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Guest cook1ex3

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Guest cook1ex3

i actually found this manga while fishing through onemanga.com

and i haven't found any forums on it- so i thought i should give it a shot.


summary from onemanga: After the crime rate began to spiral out of control in the third Toutoh empire, a law was established to help expedite trials and relieve the pressure on the overcrowded prisons, which were filled to the brim with criminals who had been sentenced to life in prison without any chance of parole. According to this new law, trials could be held and the accused criminals sentenced to death even if they hadn't been captured yet. Moreover, in order to capture/kill these criminals who had been given a punishment by the courts, the Special Executions police force was created...

So the manga focuses on the Special Execution force, divided into brigades and specially trained police force,

but from rankings, there is the one, top group- The First Brigade. (yum)


made by naked ape (two women) and in my opinion,

they're talented.

characters are compelling, and good looking(:

story keeps you enterained, good balace of witty humor, action, (and enough to allow imagination for fanservice)

they also made switch- which came out in america two or three(?) months ago.

in Japan, they published 6 volumes of DOLLS and although they only have 12 chapters on onemanga, we can be expecting lots more-

but tokyopop just licensed it- so you better watch out!

for cosplay, many professionals attempt at their elaborate uniforms and charismatic faces. (stay did one!)

to sum it all up-

i love, love(:

hope you love, love too.

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Guest FirstTheWorst

YEahhhhhh! I think I read the first chapter when it first came out.

I've seemed to forgot about it a little since I've been watching Soul Eater O__O.

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Guest daisie

I've read the twelve chapters on OneManga, and it's really good! I've been looking for other sites that have it, but haven't found any. D: And now it's been licensed? Dayum.

Shouta is my fave. He has TEH PASSION! <33 :D

The art work is gorgeous for the most part too, though sometimes things look a little out of proportion.

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Guest cook1ex3


you don't understand the 'agony' i was forced to go through when i found out they licensed it. sigh.

great to have someone interested!(:

vice captain is my face(: although, Shou is.. LOVE.

the drawings reminded me of death note in a first glance.

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