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Behind The Scenes: Miley Topless In Vanity Fair

Guest leongfun

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

Atleast she's doing what she enjoys... and succeeds in doing it while making the amount of money you kids can only wish to have.

The jealousy is quite obvious amongst people who hate on someone they don't even know.

You're forgetting the fact that they were manipulated and by looking at those behidn the scenes photos and the finished product, I can definately see what went wrong.

pls tell me you're some delusioned 13 year old. Why is it always the tweens that assume and shout out 'jealousy' when sb doesn't like sb?

You think I wanna be crap at singing and horrible at acting?

That I would want parents that think doing these kind of things is normal and perfectly fine?

That I wanna look like a fcktard that can never keep their mouth closed?

hell no.

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Guest talksound

it's not like what we say will change her mind. if her dad's okay with it, who cares if her career goes downhill?

i personally had no type of liking for this girl.

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Guest Amanda Plz

I love how when we don't agree with a celebrities antics and stupidity we're automatically labeled as JELLUS HATERZ!

...Not everyone wants to be like Miley Cyrus. Maybe you do, but that's kind of scary.

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Guest *.:StarryEyeSurprise:.*

I love how when we don't agree with a celebrities antics and stupidity we're automatically labeled as JELLUS HATERZ!

...Not everyone wants to be like Miley Cyrus. Maybe you do, but that's kind of scary.

haha yah, cos we all just wanna be miley

oh how sad our lives are, we wanna be a 15 year old that plays a john tesh tard on the disney channel.

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Guest riviera_cacharel

somehow i just cant see how this was all manipulation..

miley is by no means dumb or clueless she has been in showbiz for quite some time now

if she can take pics of herself (trying ) to look sexy by pulling her top down for Part bra of her to be exposed

then she also knows that this is gonna stir things up

i mean

if a celeb has a photo shoot the photographer will look trough the pictures with you

the 2 of you will pick out the best pictures and those will be used for your interview,shoot whatever its called

ya cant tell me,they take pictures and the celeb has no say at all as to what they will use or not

so if miley saw that this isnt what she thought it would be ,she could haven taken take some sort of action

the same thing for her minders,caretakes parents and so on

i dont expect anyone at 15 to know everyting and see all the dangers of this kind of thing

but the people who are supposed to take care of her should have see it and done something about

vanity fair is wrong her to have aksed her to do this

but to say it was all their fault

she could have said no ,her parents could have said no too

its not like they forced her

if she feels its so artsy then she should stick by it and not apologize afterwards

her apologie , tells me that she knew this was going to be trouble that she couldnt handle and that it was too racy for her to be taking those in teh 1ste place

altough i'm sure other will disagree ,she ,eventough she's young should know better ,

i mean your apart of disney ,that stands for someting clean and pure and sweet

atleast wait untill your 18

and no i'm not jealous of her fame and money at all

but if she wants to keep it she needs to be careful about the decisions she makes

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Guest AlecRuby

seriously this girl is a hypocrite. i had just read a news about her apology to her friends for this embarassment that she made, and before she had went on a show to do an interview in which the host was talking about this hollywood pressure thing. the host said that she probably didn't have that much pressure in doing things like what britney does. and she came out saying that she does have pressure because people don't know about the life she runs, "SO PLAIN AND SIMPLE MILEY, JUST DON'T DO IT. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!" maybe if she thought about the consquences of the photoshoot, then she wouldn't have done it. she is a bad idol to look up to, especially the fact that she doesn't act all innocent for a 15 year old. she makes herself look like some 18 year old, party hardy. her parents should have said something too, instead of jumping into the same boat with her and took part with the photoshoot. and not that taking part isn't okay, but at least take arty photos of something that is really artsy. and not something that almost every female celebrity has done, baring their back and holding onto some cheap cloth. i mean, you call that ART? that ain't art at all. she also mentioned that it was very artistic and wasn't supposed to be swanky. "WELL HELLO GIRL, YOU'RE 15, BARING YOUR BACK LIKE THAT AND WITH THOSE POUTY LIPS OF YOURS MAKE YOU LOOK SWANKY." i agree with whoever commented the fact that vanity fair may just be using miley to sell their magazine. i mean why not, she's a hit as of now, and having a young girl baring her back is definitey going to get publicity, people will buy the stupid magazine and look into it, then coming out and raging about these provactive photos.

sorry, if people don't like my comment, but i just can't see how these hollywood people can be respected when they don't even consider their actions. like miley, apologizing to the fans she care is not going to help. you already done something that made your image look bad. and girl, "EVERYONE MADE MISTAKES BEFORE, I'M NOT PERFECT!" what kind of quote is that? obviously not her own's. stop using that quote that everyone knows and use.

so the vanity fair pictures were uggg..., but her personal pics were what stirred me up to comment about her. she is so young and already she is taking pictures of herself in tighty whitey, and pulling her bra down. how messed up are you? the next thing we probably will know is miley exposing other body parts of her's like that high school musical vannessa. these so call goody two shoes girls from disney aren't so goody. disney people need a wack behind their head, 'cause they sure don't think straight. not only do they make disney look bad, but the fact that disney is supposed to be so well respected for all the years they have provided classical movies for children to see, these girls are ruining their image.

just recently, on tmz.com the girl that starred along with hilary duff in lizzie maguire, well guessed what? she's arrested. for what reason, dope. and she was doing promotions for disney, but sadly she won't be doing that anymore since they decided to drop her. also probably because she isn't that famous, so they dropped her, but i bet they won't do much with miley since miley seemed to became their god daughter. they value her because she's HANNAH MONTANA! oooohhh...

i hope i didn't sound too mean, i just had to get this rage out of me because i have enough with these celebrities that need to grow up.

oh, an one more thing, miley's so called artistic photos are crap, because she looks worse then her actual self. looking like a vampire and so ghastly isn't so artsy to me, at least not in that style.

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Guest IlikeChicken

clearly manipulated... not her nor her parents fault.

I'm not even a fan of Miley... never posted in these forums but have lurked and the amount of jealousy and hypocrisy amongst you little kids is freaking hilarious.

There's nothing "TOPLESS" as this thread title suggests... it's covered. Since when were covered breasts considered topless?


...Tell us something that we're jealous about..Except for the money she makes for doing things my 13yr old sister can do :unsure:

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Guest ~koe*no*sainou~

the one with her and her dad is really nice though...i can't tell if it looks peodphilic and incest...ish...or if it just looks cute in a father-daughter way. either way, i can't stop staring at that one *_*

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Guest CitrusFlower

...Tell us something that we're jealous about..Except for the money she makes for doing things my 13yr old sister can do :unsure:

:lol: thats probably it

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Guest aeroshaastranger :)

i think they're all to blame- the mag her parents and her.

i mean i'm sure miley is smart enough to know that posing topless is posing topless regardless of it's artistic thing.

i think she's a hypocrite for apologizing. seriously?!? why apologize when you knew what you were getting into.it seems as though you're trying to keep your good image but at the same time be all wild.

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Guest koneee

wow, i feel sorry for her. people are really out there to get her haha.

She's covered you guys, her parents were even there when she was at the photoshoot.

The photographer who suggested that pose was this middle aged woman.

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Guest shinhwagurl


lately i've been finding miley really annoying

she's super young- and look at her now-

i mean i use to like her and all, but stardom has really

gotten to her head-

she's only what? 14, 15?

just wait until she's legal xD

or maybe it's just the media

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Guest tecktonik/

Lol, her facial expressions do not look very attractive :sweatingbullets:

I don't think the pictures are inappropriate though o_o They dont look skanky or whatnot. Just very..weird for a 15 year old

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