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[official] ☜♥☞ Joongbo Couple ☜♥☞ Newly Wed's 1st Open House


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En 13/05/2017 a las 11:34 AM, savitreeP446546 dijo:

Tiempos largos to see Todos Los Cuales todavía Publicar y leer todos los post en Soompi. Extrañar a todos .En 29 de de abril de 2017 fui a Corea del Sur para Asistir a Kim Hyun Joong 's Réunion de ventiladores En el parque Olímpico de .Hyun Joong es muy guapo e inteligente .Es' emotivo muy s.


Excellent, you must have been happy. KHJ looks charming, but sometimes lonely?

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Hello my dear .... Forgive me for not visiting our marvelous land for a long time ... I hope for your generous hearts ...

Congratulations to JoongBo ...
10 years old on this day 29 04 2008 started Legend ...
I want to recall the universal creed of JoongBoer's
= while at least one of them did not marry, there is hope = (not verbatim)))))

dream, what reality would look like in our parallel universe ...



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Hi everyone, i am glad joongbo supporters are still here.   I miss them working together too.  i hope in the future they will have a collaboration again.


On that note, i just would like to comment that "Once upon a time in Lingjian mountain" caught my attention.  Although it is a story based on the manga, and novel, it reminded me of Joongbo.  Why? It's because of the laughter and anticipation that i felt whenever i watched joongbo episodes.  Although the story is very different and it's fiction but an older woman being paired up to a younger man and how they convey their messages to each other just like with Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo's non-verbal actions in their episodes is so captivating.  Although the actors and actresses in "Once upon a time in Lingjian Mountain"  can be outrageous at times but that is how they are suppose to act to convey their messages.  The manga and novel  version is more extreme.  I find it really really funny, and just like joongbo before whenever i watched it,  if i am tired from a hard day's work, it made it all go away and removed all the stresses that i felt during the day due to the laughter that i could get out of from watching these episodes from netflix.  Sandrine Pinna's spontaneous acting and Xu Kai did justice to Wang Wu's  and Wang Lu's characters.  I know this a joongbo thread, and i am a die hard fan of Joongbo but i just want to share this to  my fellow joongboers.  


I really hope someday that even in just a sit com or a tv show, I could see Hwangbo and Kim Hyun Joong together.


Have a nice day my fellow Joongboers.   

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