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[drama 2008] Chun Ja's Happy Events 춘자네 경사났네

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC]Seo Ji Hye, Go Doo Shim, Kim Ki Bum, Wang Bit Na, Joo Sang Wook

Official site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/chunzane/index.html Airing: Mondays to fridays 8:20pm (korean time) 20080506194905.912.1.jpg Seo Ji Hye and Go Doo Shim to lead in MBC new daily drama "Chun Ja's happy events" '춘자네 경사났네 to air on MBC on 19th may at 7:45 p.m korean time as a pair of mother "Hwang Chun Ja" and daughter "Yun Bun Hong" who are like a pair of friends who help each other in facing ordeals and and prejudices in their lives. Yun Bun Hong 연분홍 (Seo Ji Hye) later becomes an unwed mother-to-be after being betrayed by the man she loves who's the son of an island rich man. She was mistaken to be the girlfriend of Lee Joo Young, her co-worker by his brother "Joo Hyuk" (Joo Sang Wook) when he sees the ring that she was holding in her hand {which Sun Hee had left behind, Joo Hyuk has an identical ring} after Joo Young and his real girl friend 'Sun Hee' who was Bun Hong's best friend died in an accident. She was then brought into the wealthy Lee's family by the mistaken 'Joo Hyuk' as the wife of his late brother as she was unable to tell the truth because of her situation. 'Joo Hyuk' a loner who is quick-tempered and a little cold hearted gradually developed the feeling of love towards the pure hearted Bun Hong and changes into a better person. But his change also brought upon the attention of Park Jung Yun, a girl whose family's background matches his even more than the illegitimate island girl "Bun Hong" which causes tension within his family. Joo Hyuk's younger sister 'Joo Ri' (Wang Bit Na) the overlooked unmanned old maid eldest daughter in their family, looks down on Bun Hong and makes life difficult for her along with her mom 'Young Ae' who dislikes Bun Hong as well. Park Jung Woo (Kim Ki Bum), a model student and the youngest child of the Park family who meets Bun Hong in the outskirt village while search for his bankrupt uncle "Dal Sam" is compassionate towards Bun Hong's plights, tries to help and comfort her whenever he can. Jung Woo first met Joo Ri while he was part-timing as a driving teacher and they got off on the wrong foot. Jung Woo who was already a producer when they meet again, was 'chased' by Joo Ri who is older than him. And they choose to get married despite oppositions from their families. Credit Sandy @purpletiger86 and Yeohweping for the translations

Hwang Chun Ja's family

20061226153507197106252.jpg - Yun Bun Hong (Seo Ji Hye) Twenty-three year old Yun Bun Hong is the daughter of Madam Hwang who owns a tacky Karaoke shop called “Blossoming Rose At Night”. She is a sassy island girl with a very cheerful personality full of emotions of happiness and tears. Although she has a great personality, she is not a very smart girl when it comes to school and she did not grow up in a harmonious family environment either. She never made it to the top of her class (out of 40 students, never ranked above 40). While all her friends left the island to go to college or work, she never once thought about going to college because she was never book smart. Whenever she gets hired for a job, it only last for a few months because all the places she has worked at either goes bankrupt or gets burnt down from fire. She was never able to work at a company for a long period of time due to accidents occurring. Quitting her previous job, she enrolled into a nursing academy. Now she works at a health center as a nurse’s aide/assistant. Being born at a lake, her interests are swimming, cutting fish and making spicy (fish) strew. Her hobby is to go to a dock at dawn and watch the fish auction. She knows all the names of fishes and is the best at taking care of fishes. She lives with a thoughtless and immature mother, who she always fights with. However, inside her heart, she feels sad and pitiful for her mother. She’s the only one that understands her mother the best. She may appear to look shameless due to her courageous appearance, but she is weak and spiritless as well. 20061219182214197059942.jpg - Hwang Chun Ja (Go Doo Shim) She is Bun Hong’s mother. She manages the “Blossoming Rose At Night” karaoke shop. She was very pretty when she was young, but now she is old and has wrinkles on her face. She wears make-up (which makes her look like a crow), a Miss Korea wig and a long dress. No one knows how old she actually is, except for Bun Hong. Her life motto is “I will dig up my own grave”. She lives her life as a reckless troublemaker and has probably dug up many graves to make her own cemetery (I’m guessing she has butt into other people’s business and got herself into no good). Although she is reckless, she has a deep heart and has a charming side to her, which makes her a loving woman that nobody can hate! As a love supremacist, she is always thirsty for love even when she has had bad relationships with men when she was young. She probably has the same amount of bad and good points about herself. She is an awesome singer when it comes to singing trot (old folk) songs! With her loud voice and friendly personality, she is very good at smooth talking and she is so articulate with her words that she talks better than a lawyer!

Cha Bok Shim's family

20070216143904197073962.jpg - Cha Bok Shim (Jung Hye Sun) 20061221164807197060302.jpg - Park Tae Sam (Im Hyun Sik) 20061226173814197094312.jpg - Tae Sam's wife, Yang Bun Hee (Yoon Yeo Jung) 20070829180443198028652.jpg - Tae Sam's daughter, Park Jung Yun (Han Da Min) 20070730114727197108372.jpg - Park Jung Woo (Kim Ki Bum) 20070221152217197073292.jpg - Jung Woo's uncle, Park Dal Sam (Kim Byung Se) 20061222124100197074532.jpg - Park Sam Suk (Yang Hee Kyung)

Lee Man Seok's family

20061221171208197057312.jpg - Lee Man Seok (Noh Joo Hyun) 20070221150814197093602.jpg - Huh Young Ae (Yoon Mi Ra) 20070507171844198068072.jpg - Lee Joo Hyuk (Joo Sang Wook) 20061215150248197072812.jpg - Lee Joo Ri (Wang Bit Na) 20070509140008197267822.jpg - Lee Joo Young (Yang Hyun Tae) Young Ae's younger sister - Huh Young Ok (Jung So Hee) Young Ok's husband - Oh Byung Gu (Jung Han Hun) 20070511171910197750352.jpg - Young Ok's daughter, Oh Da Jung (Mi So)

Other people

20070216152531197074312.jpg - Lee Dae Pal (Kang Nam Gil) 200802011446213021.jpg - Lee Sun Hee (Choi Ji Yun) Lee Sun Hee who works as a nurse is the friend of Bun Hong who falls for Joo Young on first sight. ClubBox links and Pics can be found in Page 2~ 4 Vids links - Credits to bibotatu Never ask for english subs as there are no subbing group doing it since it's going to be over a hundred eps at least.

OST 07000014210.jpg 01.My Love - Jang Mi Yeon 02.My Love - Jang Seung Hyuk 03.Young girl - Kim Joo Ri 04.Yearning knowingly - Kim Byung Hwa 05.Young girl piano ver 06.Good morning! 07.Cloudy day, ocean 08.From the park 09.Mother 10.Autumn thoughts 11.The day the flowers fall 12.Oh, it's like that 13.Sweet Times http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106401.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106402.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106403.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106404.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106405.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106406.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106407.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106408.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106409.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106410.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106411.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106412.wma http://daumbgm.nefficient.co.kr/mgbdamu/A0...00142106413.wma

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Guest kalchi

^JO SANG WOOK?? and KI BUM?? :w00t: Don't tell me both of them are going to fall in love with Seo Ji Hye character? She's lucky :sweatingbullets:

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Guest lattelover03

and I said this before - before anyone comments on KiBum being younger than the female lead, I think that this is awesome. It will make him more mature and sexier to be with an older woman. Plus, we ALWAYS see korean male actors paired with much younger female actresses. I think we need more older females-younger male couples in Korean entertainment. I think the double standard sucks so I am looking forward to this drama! But if it's Seo Ji Hye who is the female lead, she's still young, so that doesn't count!

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Guest Redrac

Thanks yeohweping

Glad Seo Ji Hye is in it, I've always liked her. KiBum does look younger but it does make it more interesting :D

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Eesh, just commenting that he looks young, which he does <_<

Anw, its coming out soon so there should be posters and promo vids coming out soon too huh? (:

Can't wait!


Suju's Kim Kibum returns to acting after sixteen months

Super Junior member Kim Kibum returns to acting after a year and four months.

Kim Kibum will star in MBC's new daily drama "Happy Events at Chunja's" (tentative title), the sequel to "Ah Hyung Dong Madam". A staff member revealed today that the drama will premiere on May 19, and Kim Kibum's role involves a love relationship with an older woman. After the SBS drama, "Snow Flower" ended in January last year, this will be Kim Kibum's first drama.

"Happy Events at Chunja's" deals with how the main character, Yeon Bun-hong, is betrayed by a man and becomes an unmarried mother. She and her old mother lives together, bravely walking through life's difficult struggles.

In this drama, Kim Kibum plays Park Jung-woo, a warm and passionate young man. He and Yeon Bun-hong will be involved in a triangle relationship along with his older brother, Park Jung-yeon. Although in the drama Park Jung-woo becomes the PD of a TV show, after he falls in love with the older Lee Soo-ri, he insists for marriage. The drama, with Yeon Bun-hong as the center, involves triangle relationships and other sweet romantic tales.

Kim Kibum plays a strong character. Playing opposite of him is the strong Wang Bit-na, who hopes to have more chances to act with Kim Kibum.

"Ah Hyung Dong Madam" 's last episode is on May 9, and before "Happy Events at Chunja's" airs, a family documentary will be airing during that time slot.


credit: asianfanatics.

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Guest yeohweping

The asianfanatics acticle is wrong as the news sites official news only states what I and Sandy translated.



시댁에 들어온 어린 제수 분홍에게 사랑의 감정을 싹틔우는 주혁 Joo Hyuk 역에는 주상욱 Joo Sang Wook 이, 주혁의 여동생 주리 Joo Hyuk's younger sister " Joo Ri" 역은 왕빛나 Wang Bit Na 가 맡았다. 또 예의바른 모범생 주영 Joo Young 역에는 슈퍼주니어의 김기범 Super junior 'Kim Ki Bum' 이 캐스팅됐다.

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Guest mandalaywith

OMG!Good casting~! :w00t:

i know Go do shim Casting character is Drama Main character Chun ja.^^

Chun ja character is seo ji hye Mon character.

I like Go do shim,Yang Hee Kyeong,seo ji hye,Ju sang wook.

so i will watch&support this drama.


Thanks making to this Drama thread.Great job. :w00t:

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Guest laiyiwen

Woot! Seo Jihye, Joo Sangwook & Kim Kibum.. Love the cast ^^

Another drama with Seo Jihye, :w00t: kool! ^^

Thanks for starting the thread! :D

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Guest heeki

I was waiting for this Drama for ages !!!!!!!!! finally Kibum acting again =D

I love the cast ,definitely gonna watch this !

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Guest luvleekj

I am so excited and looking forward to this drama!!!

Yay Kibum having an acting job!!! I hope he will do well!!!

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Guest chol3u

:lol: Wow, I'm very excited Kibum return to actor again cuz I'm waiting him on drama ~~ ^^

This drama all 200 Ep , right? :o

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Guest devylann

i do wonder if kimkibum will be changed into the lead actor??>?> hahahah.... like that's the twist of this all...lol... i mean i've nothing wrong with kibum liking noonas....imma noona...hehehe... i would enjoy it so much more if it came to that ending hahahaha.... it's been done b4....

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