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[Drama 2009 Movie 2010] IRIS 아이리스

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Guest jamielabbuhongki

ah! the wait is agonizing XD lol,

i really wanna see HJ and SW's scene.

I already know HJ wont be killed, but what did SW decide then?


edit: YAY I topped a page XD Lol.

There's already so much lovely, googly scenes of HJ and SH,

and i wondered why.

So I think its for memories for when HJ thinks SH is dead.

Anybody know if there's any NG take? Lol.

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goodness is it wednesday yet? the wait is killing me! :P

i wanna see if im going to hate SW or not!

and btw...the songs on this drama are amazing! both korean and english ones! :D

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Guest ellabel


okay i'm getting confused here. isnt the cross pendant has (or what Vic searching for) a list of names of IRIS (?)? i'm sure i read from the subbed on viikii 'list of names'. and the blueprint here i thought they meant something else (not the list).

and btw, i agree with you. i felt that HJ getting into NSS has been planned out from the beginning. when SH mentioned to HJ that she only has the record of him when he's in college and that NSS didnt mind that (no record of his past), i'm getting suspicious already. and the next thing, the Father informed the vice director. that solidified my thought that the director definitely knew about HJ past. right now, he seems to me that he's the bad character in this drama. and i actually hope that he's not or what i guessed was totally wrong. it wont be interesting anymore if we can guess right, isnt it. :P

Ei fiey! Dont worry dear, we are allowed to get confused at this time of the drama....I, myself am not sure yet of anything yet at this stage of the drama. We're still at the initial stages where we are bombarded with info piece by piece and with scenes that will result to different guesses or speculations. Later on, we will know which parts are essential and related to one another. Everything will fall in its proper places. Yeah, maybe the cross has the list of IRIS, maybe not. I also watched thru viikii only and buffering is bad. Anyway, i intend to watch it again with a better downloaded copy. Maybe, i will understand more.

I guess HJ was earmarked from the very start to be an NSS agent. The vice-director definitely has something to do with all that is happening. NSS changed Directors thru the years yet he remains. I'm sure he has something to do with HJ's parents killings and who knows, he maybe Vic's boss.

First of all, good to see you here Ella-hunnie. :lol: It's our 6-year wish coming true, huh. You gotta have the HQ -- clear close-ups nuances of mischief, happiness, wit, tenderness, love, confusion, disbelief, pain, fear.. all that are superb treats to see.

I can't wait for KSH (KSY) going after & falling for HJ as well -- although he won't be seeing her as SH's replacement, obviously not but she's going to add more spice to the drama. Particularly when (looking at the relationship diagram) that KSW's character is also having feelings for this sexy girl.

ps: I agree with laydeebutterfly that Vick could have threatened/tortured the Professor a bit more to hand over whatever the "thing" he's looking for but I guess self-patience just isn't his work priority. ;) (on the other hand, the victim already knew that he's going to be killed anyway -- why give the assassin the satisfaction of an easy job?)

Hi there rubes sis.....Sorry, have to cut your post....

Actually, i cant wait to see KSY acting with LBH too....I think theirs wud be a more interesting love story but of corz, we know very well that it wud be SH for HJ forever...

I felt also that Vick shud have tortured the Prof more before killing him but i guess he was trained to know right away if there's value to keeping a target alive and for how long. He was taught to be quick, insensitive and decisive.

Now there're 2 reasons for HJ to go after / question the Director's real motives -- first he wouldn't send in help when HJ pleaded for it and then.. sending SW to kill him. Seeing your best buddy pointing his gun at you beats all the logic.

However I do get the reason for eliminating HJ.. because he's now a wanted SK Agent who assassinated the Top NK Official. But having HJ dead won't undo what happened.

I think the VD is afraid that if HJ gets caught, the North wud know that he's from the South and might create another war between the 2. HJ has done his mission and HJ is just a loose end that has to be eliminated.

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Guest creaturedreams

EPISODE 2 RECAP - thanks to dramabeans


Breaking free of his restraints, Hyun-joon pounds on the reinforced one-way glass with a chair. A medic enters to administer a sedative, but Hyun-joon turns the tables and sticks him with his own needle. The NSS director Baek San watches stoically (as does Seung-hee) from the other side, waiting to see how this scenario will unfold. This is why he lets Hyun-joon escape his holding room, fight off guards, and head out into the hallway.


Hyun-joon finds Sa-woo half-unconscious in another room and frees him, dragging him along to seek freedom. But they come to a dead end and are cornered by a trio of armed agents. Trapped.

The two men are brought before Baek San, and coerced into remaining calm by the presence of shadowy figures pointing guns at them.


The director explains that they have been tested by the NSS. Now that they have passed the trial, they have the opportunity to join the NSS as agents fighting to preserve national security. He assures them, “The country has chosen you, but you have the right to decline. If you want to give up here, you may go back.” If they choose to join, however, they will undergo training with the agency and be made into agents.

They accept.


On their first day inside the NSS offices, they are both shocked to be introduced to two of their superiors. First is the head of their counterterrorism unit: Park Sang-hyun, Sa-woo’s sunbae. Second is profiler Choi Seung-hee: the girl both fell for, who soon disappeared


After shock comes anger: Sa-woo wants to know if this was all part of Sang-hyun’s plan — did he call him out for drinks just to scope him out? Hearing that yes, Sang-hyun was intending to recruit him, Sa-woo feels used. It’s a further abuse of his trust to subject him to such a painful test — but Sang-hyun tells him that he went through it, too. They all did.



Hyun-joon also wonders if his meeting with Seung-hee was orchestrated ahead of time — did she plan everything, down to the classroom interaction? She answers yes; she needed to profile him.

Both men feel peeved, although Sa-woo is quicker to get over it. Or rather, his romantic admiration of Seung-hee helps him accept her apology more readily, and he tells her that he understands.



The new recruits are taken to a lunch at Baek San’s house with Seung-hee and Sang-hyun, and afterward, the four agents head out for drinks. There, Sang-hyun admits that it’s incredibly difficult to keep this secret from his own wife, although the director seems to be doing just fine. That just goes to show how cold he is.

All this time, Hyun-joon has been quietly seething, sending hard glances Seung-hee’s way, as though trying to figure her out. When she steps aside to take a phone call, he follows her outside. He wants to know what her profile of him says and demands an apology, but she doesn’t feel the need to give one, since she’s done nothing to apologize for.

However, she does decide to reveal, in a hard tone, what her profile turned up: He acts big to disguise a troubled and painful past. She even profiled the fact that he fell for her, and adds sardonically, “But what can you do? Dating is strictly forbidden among our employees, and even if it were permitted, you’re not my type.’ She warns him that she’s his superior — just as he suddenly reaches for her and kisses her. She breaks free angrily and slaps him. He grabs her in another kiss.


Again, Seung-hee struggles, but this time, she gives in after a few moments and starts to kiss him back.

It’s for this reason that Hyun-joon feels rather proud of himself when Seung-hee calls him aside at work, especially when she assures him that the roof is the only place at the NSS without surveillance cameras. His self-satisfied smile fades when she warns him again that she’s his superior, once again cool and removed. Also, does he think her so insignificant that he can act this way?



Having put him in his place, she’s about to stalk off, but he stops her. Surprisingly, he admits openly that he’s not really in this job for the loyalty or patriotism. He just thought it would be fun, and he figured, “Ah, this must be my fate.” He’d seen NSS — “this dangerous, complicated organization” — in very simple terms: “If I risk my life, I can do this fun work that I consider my fate.”

Still, even if he isn’t motivated by deeper loyalty and isn’t a patriotic agent, he commits fully to his choices. Also, he adds that he’s never thought her insignificant, and this time he’s the one to excuse himself first. After the exchange, Seung-hee regards him in a new light, perhaps pleasantly surprised that there’s more to him than she may have seen.



And so, over the course of the following days, their dynamic undergoes a shift. Seung-hee eyes him with newfound interest, and the two engage in subtle worktime flirting, trading small glances and keeping their smiles from being noticed by their colleagues.

Seung-hee even initiates a game of footsie during a group briefing, which takes Hyun-joon off-guard. Both maintain composed expressions, not betraying the fact that he’s teasing her foot under the table…


…and certainly nobody catches on to the fact that he has retaliated by handcuffing her foot to the table. Ha.

They also meet their support staff, such as the eccentric older Oh Hyun-kyu who works in crime-scene investigation and forensics. (This drama seems to have adopted the Alias theory that wacky support staff is jokey and funny. I’ll just say that every time Marshall appeared onscreen with his “quirky” and oddball behavior, I felt the urge to spork him.)



After meeting the new recruits, Oh Hyun-kyu imparts the men with some Nietzchean advice: “Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster.” He explains to Seung-hee later that he read Hyun-joon’s file, and has seen that he has the makings of becoming a monster.

Also: Hwang Tae-sung is another member of the support staff; Yang Mi-jung (singer-actress Juni) is the resident computer programmer/hacker.



We don’t specifically see how Hyun-joon and Seung-hee’s romance starts, but by this point they’re dating, albeit secretly. Hyun-joon slips away from home (which he shares with Sa-woo) and heads over to Seung-hee’s house for a date. The moment he leaves, however, Sa-woo also gets spruced up and heads out — and arrives at her place unannounced, just ahead of Hyun-joon.

Luckily, Hyun-joon sees his friend at the door and hides out of view. Seung-hee is surprised, and Sa-woo hems and haws in a cutely insecure way. Fumbling for a reason to explain his presence, he asks about profiling. Thankfully (?), both men receive calls at the same time — it’s the office.


The counterterrorism team reconvenes for a briefing: their target is a Japanese man with Syrian citizenship named Yamamoto Takashi, who is wanted not only by the NSS but also Japan’s security agency. They have intelligence informing them that Takashi will be arriving at Incheon Airport tomorrow, and he is a known terrorist.

However, they can’t merely prevent his entrance to the country, because if he has an act of terror planned, it’s more important to suss out what he’s working on. It also means that his accomplices have already bypassed security to slip into the country. Therefore, it’s imperative that they survey Takashi and find out what he’s up to. This will be Sa-woo and Hyun-joo’s first mission.


The team is deployed and follows Takashi from the airport to an outdoor plaza (Cheonggyecheon), and then to a casino. Hyun-joon takes a seat a few tables away, where Sa-woo joins him, eager to get their first mission into action.

Until, of course, they both take note of an unexpected figure sitting at Takashi’s table: an undercover Seung-hee, decked out in her Austin Powers glitz. She flirts lightly with Takashi in Japanese, complimenting his gambling. She bets based on his actions, and happily cheers on as he wins them both money. The guys watch grimly, not liking this at all, especially when Takashi invites Seung-hee up to her room for champagne.



Because she’s wired, the guys can eavesdrop on her interactions, but both really hate seeing her put herself on the line like this. (I think Hyun-joon particularly hates how comfortable she is in this role.)

She defers the man’s advances by asking to shower first, and lets him use the bathroom first. When she hears the sound of the shower, she gets moving, and uses a special device to transfer all the data on Takashi’s cell phone to headquarters. There’s a moment of tension as the device slowly transfers its data and time ticks down, but she finishes just in time and leaves before Takashi catches her. He finds a note scrawled on a napkin, which asks for a postponement of their date till tomorrow.



For this second date, Hyun-joon and Sa-woo act as her backup team, monitoring her conversation while waiting in a nearby car. Seung-hee and Takashi go on a seemingly normal date as they browse the stores and she tries on clothing.

She keeps an eye on him, and her ruse seems to be going well… until he suddenly grabs her roughly and pulls her aside to a deserted storage area. Slamming hear against the wall, Takashi demands to know who she’s working for, and yanks off her earring (thankfully a clip-on), which contains her bugging device. He crushes it, and the transmission to headquarters fuzzes out.


The instant the conversation turns dire, both guys race out of the car and head toward the department store to intervene, now that Seung-hee’s in trouble and her cover blown. She fights back but he’s a lot stronger, and he manages to get a firm grip on her throat and chokes her. At the approach of Sa-woo and Hyun-joon, however, he runs away while Sa-woo chases. Hyun-joon’s first instinct is to check on Seung-hee, but she demands that he hurry and chase Takashi.

Using satellite tracking, the support staff relays Takashi’s movements to the two agents, who follow on foot. When Takashi grabs a delivery scooter, the agents follow by car, again guided by their backup staff.



The pursuit takes them to the subway station, where Takashi buys some time by blending with the crowd. The guys maneuver through the throngs of commuters, and Hyun-joon spies his target slipping onto the subway car. Shoving people aside, he gets on and races from car to car, his eye fixed on Takashi.

But when he catches up to him, a shocked murmur rises from the crowd. On the ground is Takashi, unmoving, with blood pooling around his head.



They’re too late: someone else has gotten to Takashi first. As the subway starts to move, Hyun-joon sees a man in black, who has just stepped off the subway, walking away on the platform. They don’t know who he is, but we do, since it’s North Korean agent Park Chul-young from Episode 1.

Examination of the body shows a clean, single shot through the back of the head — definitely the work of a pro.


NSS deduces that Takashi’s motive was terrorism, but the target of the act remains unknown. In a meeting, the likely possibilities are discussed — the South Korean president, an American ambassador, and the like — but that’s still too vague. They need to narrow down the search.

Hyun-joon speaks up about his own hunch about Takashi’s motives, but he’s unable to provide proof. His speculation comes from a feeling he got during his pursuit and he’s just putting out another possibility — but the agent leading the meeting angrily cuts him off. They have enough trouble with the info they do have; they don’t need to be mucking up the investigation with one agent’s gut feelings.


As a result, Hyun-joon and Sa-woo are taken off the mission and told to stand by. Seung-hee actually defends him, saying that a field agent’s hunch could be more accurate than data analysis — but Sang-hyun shushes her. She is also told to stand by.

They’re all irritated to be taken off the case, but Seung-hee and Hyun-joon don’t let this stop them from continuing to work on it (separately). Seung-hee analyzes her map for clues, while Hyun-joon asks for the schedule of a politician, Jo Myung-ho, who is running for president.

Scanning the agenda, something catches Hyun-joon’s eye. He recognizes that one of the locations on the schedule, Cheonggyecheon, was one of the places Takashi had been. Could this be coincidence?


Working on their own (without authorization), Hyun-joon and Sa-woo check out Cheonggyecheon, which is a large public square in Seoul. Jo Myung-ho is delivering an election speech here, and a large crowd has gathered to participate in the rally.

The agents scope out the surroundings, wondering where they would set up their hypothetical base if they were working on a terrorist operation. They both come to the conclusion — a balcony in one of the adjacent buildings — and Hyun-joon sends Sa-woo up to investigate, while he’ll keep an eye out on the ground.



Sa-woo calls Mi-jung in their tech team, who is reluctant to bend the rules to help him on an unauthorized job. However, he persuades her to go to Seung-hee, who takes responsibility and instructs Mi-jung to use the satellite tracking system to zoom in on the spot the guys picked out. To her surprise, they see a man setting up a rifle — it’s a sniper.

Sa-woo races to stop him, and shoots the sniper. But they know that there should be a second sniper setting up in another location, and Hyun-joon looks around trying to figure out where.



Indeed there is a second sniper in another building. Hyun-joon spies him just as Jo Myung-ho takes the podium to deliver his rousing stump speech. There’s no time for either Sa-woo or Hyun-joon to make it up to the second building to stop him, so Sa-woo grabs the first sniper’s rifle and takes aim at the second sniper. Hyun-joon races toward the stage to get to the politician in time.


Sa-woo spots his target and shoots, but it’s a split-second too late and the sniper gets off a shot. Lucky for the presidential candidate, Hyun-joon arrives in the nick of time and launches himself at him, knocking the man to the ground just a moment before the bullet rips through the banner behind him.


In the crowd, a familiar black-clad man watches over the proceedings. He’d been watching from a position on the ground, in the midst of the crowd. Now that the plan is thwarted, he walks away unnoticed.


Now for TOP. Dressed in crisp black and sporting a badass scowl, we know very little about him so far but his profile tells us this is “Vic,” an assassin with the shadowy organization called “IRIS.” (I suppose the name could be “Big” (빅), but I’m going with Vic.)

He hangs out in a dark graffiti-decorated den and is shown a video clip by an English-speaking colleague. It’s the footage of Hyun-joon saving the politician, and as soon as he watches it, he gets a call from a “Mr. Black.” Vic answers the phone in his gangsta English, “You got it. I’m on my way.”


Despite the fact that our agents acted without permission in a dangerous and highly visible mission, at the end of the day they prevented the assassination of an important politician, and Sang-hyun says that what’s important is that the job got done. The team heads out for drinks and celebrates. The two best friends indulge in a shameless round of karaoke singing, while the forensics guy Hyun-kyu again cautions Seung-hee that Hyun-joon may turn into a monster.

Afterward, a slightly tipsy and very cheery Seung-hee prods the guys to join her in another round of drinks, and they end up continuing the celebration at her place.




Seung-hee is in a particularly lighthearted mood and invites her two subordinates to use common banmal speech with her. She’s younger than both of them, but because of her higher rank, she typically gets to use banmal with them while they have to use the elevated polite speech with her. But in the spirit of the moment, she urges them to drop the formalities.

Hyun-joon tests it out first, enjoying the sound of the informal words. Sa-woo is more bashful, and has to be urged by Seung-hee to go ahead. He can barely bring himself to say it, but once he does call her “Seung-hee-ya,” he really enjoys the intimacy of calling her by her name rather than the strictly professional “team leader.”


The three pass out on the floor. They start out lying in fairly close proximity to each other, but by morning the bodies have shifted in sleep and Sa-woo wakes up on the sidelines. Perhaps acting unconsciously, Seung-hee and Hyun-joon are now sleeping in each other’s arms. I’m not sure if Sa-woo suspects more to their relationship, but he doesn’t mention it.


Later, Sa-woo and Hyun-joon are called to the Blue House (Korea’s White House), presumably in response to their service. Their posture above should tell you all you need to know about their respective personalities. For instance, Hyun-joon eats a cookie that’s been set out for them, while Sa-woo nervously tells him to wait until after their meeting.

But something else catches Hyun-joon’s eye: a painting hanging on the wall. He approaches it.



As he stands looking at his own reflection, he starts to hear echoes of the past, of a little boy named Hyun-joon standing here in this room and exclaiming to a man — possibly the then-president — that when he grows up, he wants to be a Superman who protects the earth.

At Sa-woo’s curious inquiry, Hyun-joon answers, “I think I’ve been here before.”

But that’s not the end of the memory, because there are flashes of the scene afterward, when his happy parents had been driving that night, a happily gurgling young Hyun-joon playing in the backseat. Out of nowhere, a truck had slammed straight into their car. The boy had cried in fear while his parents lay injured in their seats.



And if that weren’t bad enough, a dark figure had come up to the car and fired a bullet through the windshield.

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I'm not sure about the details, help for more info is needed ^^

October 27, 2009

IRIS cross necklace, please give it a name"

This cross necklace given to Agent Kim HyunJun at the end of episode 3 was created especially by Macos Adamas for the TV drama which significance will unfold in the future and expected to be an important clue.

For a specified duration, fans and public can try out their wit & luck in naming this IRIS jewelry-gadget at macosadamas.com


Full Korean article at asiae.co.kr

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Hey guys does anyone know where I could download the mp3 song that was played during episode 2 at the flirting scene?

I would really appreciate >.<

Name: Love me more

Artist: Justin James

Album: Sun Drenched

Thx in advance.

Javabeans provided the MP3 download at her IRIS episode 2 recap, full credits to dramabeans.com

Justin James – “Love Me More.”


Copied from dramabeans.com

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Guest dora_maomao

Can someone translate these to English for non-Chinese fans. Thanks.

ALL above ABOUT Sponsorship FOR IRIS:Sponsors and items appear in iris.............

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Guest berrymonster

cross necklace look cool...i wanna buy one.

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ALL above ABOUT Sponsorship FOR IRIS:Sponsors and items appear in iris.............

Ohh.. that's what it's all about. Thanks for the gist, really appreciate it.

I didn't mean to be difficult but it would be most appreciated & especially encouraged to have English translation/gist as this is an English-based forum.

It's been rather slow since episode 4, the coming eppies for this week will be the confrontation with the NK Agents as well as the drastic & bitter truth revealing for HyunJun as he becomes a fugitive overnight without no one to trust and turn to.

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Big Bang to release a new track…


Big Bang will release a new track... No, not as their own single, but instead the new track will be for the IRIS OST (soundtrack). Big Bang member T.O.P. is part of the cast for IRIS, so it's no surprise that Big Bang will be doing a track for the hit drama.

The new track will be titled "Hallelujah" and will be released via online music portals on October 28, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. 1TYM member Teddy produced the track and it reportedly was co-written by both Teddy and G-Dragon. Whenever the track is released we'll make sure to have it up.

Source : allkpop


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Guest creaturedreams

^thanks for the news willenette, that's pretty cool ^^ from the title Hallelujah i'm guessing it's to be an rnb track? (or ballad :lol:)




from sportsseoul.com

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Guest nana544

I cannot wait to see ep. 5!!! I love the chemistry between LBH and KTH. I think SaWoo is going to betray HyungJoong because he is working with the enemy. I think the man who order HyungjOong to killed is the same man that killed Hyungjoong parents, I might be wrong, but I see it like that. Well, I cannot wait to see more of this drama. I haven't feel this excited for a Korean drama in a long time...cannot wait for more to come!

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