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Yg Produces Girl Big Bang

Guest icecube.

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Guest square.

Park Bom is an amazing singer, I was so sure she would debut as a solo artist.

CL's a pretty good rapper last time I saw on that thing. I'm excited to see how this turns out, hopefully they won't disappoint.

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Guest jas282

Ok I'm interested in this new girl group

Park Bom is really pretty and talented

CL's rapping skills, I have not really witness it despite of the year end gayo show last year

She only appears for a mere few seconds so I'll see how it goes

But this is definitely worth looking out for



ok super superficial fan here

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Guest JunsuLover

Ahh I wished Park Bom would've gone solo.

Oh well, can't wait for her debut.

If they are anything like Big Bang.. oh man.

I would be a new fan<3

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Guest kOoHII

yg has a pretty bad marketing department. they don't ride off of popularity to further advance their artists' popularity (such as park bon or kim jieun). i think one of the few reasons se7en and big bang did so well in the beginning was b/c of their 1) great music 2) outgoing/quirky personalities. let's hope their marketing department doesn't fail this time around as they've done with other very talented artists including lexy.

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Guest wowow00

oh wow i wonder how good they'll be

hahaha ^___^


oh is it the only two of them or more members too???

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Guest iloveRAiNBOWS

Min Ji looks superbly young...

Park Bom looks superbly older than her...

CL seems like she should just go solo




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Guest peurose.

wow. Gdragon is gonna produce their album!

hope they'll do well. that minji girl looks

REALLY young! O_O


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hmm so looks like YG big man himself has decided to follow suit with LSM moves & creating both female & male versions counterparts of there successful groups.

Come on this is so SM stagery written all over it.

SM has DBSK & CSJH boy & girl group version of each.

then SUJU & SNSD same thing

FTTS & Isak N JiYeon counterparts..

So now YG is doing it...

I don't think CL is all that because she only appeared ONCE for a small amount of time & she wasn't all that impressive. I need to see more of her to be all in "awe" with her. So far she's just a newbie....

I don't know if this girl group will do good considering that the girl groups these days are all into the whole cutesy pop crap & BB isn't cutesy...so a Female BB being not cutesy...umm we will just have to wait & see how it turns out.

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Guest hseliz

honestly, i think YG shouldn't have made a new group.

instead he should bring back the veterans (1tym please),

and the other artists who just disappeared, like MGD.

couldn't agree more. i miss 1TYM. :(

i was hoping Park Bom to go solo.. but then this came up.


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Guest miki_chan

A girl Big Bang? Cool (:

This reminds me of how the way SM was going to make a counterpart girl group for suju.

I wonder if they can do well?

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Guest presweet

park bom & CL are def. true talents, not so sure about minji but i'm sure she'll be good too. i think for YG, they just gotta have good timing with their activities and presentation of the group. i don't think it's ''bad luck'' they have with girl groups, but instead it's just about timing and how they invest in them. good luck with them & best of luck to the girls because i know they can dominate :)

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wow i thought Park Bom was gonna debut as a solo artist. i guess this is a cool idea, with CL's rapping! im looking forward to this group! cuz i loveeee Big Bang <3

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