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Behind The Scenes: Miley Topless In Vanity Fair

Guest leongfun

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Guest 1S0ULL

All her pictures look soo AWKWARD.

she looks tooo white and her topless pics just look wrong T_T

& her dad posing with her is just uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o_O

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Guest swtdrms_society

seems like she's rushing to grow up...

it doesn't matter if the photo was suppose to be artistic b/c most of her fans at that age will not understand the concept..

all they see is Miley with a sheet covering her front half...

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Guest applecool

I don't know, it does have some beauty in it. It's also kind of scary. But, yeah, like everyone has already pointed out, the girl is only 15 years old. Idk, I'm indifferent.

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wow all that photoshop made her picture look decent... without photoshop she looks like an ugly duck

she is sooo arughhh and thank goodness Disney said something about her .... Annie is amazing but still... she should know her boundaries

but then again miley doesn't know hers.....-_-

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Guest coocoocookies

lols...gosh this girl is so annoying.

i hope she goes downhill from here.

the only reason she got her fame was because of nepotism.


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Guest joolee.

The pictures aren't that bad, at least there's something covering her. But she shouldn't be taking those kind of pictures at that age, imagine what she's going to do next. :mellow:

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Guest Narda

such a heated topic and i shall comment.

errrr... just the thought of her posing topless ewwwww.

second, she could've said no (if she wanted to)

those pictures were just disturbing when she's still 15! (younger than i am!)

what did disney say to these pics? is she fired yet? :lol:

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Guest mashimaro_is_luff

at least she apologized...

but really, she cannot pull off the classy, sexy , topless look

what made her think she can???

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

there is nothing wrong with the picture

she's not nude, it isnt whorish or raunchy

I swear people need to get lives, everyone is so judgemental and just looking for reasons to trash Miley.

I understand she's 15, but the picture isnt that horrible.

All I see is a bunch of hypocrites on this forum, I don't hear anyone complaining about those underage JE boys posing topless and touching each other. I swear I just opened my DUET book and the first thing I saw was HEY!SAY!JUMP (All underage) topless.

It's not like Miley has her legs opened and in the picture or anything, the picture isnt as bad as people make it out to be. It just looks like her back is out, you can't even see any cleveage in the photos

and yall act like a bunch of 3rd graders "Ohhh she's naked that's soooo nasty" give me a break

yall know yall need to stop tripping. If you look closely her upperbody is completly covered up,there is no hint of breast or anything.

....and what idea is that??

please tell me what the idea is behind someone wrapped up in a sheet :rolleyes:

and wait a second

I just read the Wondergirl's bios.....I always see them dressed in hoochie outfits, shorts that look like underwear and what not

and how old is Sohee and Sun Mi???...15 same age as Miley

like I said a bunch of hypocrites

first of your comparing GUYS to girls

for god sakes, no one cares if guys show their chest

isn't it pretty common

and about wondergirls, you're comparing miley's TOPLESS pics and pics of her with LOW cut dresses to sumni and sohee wearing short shorts?

grasping at straws much?

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Guest dekadoggy

clearly manipulated... not her nor her parents fault.

I'm not even a fan of Miley... never posted in these forums but have lurked and the amount of jealousy and hypocrisy amongst you little kids is freaking hilarious.

There's nothing "TOPLESS" as this thread title suggests... it's covered. Since when were covered breasts considered topless?


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Guest Amanda Plz

^ Yes, because I SO want to be Miley Cyrus :rolleyes:. I want to lip sing and have an alter ego that is soley known as HANNAH MONTANA.

IT IS MY DREAM TO BE EXACTLY LIKE MILEY :tears:. And I am an idiot for thinking that a girl as young as her shouldn't even be taking photos that HINT at her being naked. Surely bait for the preying pedos.

So stupid. So dumb.

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Guest dekadoggy

Atleast she's doing what she enjoys... and succeeds in doing it while making the amount of money you kids can only wish to have.

The jealousy is quite obvious amongst people who hate on someone they don't even know.

You're forgetting the fact that they were manipulated and by looking at those behidn the scenes photos and the finished product, I can definately see what went wrong.

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