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Guest ganaax

[ Movie 2011 ] Sector 7 (7광구)

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HJW's cuts from the trailer. Most of us here are HJW fans right? I recognize the nicknames from the HJW thread. hahaha


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Guest ganaax

Cannes 2011: Korea' s CJ Entertainment Pre-Sells Sector 7 and White

CJ Entertainment has announced a couple of pre-sales on its titles in the Cannes market: the 3D underwater creature feature Sector 7 and horror film White, about a fictional K-pop duo that records a hit off a mysterious untitled music video. Read on for the trailers and more info on both flicks.

Sector 7, due out in Korea as a 2011 summer tentpole movie, has pre-sold to Germany (MFA+), Taiwan (Serenity), Indonesia/Philippines (VSG), the Middle East (Shooting Stars) and Vietnam (BHD). The film also previously announced pre-sales to France (TF1), Thailand (M Pictures), Singapore/Malaysia (Scorpio East) during EFM. Award-winning actress Ha Ji-won stars for new director Kim Ji-hoon.


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Sector 7 Official Site




Character Profiles (with my basic translations xP)


Cha HaeJoon (Ha JiWon)

Duty: Underwater equipment manager

Personality: An adventurer. She's easy going and strong. She's the most attached to Sector 7 and often quarrels with the indecisive headquarters.


Kim DongSu (Oh JiHo)

Duty: Profiler

Personality: He's sly but has a pure heart. He thinks he's in a relationship with HaeJoon, but everyone around him sees it is a one-sided love.


Ahn JungMan

Duty: Captain

Personality: Because of his charismatic leadership, everyone trusts each other. He cares for HaeJoon, a veteran who knows Sector 7 like the back of her hand, more than others because he is her father's friend.

source: Sector 7 official site

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Guest ganaax



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Guest ganaax


The First Trial for Korean 3D Cinema                                                                                                        


Directed by KIM Ji-hoon

By BAI K Seung Chan

Originally scheduled to be premiered in mid or late July, Korea’s biggest cinema season, Sector 7 yielded this golden period to Quick , a film also produced by JK Film, and postponed its release to early August. It was because Sector 7 is a 3D film. Seriously examining the possibility of 3D cinema in Korea, Sector 7 has made a strategic choice, avoiding a war against Hollywood 3D films over 3D screens, as Transformer 3 opens in June and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in July.

Lead by YOUN JK, director of My Boss, My Hero and Haeundae , JK Film is one of the best filmmakers of recent years in Korea. JK Film is also maintaining a close relationship with CJ E&M Cinema Business Sector that ranks number one in sales among Korean investors and distributors. The first major scaled 3D film in Korea produced by JK Film and distributed by CJ; with these 3 facts alone

show the possibility for a record setting number of ticket sales for a Korean film this year.

Sector 7 is about a fierce struggle between men and a deep ocean monster located at an oil prospecting ship named ‘Eclipse’. The film is directed by KIM Ji-hoon, director of May 18 that drew 7.3 million viewers to the theaters. The leading role is a warrior-like character who is the only female on the ship, played by HA Ji-won. HA had appeared regularly in films made by JK and has scored high in all shows she appeared in, on TV and screen including the recent big hit TV drama Secret Garden . Others on the cast list includes national actor AHN Sung-ki who always has a sense of stability in Korean’s eyes and OH Ji-ho who has been very popular in TV dramas.

Keeping its place at the top of Korean box office, The Host had proved monster movies can make a hit in Korea as well. With Sector 7 too, design of the monster is expected to be the key to making the film a box office hit. According to the producer YOUN JK, Sector 7 ’s monster will be half translucent, luminous, and blind but uses its tentacles to detect objects. YOUN says “the aim was to create a beast

never seen in any monster movie, anywhere on earth.”

The monster from The Host was completed with the help from New Zealand’s Weta Workshop. Meanwhile Sector 7 ’s monster was born at MOFAC, special effect studio of Korea.

The 3D technology is from Korea too. “It was impossible to do 100% converting and 100% 3D filming due to quality issues and cost respectively,” said YOUN. “70% of the film was shot 3D and 30% converted.” Such ratio was the supposed “tangent point in the context of cost against effect” that

Korean cinema industry can handle. Total production cost of Sector 7 is in the range of US$13.

JK Film and CJ are also having high hopes for overseas sales of Sector 7 . Already US$1.1 million worth of pre-sale has been made. When the film is featured in full scale starting from Cannes Film Festival Markets, it is expected to easily earn more than US$2 million. Unlike Haeundae that had

strong local colors, it is JK Film’s judgment that Sector 7 has the ‘the look and attitude’ that will work in the overseas market too.

“Korean cinema storytelling is at the highest level in the world, but as for technology it is only learning how to walk compared to Hollywood,” explained YOUN, adding “We’ve acquired special effects technology in Haeundae . Based on that, we wish to make endless challenges against film

technology, starting from Sector 7 and Quick .”



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Guest ganaax

Sector 7 that Stars Ha Ji Won, Advance Sales in 46 Countries


The film “Sector 7” which will star Ha Ji Won was sold with advance sales in 46 countries before its release.

On May 26th, CJ E&M’s Film Business Division reported that “Sector 7” was sold in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia all around the world in 46 different countries.

In Germany and the Middle East, “Sector 7” was sold at the highest price any Korean movie has ever been sold. In Europe the film was sold in France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, and Austria. In the Middle East, the film was sold in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, and Palestine. For Africa the film was sold in Algeria and Ethiopia. In Asia the film was sold in Taiwan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Turkey.

“Sector 7” is a monster flick that occurs at an oil rig. The movie was created in 3D and it will be released this summer.


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Guest gj_fil

July and August "Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild" vs "The Front Line" vs "7 Sector" vs "Quick"

The one and only animation, "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" that's coming out in the summer season this July and August has to put up a fight with major movies "7 Sector", "The Front Line" and "Quick".

"Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild" is coming this 28th of July and is an animation about hen Leafie and wild duck Greenie who come out into the wild and go on an adventure.

This is a block buster sized animation which for its best seller selling an accumulated number of a million copies, a 6 year period of production, voice casts of Moon So-ri, Choi Min-sik, Park Cheol-min and others and simultaneous release in Korea and China. It is also the first animation challenge by Myong Films which has created many commercial movies like "JSA Joint Security Army", "Forever the Moment", "Cyrano Agency" and 30 or so others.

July and August is the peak season when and average of more than 4.5 million audiences visit the cinema a week. Last year the two months put up a record of 36,550,000 audiences. Movies "The Front Line" (releasing on 21st July) with Ko Soo, "Quick" (releasing on 21st July) with Lee Min-ki and Kang Ye-won and "7 Sector" (releasing on 4th of August) with Ha Ji-won and Ahn Seong-ki are aiming for the high peak season of July and August and are about to compete with "Leafie, A Hen Into The Wild".

Source : movie.daum.net/movieI... ( Korean )

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Guest sintame

That Fearless Woman is ready to kick@ss :lol: Still pretty and adorably sexy even with grease & grimes. :D

credit source: dc/baidu


She really gets down and dirty! :w00t:




Go HA JI WON! Crush those scary creatures!! :sweatingbullets:

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Jiwonnie's new m0vie l0oks really exciting~!!! Wanna catch this in theatre! Since I heard it'll be shown here~ :) kyaaah! Waiting with so much anticipation!! Sector 7 Fighting!

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Guest ganaax





Ha Ji-won shows off lean body


Actress Ha Ji-won is a female warrior.

Ha Ji-win is the equipment manager Hae-joon in "Sector 7" where she fights against an unknown creature on a drill ship.

She had to enforce 8 hours of weight training and swimming a day for this role. This was because as a crew of a drilling ship, she was to use a lot of her muscles. She said, "Because I'm quite small, I didn't want to look weak in action scenes so I focused on action scenes".

Thanks to all her working out, she is now being called 'the best muscled actress'.

Also, to ride a motorcycle like a whiz which is also a hobby of Hae-joon's she got a scuba diving and motorcycle license.

Ha Ji-won has showed action in several movies and dramas as a boxer ("Miracle on 1st Street), a detective in Chosun times ("Duelist"), a stuntwoman (drama "Secret Garden") and more.

Meanwhile, movie "Sector 7" is about the crew of an oil ship floating in the middle of the sea, fighting with an unknown creature. Director Kim Ji-hoon has the megaphones and the cast includes, "Ha Ji-won, Ahn Seong-gi, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Han-wi, Park Cheol-min, Song Sae-byeok, Cha Ye-ryeon and more. Coming this 4th of August.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )


구글 모바일 검색_극장광고 (7광구)

Ha Ji Won - "Sector 7" interview - Entertainment Tonight 060411



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i love all the pics posted here, thank u so much!

i hope there'll be more translated interviews.


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Guest ganaax



Sector 7, credit dcgall

:wub: Korea's "best muscle" actress


HQ stills, credit official website of Sector 7 >> http://www.2011sector7.co.kr/








Korea's "BIG 6" films this summer ~ 한국영화 BIG 6, 여름 대박흥행 전략


Premiere schedule:

~ Jul 21: Quick [Lee Min-ki, action, motorcycle], Gojijeon [Goo Soo, action, war]

~ Jul 28: The Hen That Came Out To The Yard [Anime]

~ Aug 4: Sector 7 [Ha Ji-won, action, monster]

~ Aug 11: Blind [Kim Ha-neul, action, thriller], Arrow, The Ultimate Weapon [Park Hae-il, action, historical]


errrr... gle_perry, not a good idea to post that "hwangjiny" here for (1) the wordings are somewhat "not kind" to the other actress, and for (2) it's kinda of put a negativity to some viewers/ posters in this thread  :sweatingbullets:  Thanks for editing it :D



<h2 class="entry-title">Ha Ji Won becomes a sexy warrior in “Sector 7″


Ha Ji Won recently transformed into a sexy warrior for her upcoming movie, “Sector 7″.

Up until now, Ha Ji Won has taken on a variety of roles in her movie filming career, including a boxer, a stunt woman, and an officer. For “Sector 7″, she will play the role of an oil rig equipment manager who is forced to fight an ocean sea monster.

It has been revealed that Ha Ji Won underwent strenuous exercises to prepare for her action-packed role. She spent eight hours a day swimming and lifting weights and even went as far as obtaining licenses in both scuba diving and motorcycling.

Moreover, in order to realistically portray her role as an oil rig manager, she pumped up her muscle mass to which her personal trainer said, “She has the most muscle mass out of all the actresses in Korea”.


Ha Ji Won stated, “I have a petite physique, so I concentrated on weight training to prevent my action scenes from looking weak and powerless.” A “Sector 7″ representative further added, “There were scenes that involved explosions and dangerous stunts, but Ha Ji Won didn’t use a stunt double and did all of the scenes herself in order to create a perfect woman warrior.”

“Sector 7″ will be released on August 4th in 3D.

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Sector 7"


Added new stills for the upcoming Korean movie "Sector 7"

"Sector 7" (2011)

Directed by Kim Ji-hoon

With Ha Ji-won, Ahn Seong-gi, Oh Ji-ho, Lee Han-wi, Park Cheol-min, Song Sae-byeok,...


Planned to have a production cost of 8 billion won. Story of a monster that has transformed because of a virus and the female main character struggling desperately.

Release date in Korea : 2011/08/04




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Guest ganaax


Fan photos from 7광구



<h3 class="post-title entry-title">b] mentioned on their last article about

"Also, to ride a motorcycle like a whiz which is also a hobby of Hae-joon's she got a scuba diving and motorcycle license." (See full article .)

Yet another way of showing how dedicated she is to her work. :) According to f927 (Soompi), these photos of Ha Ji Won taking her scuba diving certification in Saipan are currently trending on the news.. check it out~

Click on the images to enlarge.

%7Boption%7Dhttp://3.bp.blogspot.com/-67btmHIP920/TgQpTKtXR5I/AAAAAAAAAOg/OW6pT1W5sxo/s1600/20110624714272011062414.jpg' alt='20110624714272011062414.jpg'>





Last January 2011, E-Magazine also published an article about Ha Ji Won's scuba diving in Saipan.




Credits: scubanet, E-Magazine and f927


Ha Ji-won hell training for 8 hours swimming+weights


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Guest ganaax

Sector 7 on Facebook

Sector 7 - Congratulation messages on opening facebook

HJW: Hello, to all Sector 7 Facebook friends, I'm Ha Ji Won who plays Cha Hae Joon on the movie. We were constantly filming Sector 7 during summer last year and right now we're about to wrap up so I hope everyone will join us on August 4.

YJG: Director Kim Ji Hoon, Ha Ji Won-ssi, An Seong Ki sunbaenim, Oh Ji Ho-ssi, Song Sae Byeok-ssi, to all the actors, staff who worked really hard for this movie. After Haeundae, we've added a new movie genre -- Sector 7 is Korea's first 3D action blockbuster film.

KJH: I really hope that everyone will be happy with the film. We've worked on this with all our hearts and consider it as a big present so I hope you can cheer for us on Facebook.

HJW: So visit Sector 7's Facebook Page and click "LIKE" (many times?). Thank you!


HJW [Ha Ji Won] - YJG [Yoon Je Gyun, writer] - KJH [Kim Ji Hoon, director]

Video credit: jiwonderland

translation : amazingyeoja 

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Guest ganaax

[ACTOR NEWS] Ha Ji Won, a licensed scuba diver for ‘Sector 7′


In order to perform the role she has in ‘Sector 7′, which is about fighting sea monsters.  Actress Ha Ji Won has obtained scuba diving certificate for her role in ‘Sector 7′.

Ha Ji Won travelled to one of the 3 best diving sites in the world, Saipan’s, the Sharks caves, shipwrecks Point and B29 points for intense training by Lee Jae Hoon.  She was certified with advanced scuba diving license.


A staff from the local training centre mentioned ‘ diving requires a unique breathing technique, one must overcome the fear of going deep places, usually it is not easily achieved in a short period of time.’ Yet Ha Ji Won wowed everyone with her high level of proficiency.

‘Sector 7′ premiers on August 4th.

News source







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