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Behind The Scenes: Miley Topless In Vanity Fair

Guest leongfun

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Guest leongfun






A Disney spokeswoman, Patti McTeague, faulted Vanity Fair for the photo. "Unfortunately, as the article suggests, a situation was created to deliberately manipulate a 15-year-old in order to sell magazines," she said.

The article, written by Bruce Handy, seems to support that claim, quoting Ms. Cyrus as saying, "Annie took, like, a beautiful shot, and I thought it was really cool. That’s what she wanted me to do, and you can’t say no to Annie." She also said of the photo, "I think it’s really artsy. It wasn’t in a skanky way."

Ms. Cyrus had a different view in a prepared statement released on Sunday:

"I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be ‘artistic’ and now, seeing the photographs and reading the story, I feel so embarrassed. I never intended for any of this to happen and I apologize to my fans who I care so deeply about."

Beth Kseniak, a spokeswoman for both Vanity Fair magazine and Ms. Leibovitz said, "Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley."

At the very least, Ms. Cyrus and her advisers do not seem to be on the same page as Disney. The company learned of the photo only when "Entertainment Tonight" started showing its promos.

Last week, Gary Marsh, the president of entertainment for Disney Channel Worldwide, was quoted in Portfolio magazine saying, "For Miley Cyrus to be a 'good girl' is now a business decision for her. Parents have invested in her a godliness. If she violates that trust, she won’t get it back."










(Billy Ray Cyrus with his youngest daughter, eight-year-old Noah.)










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Guest bonbons

wtf. Vanity fair?!

I don't blame miley for posing topless (wait, yes I do). I blame Vanity Fair for approaching a 15 year old to pose topless.

edit: btw imo topless photos are so overrated.

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Guest riviera_cacharel

i can see this girl going down the same road as lindsay lohan and many other teen stars ....

i dont understand how her father can allow her to do this

she's only 15,she should not be taking pics like this ...

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Guest Xylish

Holy moley, this is like Britney Spears on speedx10. Hope she doesn't crash and burn, she already has garnered the media and papz. And shame on Vanity Fair for stooping this low. :/

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Guest foowdx3

what the hell?? seriously...she is way too young to pose topless.

i'm beginning to dislike her more and more. not because of the fact that she's 15 and posing topless already (although that's bad enough), but it just seems like she's such an attention craver -_-;

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Guest mango-iee

Oh my gosh, she is so young but she is already posing for topless covers.

I wonder what her parents was thinking approving this.

- Ivy.trn.

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