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Victoria Beckham

Guest priya_rach

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Guest bubblepeach

I think she lost a lot of weight... considering the fact that the last photo I ever saw of her was in 3rd grade, which is nearly 6 years ago.

Yeah, she lost lots of weight.

I don't find her to be exceptionally pretty but I like her style. Her clothes are so trendy & stylish even if it's just a simple top & jeans.

And she still has nice body. She has 2 kids right? But her body is still hot :sweatingbullets:

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Guest evercute

My favourite Spice Girl haha!

Me too lol!

I've never found her to be exceptionally pretty, but she has a pretty awesome sense of style... most of the time. XD

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Guest duncalisious

she's so sexy...i actually think she's hotter now then she was back in the day when she was in spice girls..

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Guest lorxp

i just noticed her fly's open in one of the picture.

i think she's a hot mom, but if i keep staring at her face, i get scared for some reason

same here
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