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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House


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Guest AlecRuby

I didn't know they were on X man. Now I must watch it!

They are so cute. Does that mean they are staying in the same room?

can't wait until this weeks epi is out!

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Guest o.jung.ban.hap

*heart attack*

OMG She gets to be with him in a car, and in BED!

LOL anyways god I soo want to see what married life with my future husband will be like...XD

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Guest subdwfreaky

this is what i can guess some of their conversations:

(interview about what they thought of their couple: HJ didn't expect his couple would be hwangbo (correct me pls) and HB ...i can't remember but you might read it somewhere already.)

HB asked him to drive cos men did better than women and HJ said he was so tired from shooting MV then she asked if he wanted her to drive..."No" he replied.

HJ asked HB where to go. She said she didn't know either so .....

HJ: Going to Hotel?


HB: (embarrassing)


HB asked him " we're married, what should i call you?" he answered that his ex-gf (or something) called him "Ya/야"..odd what does this mean???

Then HB said something like after marriage you should/had to work hard to earn more money and he innocently said "Yes! this month i've already had two jobs"..(i can't stop laughing, he's adorable!)..then HB bursted out laughing

HB wondered if they had to stay in one room, HJ said he could do it (means he can stay in one room with her) so if he could the she could too HB said.

About their clothes, they hadn't seen them before. HJ didn't like and wanted wearing "couple shirt", HB asked then what they should do or would she wear it alone so HJ asked her what she thought about it..."it's beautiful" she replied.... Therefore, HJ said he had scissors and then like you guys have watched

"누나 죄송한데 여기 V로 한 번 더 잘라 주세요" this is so polite as far as i know.

HJ asked her to cut it even more V in a so polite way and then, as you saw, she laughed out loud rolling on the floor....

HJ brought comics books with him to go fishing too!...

I'm not so sure about this: HB said if she fell into water, come help her. Then HJ said if she fell, she'd survive that was life vest for (confused? means he wouldn't jump into the water to help her cos she was wearing life vest...)

at the end in interview, HJ said he wanted to show HB that he caught some fish but he couldn't catch one....

LOL. Hyunjoong is so straight and sounds innocent in a way...hahahah...he's seriously like a lil kid.

and Hwangbo is straightforward in a somewhat cute way too. i like them, they don't seem to try too hard to look cute...and they came out cute in a umm...unique way...haha

Thanks so much for the trans, Muize...i had no idea it was that funny...haha....

i could see that they're trying to work out on their barriers n being tolerant to their differences, so far. xD

how could i not love them?

they've gone up to my #1 current fav couple now.........since i haven't watch the latest CrownJ-SeoInyoung cut^^...but i'm pretty sure HJ-HB has high chance of being in my #1 now.

and they were in Xman together too? wow.....i didn't know. haha.

They are so cute. Does that mean they are staying in the same room?

haha...are you trying to make me excited? :P i'm already liking this couple so much. gosh.

sarahilal: i heard that Saori wanted to leave the show to pursue a singing career or sumthin'...and Hyungdon was MCing the recent episode...i wonder if he's a permanent mc now..it's funny how MC n contestant are switching positions now. and bout Alex-ShinAe....omg! i was so sad too.....i haven't watch their final ep together....but they were among my fav in the show too so....*sigh*........that could only mean that i could spare more time n attention on HJ-HB now.......hehe..but i do hope Alex-Shinae would come back. and i hope Hyunjoong-Hwangbo wouldn't 'divorce' in a short period.....

in fact, i hope they'd get married for real.

:ph34r: hahaha, how lovely is that?


omg! so Hyunjoong didn't know that his wife is Hwangbo when he arrived the airport? or am i wrong?

i wonder if Hwangbo knew it :P

i can't wait to find it out once the subs are out.....^^

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Guest AlecRuby

subdwfreaky: hey you're really excited about joongbo huh? your little scenerio about them getting married in real life, hehehehehe... cute!

i thought about the same thing too when you said that hyun joong didn't know hwang bo was his wife or not. hwang bo probably already knew because she was like totally eyeing him from afar when she was in her red convertible.

it was so sexy when hyun joong dragged his luggage to the stop area and just sat on the luggage and looking through cars to see if anyone was there or maybe if was even his bride.

i laughed so hard when hwang bo started rolling her car out, it was totally a cool opening scene. i am pretty sure that hwang bo and hyun joong are going to rock each other's world.

i have heard on other sites of devoted joong fans, asking who was this "woman" and if she was even an c-class actress. i thought that was a little rough talking about hwang bo. but oh well, people are titled to their own opinion.

lets keep out faith up for this joongbo couple and wish them the best to come!

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Guest maricris

found it^^

X-Man 44 - Episode 98 [1/7]


X-Man 44 - Episode 99 [1/7]

im sooo happy to see hwang bo again.....they look really cute Joongbo^^

oh i wish some1 will translate it for us.......i can sub it,

but i'll be needing the translations^^

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Guest hwangb0<3

did anyone sub this couple, cuz coolsmuft seems to sub the other one, and I want to see and understand these 2 so much

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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

every time i see a topic on the show "let's get married"

I always faint, thinking I read "they got married!"


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Guest slpyazn528

i just don't feel the chemistry between them and feel they don't go well with each other. :/ but I guess it's too early to judge...

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Guest AlecRuby

it's okay that you don't feel they have chemistry yet. you'll probably just have to watch on to maybe see if they change your mind.

maricristhanks for the xman eps. i watched them and it was hiliarious. i would like subbs if anyone know how to sub it.

as for the next week's preview, i am dying to see it. hyun joong looks like he is getting more comfortable with hwang bo. you can totally see it when they were laughing together.

i especially can't for the beach scene. i can already imagine the ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh screams from the audience. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... i am going to watch their parts again!

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Subing's out!!! Thanx so much for Subbing team. After watching, i have to say they're really unromantic couple!!!!....but i like it! They live near a beach, have a yacth and beautiful house..umm maybe it's too early to judge their romance. They can be good friends in real life. Hope HJ will think of her as a friend, not nuna.

and i hope Hyunjoong-Hwangbo wouldn't 'divorce' in a short period.....

Same here, at least let them stay married until HJ's birthday June, 6th...i guess?

I can't wait for next week....

Thank you so much Aindy..So don't forget to watch our JoongBo!

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Guest Lighto_Yuchun

[ENG SUBBED]JoongBo - 080511 We Got Married 1/2

[ENG SUBBED]JoongBo - 080511 We Got Married 2/2

Credits: quainte501

* I just finished watching it,they feel kinda awkward together.

Hyunjoong didn't expected to see Hwangbo actually (thought of cuter girl :lol: )and he is kinda blunt so it's hard for Hwangbo :sweatingbullets:

I thought it would be great if they have Junjin for Hwangbo? Still,I love this couple...very cute <3

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Guest AlecRuby

it seems like many of the people here are a little don't know what to say about the couple after the subbing came out. although hyun joong is blunt, and had expected a younger bride, i don't think it was hard for hwang bo.

okay, i am on the part where they do separate interviews and that was quite quite blunt of hyun joong saying that he wasn't expecting someone like hwang bo. but then of course it was only the beginning. i really don't see why they look awkward besides the age gap. i really think they're fine.

anyway, lets hope the best for them!

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Guest jebabe19

I just watched "we got married" and yeah it was awkward but understandable... i seriously wish that it was tiffany though.. i like them both...

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Guest AlecRuby

I hope they will bicker but at the end very sweet together!

They are probably their for the fun of it,

hope they are good friends after the show!

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Guest subdwfreaky

AlecRuby: nah..i'm not that excited. ...........oh wait...i always get excited but not really hyper excited for too long.....it's just that i'm a SS501 fan and i've always wanted to see them get married. haha..(am i weird?) and this somehow made it came true in a way....and discovering Hwangbo made me have good impression on her. she seems so real and i like that. esp Hyunjoong is the member who got most attention from medias....so they'd gossip him with all sort of girls.....but as a fan, it's not that common to find one who i'd say i like. of course it's not that important, i'm just a fan n it's his opinion that is most important. but from watching...esp after watching the one with sub......i think Hwangbo is a kind of person who'd make him happy...so why not? hahahaha.....(there goes my wild excitement again)

Muize: nooo! not only till his birthday...hehe....i'm pretty sure they can go on longer than that.... :D

omo. i love this couple even more after watching the subbed ones. (thanks to quainte501@youtube =D )

poor Hwangbo felt so burdened because of their age differences. i feel like hugging unnie lol. she's so sweet n patient with him.....i doubt any other 'bride' there would be as patient as 6 hours?.....hahaha....i just hope they'd get along even better with time, which i think is not impossible at all.

at the same time, Hyunjoong too felt burdened because he wanted to impress her and wanted her to look at him as someone great n not just a dongsaeng...

altho i was like T^T "poor Hwangbo unnie you meanie Hyunjoong xD"...when he said he's expecting someone cute n not Hwangbo. What?? hahaha.........but i sure wish he'd be able to see how great she is as the show progress....that's the whole point of it. it wouldn't be interesting at all if all started n goes oh-too-well? there won't be anything to be learnt that way.

but yeah...i really really love the part where Hyunjoong got so disappointed cuz he's not able to impress his Nuna-bride with his fishing skill...n he said that even a tiny(as a fingernail O_o) fish would do......just so that she'd see him as someone capable..that is so sweet....

and of course......Hwangbo's description of him: "Lotto?" hahahahah.......

hmm...there goes my spazz again.....xD


and i topped the page xD

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OMg, I can't wait to see the next epi too.

It looks like or maybe it is that they are awkward at first,

however, after seeing them together for like 6 hour fishing they probably didn't just stand there and fish,

maybe talk more and get to know eachother more.

I love the night preview!

I don't know why, but I kind of want to see U-Know with Bo!

Maybe the X-man factor

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