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Wonder Girls Comeback Today (053208) Wg Inkigayo Intro Pics

Guest i.said.hi

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Guest yoCupcakee*

gifs anybdy? jk

I can't wait for the comeback!


IT CAUGHT MY HEART haha more than sohee now!


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Guest mintberry

damnn i cant stop watching the MV.

i think im going crazyy over this song.

ME TOO! I can't stop watching the dance lol. Sunye is freaking sexy with the wig.

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Guest ripgal

The song's not bad.. I like the catchy beat..

I liked the part of So Hee falling down and standing up again to say she's still HOT..:lol: it was cute..

And Yoo Bin's rap rawkz..

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Guest PhuongNguyen

The part where So Hee tripped reminds me of the Lizzie Mcquire movie. Overall, I think the video is quite adorable and catchy. There's some part where the girls wasn't in synch though. Of all the transformation, I think that Ye Eun looks the best. Her new hair color is very flattering on her.

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they're singing improved a lot;

YE EUN is like sexier than Yoobin in this one; imo.

So hee bothers me. shes not attractive in my book :x

Sunmi's so cute/pretty in the MV & Sunye's short look PWNS YOOBIN'S. That better not be a wig...

& Yoobin's still pretty/hot. :D

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Yoo Bin and Sun Ye pulled off the "hot" look best in the mv

not liking the song too much. but in terms of sexiness, Jewelry definitely takes the cake with their Everybody Shhhh! mv

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Guest meirryohnn

SO HOT is such a sexy song<3

I'm addicted to the song, and the MV's hott too. :]

I loved it when Sohee randomly tripped.

SunYe and her short hair [wig?] stood out to me the most.

Yoobin's pretty hot too.

And YE EUN <3 very sexy. [;

Sunmi & Sohee looked cuute.

I think it'll be popular xD

Not as popular as Tell Me though...

since this song's conceited. Pwahha.

I'm looking forward to the live version of SO HOT. :)


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Guest disfunktional.

Props to JYP for making dance moves that fits the song so well.

Sunmi's "ee ee" part, she looked so cute haha. and her face when

looking at the diamond, kawaii<333 I'm suprised Ye Eun didn't get

alot of singing parts since she usually get most of it. Reminds me of

Tell Me MV even though its a sexy song, cheesy MV haha. Yoobin

is so freakingg hottt, Sun ye and her totally rocked this concept.

(the short hair too) i agree about the songs though, JYP should let them

showcase that they can singggggggggggggggggggggggg ;D

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Guest loveex3


and i love their sexy concept & dance.

they can really pull it off.

the song is really addicting.

i was actually singing it yesterday like a million times.

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Guest Juliang10

OMG! I Love this new single! The song has a really really NICE beat and melody to it. *Especially Yoobin's rap!*

Everyone looks soo good on the cover but I like sunye's new look the most. She looks sooo beautiful with short hair! Its so refreshing and new.

This song is gonna be another hit! The MV is the best so far. Love the concept and theme. Can't wait to see the live performance now.

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Guest xingjing

Interesting. Cute MV. Still like Sunmi the best... she is honestly the cutest.

Wow. 2 MV's down, 1 more to go. *yeesh at the fact that there are like 3 MV's to watch all at once*

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Guest KaiIem

I was watching the video and thinking, "they're such bad lipsynchers... I can't believe no one said anything!" Then I realized the MV was out of synch. :lol:

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