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Behind The Scenes: Miley Topless In Vanity Fair

Guest leongfun

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Guest bEllAfRESh

omfg, this is so friggen stupid

i mean wth? she's 15! she

old enough to make her own

decisions. people are making

a huge deal out of nothing,


next thing you know

we'll have people going crazy

over naked baby girls on diaper



um wtf.... is it just me or is miley laying on her dad in a way too provocative of a pose? not really a huge fan of her

omfg, again big deal!?

you cannot possibly

tell me that you've never

laid on top of your dads

stomach or something..

this whole miley and back

thing started because we

as a people have pretty

nasty minds these

days, so instead of going

"hey, thats a pretty picture

but she's pretty pale" or w.e

we automatically went

"omfg, she is topless!, she

is showing her back! she looks

like she's been raped etc etc. "


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Guest Jay z

The pictures aren't really a big deal.

I thought she was actually TOPLESS, like not covered with anything, when I read the title.

Miley Cyrus has done way worser stuff than this.

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Guest OneChance

sighh -.- why do the celebs little kids look up to turn out like this ! Cant believe Miley and her parents agreed. Im guessing her parents agreed cause they want the money ?

but wth. <_<

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Guest grawgog

I don't have a problem with her posing topless. It could've been worse. Age is just a mentality and to be honest, she looks much older than 15.

What bugs me however is that she should have had an idea how "artistic" it will be. It's Annie Leibovitz! I can't believe she's pointing fingers at those who did the shoot. It had everything to do with her being topless period, not how it came out asthetically.

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Guest jiwoneex3

who names there DAUGHTER Noah?

i used to really like Miley, thought she was brought up well but now, i'm not too fond of her.

its shameful to see someone posing topless already for magazines who's younger than i am.

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Guest JaeHoLove

She looks so beautiful in these pictures..

And she looks way too mature for her age... the image she has is always very mature but not these mature...

Not that it's a bad thing though, just surprising..

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