?

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the song is ok to me at the moment, but the girls all look so pretty....

i think the concept is a bit too sexy for sohee and sunmi, i mean they are like 15/16???!!!

oh yeh, the lyrics are a bit....hehehe

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Guest mianhae

I love this song.. its so addicting! I have it on replay ... or watching it on youtube (uploaded by coolsmurf -> hope it gets to a million views soon!) :sweatingbullets:

Sunmi is soo cute in here! I love her look when she was looking at the diamond... ><!

Sohee! Love when she fell! I like her dress!

Yoobin, her hair longer ... but its cute! I want her phone!

YeEun... awwn she got her boys taken away by the girl with the shorter skirt... that girls reminds me of tiffany (her hair)

SunYe... she should gets cut her hair so it can look like the wig in the MV!

the song is somewhat conceited but eventaully they let the fame/ego get to them and that was their downfall... <_<

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Guest epikxlove

I'm totally in love with this song now!!!! <3

At first, i was like appauled for some reason.. (same as tell me when i first heard it)

but it's really catchy :)

Another fine work, JYP!!

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Guest iBC-NUB

the song is catchy .

i, forsome reason like 'tell me' more

i wish JYP can produce songs to

show more of their vocal skills

cause i know the girls CAN sing .

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