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[ Movie 2011 ] Sector 7 (7광구)

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[bLOG] Movie Premiere Review of “Sector 7″

   Back in the 70′s Sector 7 was an actual site between Korea and Japan, where experts claimed more than ten times the amount of natural gas and oil produced in Saudi Arabia would be underwater. The area’s been a hot potato back then, but now more has turned to a forgotten place, a perfect place to start a scenario. That’s how this summer’s most sensational blockbuster, and Korea’s first IMAX 3D film “Sector 7″ began.


Eclipse ship is a rig placed in Sector 7, where a total of eight members have been working day and night drilling oil. Haejun being one of the most hard-working member of the crew lives everyday with a strong belief that one day Eclipse will drill out oil. However over a year with no result, the government orders the ship’s destruction, and Haejun outraged by this strongly opposes. Luckily, Jungman a close friend of her gets assigned as captain for the case, and agrees to delay the eternal closing of the ship.

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-KiF1YH0PPCw/Ti9X0PNpgRI/AAAAAAAAApk/k9iC7HvUYVo/s1600/BLOG2.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">BLOG2.jpg

But things start to get out of hand as frequent accidents happen on board, and things get worst when ecologist Hyunjung mysteriously kills herself. It doesn’t take long for the crew to discover this dreadfully horrific creature on board, hungrily chasing after snapping out slimy chains(I think…) from its (I think…) mouth.


The film isn’t exciting in a way to make you want to start jump out and venture but sure exhilerates those expecting a spectacular visual experience. First of all, unlike most of the movies that call themselves “3D” but re-eeeally, aren’t, “Sector 7″ probably holds the strongest 3D visual out of the bunch so far. Despite that most scenes were filmed in green screen everything seems so real as well, thanks to the talented actors.


Action-wise there’s a lot of bombings and flames splashing the screen in orange and yellow defintely bringing that ‘YEEEE-HAWWW’ kind of catharsis, but you got to give out a big, BIG hand for Ha in this film. She acts “Haejun” the submarine equipment manger, who bravely takes the lead in battling the monstrous creature. From pulling the trigger to soaring in the air on the bike, the actress fearlessly gives her all as a trooper in major fights.


So, will the rest of the Eclipse Crew survive against this hideously disgusting water-creature? Find out in 3D (or IMAX 3D even!) as the film will be out soon on August 4th. Get ready to cool yourself out with some blazin’ scenes !!

By Jennie from KORmore


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oh that would be sad, she likes this Sector 7 a lot, and It's not just an ordinary project for her.... could you share us the link where she said she is not attending?

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one review is out,... it seems sector 7 has really big issue in script

'Sector 7': groundbreaking tech, groundless drama


Actress Ha Ji-won, center, in a scene from "Sector 7." Korea's first 3D IMAX creature feature opens in theaters on Aug. 4. / Courtesy of CJ E&M Pictures

By Lee Hyo-won

The late legendary producer Samuel Goldwyn once said that Hollywood filmmakers “remain little more than glassblowers, huffing and puffing and blowing up slender ideas — their own or others — into some sort of shape for the screen. What has happened to fresh, honest, vital, original writing for the screen?”

Sadly, the bigger the budget and the more ambitious the initiatives are becoming for Korean cinema, the less creative the script seems to be, as is the case for the country’s first 3D IMAX creature feature “Sector 7.”

But before looking into what went wrong with the film, it is necessary to consider past CGI monster projects. In 2006, Bong Joon-ho rewrote local film history with “The Host,” which featured groundbreaking visuals courtesy of the U.S. Orphanage Studio (“Sin City,” 2005). It showed that such commercial fare is no longer monopolized by Hollywood, and still remains the highest grossing Korean film of all time.

Then came “D-War” (2007), which created something all together new by showing that it is possible to make innovative CGI monsters at home. But the Shim Hyung-rae franchise was an utter failure because it sought to entertain by insulting the intelligence of the average viewer. “Chaw” (2009), on the other hand, did come up with something more substantial in terms of storyline, but had to outsource to overseas talent, only to render a half-believable, man-eating giant hog.

In 2009, Korean filmmakers’ pride was seriously hurt when James Cameron’s “Avatar” beat the admission record set by “The Host” to become the most watched film in Korean box office history. And so star producer Yoon Je-kyun (whose other film, “Quick,” is currently trailblazing through the box office rankings) and director Kim Ji-hoon (“May 18,” 2007) teamed up with Seoul-based Mofac Studio to create a monster that is not only believable in a super gory, nasty way, but also transforms to become even gorier and nastier. What’s more, it stars in some 70 percent of the 10 billion-won film.

“Sector 7” has impeccable, if not astonishing, production values, and it’s no surprise that a short clip ensured sales to 46 international distributors. The 3D depth, like “Avatar,” is rather shallow, but provides for a more comfortable visual experience.

Unfortunately, however, the irony-free, risible dialogue and cheap humor seriously detract from the entertainment. It is true that the greatest stories are often quite simple, but it seems the filmmakers have underestimated how smart audiences are; that they cannot be hypnotized by fantastic visuals to overlook a depthless narrative.

The film is essentially a cat-and-mouse hunt between workers stranded on an oil rig and a mysterious sea creature that is the result of foolish human doings, sort of like in “The Host” and “Chaw.” Yet, the reason why the monster is out to eat man is unclear. And the characters are too busy running away to provide the audience a chance to warm to them.

Leading lady Ha Ji-won has become dubbed “Korea’s Angelina Jolie” for pulling off motorcycle stunts herself; this female warrior type, just like the 3D technology employed, is unprecedented here and the actress brings her usual feistiness and zest to the role. But the limited script makes her but a one-dimensional character who, other else than being obsessed with procuring oil, plays hard to get with her boyfriend (heartthrob Oh Ji-ho).

Veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki, meanwhile, holds the secret to the monster’s identity, but the film makes little effort to delve into his character’s history. Funnymen Park Cheol-min and Song Sae-byeok, meanwhile, who have evoked humor with their mere presence in their previous films, aren’t very funny at all.

In theaters on Aug. 4. Distributed by CJ E&M Pictures.

One-and-a-half stars out of four.


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[TWITTER] Sector 7 Special 3D Screening

This event started about an hour or so ago. The Sector 7 production is currently holding a special 3D screening of the movie and they are updating everyone real-time on Twitter!

Here are a few of them: (with my rough translations)

S7_captain7월 30일과 개봉주에는 특별한 3D[7광구] 무대인사의 실시간 중계가 있을 예정입니다. 대원들 모두 트위터에 집중해주길 바랍니다. July 30, special stage (screening) for Sector 7 will be broadcast to you in real-time. I hope you all focus on Twitter!

PHOTO1.jpgS7_captain대원들의 얼굴이 박힌 스페셜 엽서! 지금 코엑스 시네마브런치 현장에 있다면 꼭 챙겨받길!!

Special postcards with the faces of the cast members. Those on their way now to COEX Cinema, take your lunch and drive safe!

<a href="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ZLJbLTVPV7U/TjOWJmYD1oI/AAAAAAAAAwE/0AfzCKptUsA/s1600/PHOTO2.jpg" imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">PHOTO2.jpgS7_captain어제 새벽까지 작업하고 바로 오늘아침 무대인사 준비중이신 감독님과 여전사 해준대원!

Working on preparations for the stage yesterday until dawn for our Director and casts!


S7_captain여기는 코엑스 메가박스 대기실! 7광구 시네마 브런치 무대인사 출동 전 모습이네!

Here at the COEX Megabox waiting room! Sector 7 cast/crew having their brunch before going out on stage!


S7_captain3D안경쓰고도 빛을 발하는 해준대원! 그리고 이무송,오달수님과도 기념사진 촬영중!!

3D glasses shines even on our crew! Picture taking for some souvenirs!!



S7_captain무대인사가 시작되었습니다! 지난 언론시사는 작업이 덜된영상이었고 오늘은 최종본이라고 하네요!

Stage greeting has started. A movie preview was presented to the press afterward!


S7_captain감독님이 이영화를 하게된이유는 아바타를 본후라며~! [7광구]는 괴물이계속나온다는게포인트!

Director explains the film's (difference) from Avatar~! The (animated) monster on Sector 7 was made through sketchbook. PHOTO7.jpg

S7_captain김지훈 감독님 : 괴물보다는 해준대원의 눈빛이 더 강렬했다고 하는군! 역시멋진해준대원이야!

Director Kim Ji Hoon: "The eyes of the (animated) monster was intense" The cast/crew was also great!


S7_captain여기는 목동메가박스! 7광구 무대인사 현장 생중계를 시작한다!흠흠!

Everyone is here in Megabox! Special stage and live coverage of the event will start now! Heum! Heum!


S7_captain해준대원도 한마디 하겠네! "3D로 보시면 더 재밌을테니 나중에 꼭보시구 7광구로 시원한 여름 보내세요!"

I'll pass it on to the crew! "Don't miss this 3D experience and enjoy a cool summer!"


S7_captain대원들 보고있나? 윤제균 감독님의 <7광구> 티셔츠 패션센스를!! 다들 본받길!

Did you see them? (Writer) Yoon Je Gyun's T-Shirt fashion sense!! You all should get one!


S7_captain해준대원의 인기는 날이갈수록 하늘응 찌르는군! "예쁘다"는 함성으로 가득~ 최고의 여배우란 이런건가!

The popularity of the cast is showing today! Everyone is shouting "Pretty" towards our best actress!

Some short clips of the interview were also uploaded, check it out!




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Sector 7 VIP Premiere video! Star-studded indeed! happy.gif

Link: http://www.hancinema.net/video.php?table=film&id=26646

There were so many stars who attended but didn't really pose for the media. cool.gif Kim Sung Oh (Secret Garden), Director Lee Myung-Se (Duelist), Sol Kyung Gu and Lee Min Ki (Haeundae), Cha Tae Hyun (Fool/Pabo), among others were present during the screening! Ch-ch-check it out! biggrin.gif 

Can't wait to see it! 

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3 more days to go before the opening of S7. Fighting!

Cine21 magazine featuring Sector 7, released Aug 1, 2011 ~









all images credit HJWSMANIA of dcgall

S7 stills ~


^ credit dcgall




^ credit cathay keris films



^ credit S7 official website

credit: JoongAng Daily

Dreams Of Black Gold Still Just A Fantasy

[분수대] 7광구

August 01, 2011

“Sector Seven,” Korea’s first 3-D blockbuster to be released in early August, was inspired by the Seventh Mining Block, which is in the Korea-Japan continental shelf development zone south of Jeju Island. The story of the zone was described in singer Jeong Nan-i’s song from 1979, “The Seventh Mining Block.”

In the 1970s, the Seventh Mining Block fanned Korea’s dreams of becoming a petroleum-producing country. In 1976, President Park Chung-hee announced in a New Year’s address that high-quality crude oil was found near Yeongil Bay, and that there was petroleum in the Seventh Mining Block. The petroleum reserve was estimated at 5 to 6 billion barrels.

Citizens celebrated the news. The first oil shock in 1973 forced schools to begin breaks earlier than scheduled. Neon signs and street lights were turned off at night. Newspapers celebrated the “revolutionary discovery” and called Korea a petroleum producing country.

However, it was soon learned that the Yeongil Bay reserve was not properly explored. Petroleum and gas were said to have been found in three spots in the Seventh Mining Block, nicknamed the “second Persian Bay,” but Japan abandoned the project based on the belief that it would not be profitable.

To the generation who lived during the time when Korea was a developing country, the Seventh Mining Block is a painful memory. It may be of some consolation that some countries are still struggling, even though they have abundant petroleum reserves. But even if a country is flushed with “oil money,” a small privileged class may enjoy enormous wealth while average citizens struggle with poverty if the government fails to manage its resources and revenue. This is known as the “oil curse”; Nigeria and Venezuela are among the largest oil producers, but their citizens have not benefitted from the fortune. In Venezuela, oil was called the “devil’s excretion.”

Those who remember the hype of the Seventh Mining Block may wish to live in a country with abundant oil reserves even if it means a curse. In the movie “Sector Seven,” Hae-jun (Ha Ji-won), joins the drilling project to continue her father’s dream. But no matter where they drill, the black gold doesn’t come. Instead, they are attacked by a monster. Even in a fantasy movie, the possibility of becoming an oil-producing country is not allowed. After all, having an oil reserve is an extremely rare blessing.

*The writer is a culture and sports reporter of the JoongAng Ilbo.

By Ki Sun-min

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Video linkie > Sector 7 Special Media Premiere

HJW in S7 behind the scenes credit dcgall




credit as labeled





credit f927




Korean Box Office: July 29-31

2nd August 2011


Front Line and Quick both moved up in the ranks this week and were nearly neck-in-neck, taking the numbers one and two spots with just a mere .4 percent separating them.  As a month of summer vacation is now starting for elementary school students, lots of animated films are now in the box office- and four of them made it into the top ten. Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild took the lead among the cartoons and landed in 5th. (Last week it was in tenth place when it had a limited opening, but its official opening date was this past weekend which is why it is listed as ‘new’).  I always know when vacations starts because either a Doraemon or a Detective Conan movie opens.  Doraemon is here already, bringing up the bottom of the box office and Conan is opening this coming weekend. But far more important as far as the box office is concerned is the opening of Sector 7.  I have heard that it is very ‘Hollywood-ish”– heavy on special effects, light on plot– but I have a feeling that it will be ranked first next weekend.


Detective Conan (jp)– d. Yasuichiro Yamamoto, voiced by Minami takayama, Wakana Yamazaki

Gisaeng Ryeong (kr)– d. Yang Yoon-ho, Ko Seok-jin, starring Han Eun-jeong, Hyo Min www.ghost2011.kr

Sector 7 (kr)– d. Kim Ji-hoon, starring Ha Ji-won, Ahn Seong-gi www.2011sector7.co.kr

Super Hybrid (us)– d. Eric Valette, starring Shannon Beckner, Oded Fehr


left two days for opening sector 7

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 Sector 7 Fighting!!!

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The premiere of Sector 7 where Ha Ji Won acts in is delayed… Why?


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even thought it opened afternoon.......

"Sector 7" brings in 230,000 viewers on first day


Ha Ji-won, Ahn Seong-gi and Oh Ji-ho's blockbuster movie "Sector 7" drew in 230,000 audiences despite its late release in the evening.

According to The Film Data Statistics, "Sector 7" gathered 232,810 audiences until 6 PM in the evening of the 5th from the 4th.

It also has an outstanding lead in the shares and has 781 theaters showing the movie.

Previously blockbusters "Quick" and "The Front Line" recorded 90 thousand and 80 thousand audiences when they were released on the 20th of last month.

Currently "Sector 7" has up to 247,519 audiences and it could possibly hit 1,000,000 this weekend.

Promotionally, "Sector 7" is first, then "Quick" with 110,000 then "The Front Line" with 100,000.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )


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Ok I love the cast, but is this movie going to make me like 'The Host'? (I really don't like that movie, despite understanding its depth)

aw I was hoping for some raw stuff happening like 'Alien'

Hopefully I am just underestimating it because of this one review.


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@ Smelly Tofu.....don't worry, i heard this movie has very hollywoodish storyline .....so there is no drama like storyline and cheap jokes.......this movie was designed to oversea audience

Sector 7 hit 1 million mark just in 3 day,

celebrating Sector 7s 1Million Mark



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HJW seem to be PD favorite. All attention is on her and it can be weigh on her as well .

She is really the nation reigning hot "million" star.

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Interview: Ha Ji-won and Korea's first 3D movie

Korea's biggest action star says she misses melodramas and romantic comedies

By Hyo-won Lee 8-August-2011


Despite her new tomboyish image, Ha Ji-won is still a girly girl inside

Groundbreaking 3D IMAX visuals, successful international sales and  highly criticized story aside, action flick “Sector 7,” which opened  this past weekend, has quickly become the film du jour for creating a  new archetype for Korean female screen personas.

To date, Korean cinema has remained largely conservative in terms of  female leads, largely in the manner of 1950s Hollywood. Women are  usually portrayed as either an asexual Audrey Hepburn or a sultry  Marilyn Monroe, with a small gray zone for a few quirky, intelligent  Katharine Hepburn types.

Action star


Ha Ji-won plays a oil rig mechanic in the action film “Sector 7.”

As the female kick-richard simmons protagonist in "Sector 7," Ha Ji-won thus breaks  new ground as an action star, earning the nickname “the Korean Angelina  Jolie.” The 33-year-old learned how to scuba dive and got a motorcycle  license for her role as a tough mechanic in the film about an isolated  oil rig crew and a deadly sea creature.

Drilling for oil in the good old “Armageddon” fashion in the film seems  to have been no big sweat for the actress (Ha dreamt of becoming an  astronaut as a child) -- and she makes Lara Croft look tame as she pulls  off motorcycle sequences and fights the slimy, carnivorous monster by  herself for a good quarter of the movie.

Director Kim Ji-hoon repeatedly told reporters how Ha braved 15 days of  shooting solo battle scenes with an imaginary monster (a CG creation by  Seoul-based Mofac Studio that appears in some 70 percent of the movie),  and had to make visits to the hospital several times after suffering  from dehydration and fatigue.

“I don’t know how I did it,” says Ha. “I think I was just in the zone.  My character Hae-jun is a feisty woman who’s tougher than the men in the  film and loves her job so much that ‘she can probably eat rice with  oil,’ as one of the guys say in the film. That’s why when she’s left  alone to face the monster she sets off to kill it instead of breaking  down and crying. When I was wearing the oil rig uniform I just thought I  had to be strong like Hae-jun.”

She says that her male co-stars, including the veteran actor Ahn Sung-ki  and heartthrob Oh Ji-ho, helped her craft her tomboyish character.

Role model

“I’m just glad that other Korean actresses would be able to play such  roles in the future,” says the actress. “But now that I think about it,  it was so crazy, riding the bike in the rain. I don’t think I’d be able  to do it again.”

Ha has played everything from a sexy gymnast (“Sex Is Zero”) to a  stuntwoman (“Secret Garden”) in 24 films and TV dramas to her credit.  But she says her latest action flick instilled a sense of confidence  like never before.

“I did feel a great deal of burden trying to build a believable  character and the fact that I had such a big role in the movie. I just  tried my best. Now I feel like I can do anything, whatever it might be.”

Although she is flattered about being compared to Angelina Jolie, she’s a  little upset that her overdeveloped muscles make it difficult to fit  into her favorite pair of rhinestone-studded skinny jeans. It’s no  surprise; even Jolie decided to tone down her guns for the second “Tomb  Raider” film.

“I built my muscles too much to play a boxing champion (Kim Ju-hee) in  ‘Miracle on 1st Street.’ It was great for the movie but an actor’s  career goes on after one work, and it didn’t help doing ‘Sector 7’ and  playing a stuntwoman. I’m still recuperating from (these roles),” says  Ha.

Next steps


Following her  much-beloved role as a stuntwoman in drama "Secret Garden", Ha's "Sector  7" role has cemented her status as Korea's biggest action star.

Currently Ha doesn’t eat red meat because she needs to make a lean,  light physique to play the ping-pong Olympic gold medalist Hyun Jung-hwa  in the upcoming film “Korea.”

When asked about the possibility of debuting overseas, particularly  since distribution rights for “Sector 7” have been sold to 46 countries  around the world, Ha smiles skeptically.

“To be honest I haven’t really thought about it. I’m an adventurous  person so if the opportunity comes around to go to Hollywood or  something, why not? I love adventure and first-time experiences.”

In the meantime she hopes that fans can look forward to her next screen persona.

The actress refers to the roles she has played as “different lives I’ve  had the pleasure of living.” “I can’t say that one project is more  meaningful than the other. I just hope my next work becomes my signature  piece.”

Yet contrary to her action chick image, she says she misses doing  melodramas and romantic comedies, and looks to Meryl Streep as a role  model.

“I wish to become an actress that feel intensely alive in her 50s or  60s, someone who can look lovely and adorable wearing overalls in a  romantic comedy.”

But does she ever think about taking a break?

“Sure. To be frank I am quite tired but decided to take on ‘Korea’  because I loved the script. But I do want to go back to the sea as soon  as I can. I fell in love with scuba diving while taking lessons for  ‘Sector 7.’ Being underwater is so magical, as if you’re floating in  space. But I can’t because right now I’m playing ping-pong all the time,  even inside my head.”

“Sector 7” is now showing in 3D IMAX theaters.


Early Korean Box Office for the Week-end 2011.08.05 ~ 2011.08.07



Movieweek featuring Ha Ji-won  :w00t::wub: ~

Related link:

‘7광구’ 하지원, "왜 나더러 노력파라고 할까?"

‘천생 배우’ 하지원의 연기인생



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[NEWS] "Sector 7" drives through 1,000,000 in 3 days


Movie "Sector 7" broke through 1,000,000 viewers in 3 days, running first in place in the Box Office.The accumulated number until 6PM on the 7th is 1,050,342 and it made sure the negative evaluation in the movie preview was put to shame.

According to the Film Promotions Organization statistics, "Sector 7" which was released at 6PM on the 4th, gathered 180,000 audiences in half a day, jumping over the opening score of "Haeundae" and "Take Off".

On the 5th, it drew in 320,000 audiences and 453,000 on the 6th, continuing a leading number of 40% of seating share.

The only movie to hold record for biggest number of audience in 2 days is "The Host" (2006).

The first national 3D blockbuster "Sector 7" was evaluated to be weak in scenario at the movie preview and had to postpone its release time until later for editing.


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