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Wonder Girls Comeback Today (053208) Wg Inkigayo Intro Pics

Guest i.said.hi

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Guest jisatsu

WOW YE EUN!!! i am sooo jealous, i want to be one of those guys lol

seems like her hair color got lighter? anyway, lovin' it

the guy on the right looks like he's eating her foot XD

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Guest PhuongNguyen

Look like JYP is inspired by SM promoting style eh? Releasing one at a time? Tehehehe smart idea...! Cause I'm honestly looking forward to seeing the rest. Woot, Ye Eun looks hot. She usually look really old to me; but she look really nice here.

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Guest chae-gyeong_01

oh.. Ye Eun looks like.. she's enjoying..

LOL though.. i'm anticipating for their

'sexy' image.. though.. another reality

TV show.?? whoa, i'm excited!! hmmm.

it's their 4th, right? 3 season for MTV

WG then this show in MNET.. it's like

Mnet Wonder Girls.? LOL just joking..

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Guest ejoong

oh.. releasing one by one? That concept is seems like Soshis . Anyhow she looks scared to death but thin as heck! The players are cute!

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Guest loving_D

thats a sexy picture of ye eun. i'm really curious about how this new single is going to sound. i hope it's as good as tell me!

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Guest pinkcafelatte

mann yeeun looks damn good. XDDDDD

i wonder what the new single will sound like...

i love her hair and the overall picture. ^____^

lool. i loved sunmi's tank in the thailand pics. XD

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Guest kiut_me

i like ^_____^

she looks really good!

ye eun's finally revealing some legs haha

i'm fine with legs as long as their top part is covered xD

i always think people look better that way~

wonder girls i can't wait for your comebaaaaaaack

will sunye show some legs too?!


i have some serious girl crush on wonder girls lol .__.

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Guest hanjin90

Is it really Ye Eun???

she DOES have a nice legs

cant wait for their comeback

i'm just looking forward to see Ye Eun and Sun Ye new image XD

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Guest iBC-NUB

Ye Eun looks sexy. NICE legs .

but i hope they dont change

Sunmin & Sohee since there still young

Yoobin already pwns the sexiness

But i want to see SUNYE sexy image.

They look so laid back

and cute in the thailand pictures.

i wanna see WG's next single!!

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