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July 29, 2014

A 100-crore budget series on Puthu Yugam

TNN | The Times of India

K Series airing on Puthu Yugam from Monday to Friday at 7 pm has successfully brought famous Korean Serials such as Boys over Flowers and Greatest Love to India in Tamil language. In continuation with it, Puthu Yugam is launching on next Korean Series titled IRIS- an action romance entertainer that has been produced with a budget over 100 Crore Rupees on July 31, 2014.

Lee Byung‐hun plays the lead role in IRIS. Lee Byung‐hun, apart from acting in Korean feature films and serials is well known for his roles in Hollywood blockbuster films GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, G.I. Joe: Retaliation and RED 2. He is also currently playing an important role in the fifth instalment of the world famous Terminator franchise.

In IRIS, Lee Byung‐hun plays an action and romantic hero who studies at the Military Academy in South Korea where he falls in love with a classmate, Hanjana. Later, he and his friend Albert get selected to join an elite unit after various tests. There, Lee Byung‐hun is been assigned with a special task to assassinate the North Korean Prime Minister. He is forced to run after his plan goes wrong and he becomes a wanted man by both North & South Korean Governments. Will he escape and prove innocence? Will he get back to his love? Is what forms the rest of the story of IRIS.

After being telecast in various languages in various countries, IRIS is all set to be aired for the first time in India in Tamil. IRIS will be on air on Puthuyugam every Monday to Friday at 7 pm and the repeat telecast will be at 10.30 pm. A compilation of the Monday to Friday episodes will be telecast on Saturday at 9 pm.

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August 26, 2014


By Meghan O'Keefe Decider.com

Do you ever get that feeling that you’ve already seen everything television has to offer? Well, have you tried branching out a bit? I don’t mean trying a British crime drama or a Netflix original. Rather, I’m imploring you to try Korean dramas.

Before you sneer, Korean dramas are fun, sexy, action-packed, hilarious and, yes, some of them are about vampires who moonlight as lawyers. They are highly addicting and are easy to stream on your favorite platforms. In fact, you often don’t even have to pay for any sort of subscription to watch them. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. You probably already have a lot of questions and Decider’s here to answer them.

1) Where Can I Stream These Korean Dramas?

You can stream Korean Dramas on niche sites and Roku channels like Crunchyroll and on traditional platforms like Hulu and Netflix. They usually come already subtitled and many of the most popular Korean Dramas are completely free to stream (though you may have to sit through frequent advertisements).

2) How Am I Supposed To Know What’s Going On?

Well, there are subtitles.

Also, Asian shows are very good at eking out exposition. Sure, a spy drama like Iris or a historic mystery series like Dong Yi might purposely obscure the plot so that there’s a bigger payoff later, but even then, characters are very good at explicitly stating what their relationships are to each other. In fact, the amount of over-the-top exposition might be one of the most jarring parts of switching from traditional Western shows to Asian serials.

Oh, and on top of all that, Korean television is heavily influenced by American shows. They use a lot of the same tropes, so it’s easy to tell who’s a good guy, who’s a bad guy and who’s someone you should laugh at.

3) Which Show Should I Start With?

One of the most joyous things about watching Asian dramas is that you can go in with little to no preconceived notion of what you’re about to watch. It’s fun to randomly pick a title and give something a try. However, if there are certain genres you’re into more than others, there are specific titles you might want to start with.

If you were a diehard fan of Gossip Girl and get off on prolonged love triangles, cute private school uniforms and the tensions between lower and upper classes, you definitely need to watch Boys over Flowers [Crunchyroll] [Hulu] [Netflix] or Princess Hours [Crunchyroll] [Hulu].

If you’re more into action-packed, pulpy CW dramas like Supernatural and Arrow, there is Vampire Prosecutor [Hulu]. Yes. It’s about a vampire who is coincidentally a prosecutor. So, it’s like Netflix’s upcoming Daredevil if Matt Murdock drank blood, I guess.

Like Americans, Asian audiences are suckers for great, frothy romantic comedies and Hulu is very excited about a new one called, It’s Okay, That’s Love [Hulu]. It’s about a nice guy with OCD who falls for his psychiatrist.

If you’re still not over Alias, you should get into IRIS [Crunchyroll]. It’s a big budget Korean spy drama about two best friends who are, uh, spies who fall for the same woman, who’s also, uh, a spy. Also, there’s legitimate intrigue because their mission is to help reunify Korea. The show’s leading man, Lee Byung-hun, has already appeared in three American films and will co-star in Terminator: Genysis.  There’s a follow up movie that is also named Iris [Netflix].

If you’re more into lavish period dramas like The White Queen or Game of Thrones, then you’re in luck because there are also a ton of historically-themed Korean dramas. If you want a fun, action-packed mystery set in historic Korea, you’ve got to get on board with Dong Yi [Crunchyroll]. The first fifteen minutes alone boasts an assassination, a killer fight sequence and a little girl who smashes both misogyny and the class system.

If all of these shows are too juvenile for you, you can always go deep and check out Emperor Wang Gun.

This historical soap opera is what got my mother and I hooked on K-dramas back in the day. They used to air episodes regularly on an international cable station and we would obsess over the battles, betrayals and gorgeous costumes. You can stream it for free online at a niche site called Gooddrama.
Of course, these are all just jumping off points. The key to becoming obsessed with Korean dramas is the

moment when you stop worrying and just start watching — and trust us, between Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu and all the other niche Korean drama sites online, there’s a lot to watch.


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Guest kyung-jin

8 K-dramas your boyfriend will actually enjoy watching with you

by KD Bonbon on Tue, Apr 07, 2015


While it often seems like K-drama fandom consists mostly of females, DramaFever has plenty of content that guys would like too! The K-drama male viewership is always growing as new and interesting dramas are released. Now is the perfect time to get that guy in your life started watching K-dramas. Whether it be your friend, coworker, brother, boyfriend, or husband, turn him onto one of the dramas below and he will certainly be thanking you for the introduction to Dramaland!

No matter what television genre your guy is into, here are 8 K-dramas that he'll love to watch with you!

4. If He Likes Crime Shows: IRIS


IRIS follows two friends who are recruited into a secret South Korean black ops agency and become involved in an international conspiracy traveling the world, making unlikely alliances, and learning about their pasts.

Why he’ll like it: If your guy is a fan of crime or conspiracy TV shows, he may love IRIS! With an all-star cast and a huge filming budget, IRIS is a seriously well-made drama. IRIS is fast paced and endlessly entertaining and will surely keep you both guessing until the very end.

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/8-k-dramas-your-boyfriend-will-actually-enjoy-watching-with-you/

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June 4, 2015

related excerpt only

Rediscovery of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway – Line 9 Seonyudo Station Trip

Source: BNTnews


Recently in the past few years, Seonyudo Park has been a major attraction not just for locals but also tourists. The biggest reason behind this is that it was the background of popular KBS2 drama ‘Iris’ in 2009. At that time, this was the place where the characters Kim Hyeon Jun (Lee Byung Hun) and Kim Sun Hwa (Kim So Yeon) held a rendezvous. After the drama was aired, Seonyudo developed an ‘Iris’ filming locations tour, making its stance as a tourist attraction. (photo by KBS Homepage)

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November 6, 2015

S. Korean dramas to be remade by U.S. production firm

SEOUL, Nov. 6 (Yonhap) -- KBS, South Korea's largest public broadcaster, said Friday a U.S. production company will remake five of its dramas under a recent deal announced during an American film industry trade show.

KBS America unveiled its agreement with U2K Entertainment during the American Film Market (AMF) on Thursday (local time) in Santa Monica, California. KBS America said the five shows are "Full House" (2004), "Resurrection" (2005), "IRIS" (2009), "Brain" (2011) and "Orange Marmalade" (2015).


U2K, founded by "Batman" producer Michael Uslan and his son, first reached a tentative agreement with KBS America on Oct. 16 and secured rights to "Resurrection" and "Full House." It wasn't able to disclose the names of other shows earlier due to copyright reasons.

KBS America and U2K also agreed to co-produce a KBS adaptation of the popular South Korean webtoon "PEAK."

"This agreement represents a first step in a Hallyu project involving outstanding South Korean contents and top-notch Hollywood producers," said Yu Kon-shik, CEO of KBS America. "In the past, South Korean dramas were remade in America on an individual basis, but this deal has boosted chances of success by packaging multiple dramas of excellent quality."

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Complete article at The Korea Herald

August 25, 2017

[Weekender] Into Seoul’s urban woods


An aerial view of the Dream Forest’s observatory deck. Seoul

Dream Forest

Once an amusement park, the Seoul Metropolitan Government transformed this northern Seoul area into a woodland in 2009. 

Parents and children can interact with deer at a petting zoo, which is by far the forest’s most popular attraction. 

The observatory deck within the park is famous as a location for an episode of a 2009 Korean drama series IRIS, starring pan-Asian stars Lee Byung-hun and Kim Tae-hee. 

The glass elevator that carries viewers up to the deck moves diagonally, offering viewers a unique journey along the way. 

The art gallery nearby offers a rest stop with a cultural edge. 

The forest is one of the most eco-friendly areas in Korea, with solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system. 

It can be reached through a brief taxi ride after getting off at Miasageori Station via Subway Line 4 or Dolgoji Station via Subway Line 6. 

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January 3, 2019


Source: Lee Byung Hun IG / thanks to mistymorning for the translation


#Throwback #IRIS moment posted by Lee Byung Hun featuring the scene in snow-covered Akita (2009).. seeing the PD Kim Kyu Tae & crew,  wearing thick jackets while he's clad only in a bathrobe. In the actual scene, he'd be in a towel supposedly getting ready to have a dip in the hot spring onsen. It's a hard job being an actor. :sweatingbullets:


So, BH said: You seem happy to be in warm clothing. :P


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Hello @rosegold7, welcome to IRIS drama thread. :)


If you don't mind Lee Byung Hun, IRIS is definitely and highly recommended. It's an espionage action-packed drama with an overall great performances from the cast. However, the drama was filmed and released 9 years ago and we may have seen newer similar-styled dramas in recent years, it has in fact followed by a sequel and a spin-off. But that shouldn't stop viewers from enjoying a 20-episode well-executed action series. Not sure if you've read the spoiler about the drama, if you haven't -- it's best not to know, if you can help it. 


Nonetheless, hope you will be able watch the series and share your thoughts about it with the thread here. ^_^

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April 19, 2019

7 K-Dramas About North And South Korea To Binge-Watch Now
Action + politics + romance? Yes, please!


ICYDK, 2018 was a big year for North and South Korea. After being separated for more than 70 years, the independent governments have made a series of promising big steps that can lead to their improved relations. The relationship between the two has been a sensitive topic for decades, but this hasn't stopped the media from talking about it, K-dramas included. In fact, it has actually given way to some of the most iconic Korean dramas ever aired. If you're a K-drama fan who loves a mix of politics, action, drama, and romance, then you'll love the list below:


1. The King 2 Hearts (2012)



The drama reimagines South Korea as a monarchy ruled by descendants from the Joseon Dynasty. In an effort to build friendly relations with North Korea, crown prince Lee Jae Ha (Lee Seung Gi) was sent to a joint military collaboration where he meets Kim Hang Ah (Ha Ji Won), the daughter of a high-ranking military official. Despite their initial antagonism towards each other, the two eventually strike a friendship and become engaged. Trouble starts when an assassination challenges Jae Ha and Hang Ah to choose between love and loyalty. While the drama uses politics as its main vehicle to move the story along, it still succeeds in showing a side to romance that is still human and raw. Think Romeo And Juliet but with guns and crazy magicians instead.

2. Descendants Of The Sun (2016)



While this 2016 hit doesn't really focus on North Korea, the plot includes it as a theme on critical points of the story. Captain Yoo Si Jin (Song Joong Ki) and Dr. Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) try to navigate their relationship as they keep true to their loyalties as a soldier and a doctor. Descendants Of The Sun hits the perfect balance between action, politics, and romance, while also doing a good job in showing a side of North Korean loyalists that often goes unexplored by the media.


3. Doctor Stranger (2014)



Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) was forced to spend some time in North Korea after he and his father were tricked to visit the place when he was a child. During his stay there, he meets and falls in love with Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon), a North Korean resident he eventually lost contact with after he escaped back to the South. Years after, the two meet again in South Korea—Park Hoon now a genius doctor trying to navigate his way through the distrust from his colleagues, and Jae Hee, a woman with a mission she is forced to complete. Doctor Stranger courageously uses a lot of North and South Korea themes for its plot but translates it in a way that is more human and relatable to its audience.

4. City Hunter (2011)




Betrayal, politics, spies, and a forbidden romance. City Hunter checks all of these with its complicated but thrilling plot that will keep you hooked until the last episode. Lee Yoon Sung (Lee Min Ho) is a Blue House employee secretly trained by his foster father to exact revenge on high-ranking soldiers who betrayed him during a mission in North Korea. Despite Yoon Sung being set on his goal, he gets tested a couple of times after he falls for Kim Nana (Park Min Young), a loyal bodyguard who is also working for the Blue House. Kilig moments and thrilling scenes aside, City Hunter also does a good job in reversing the usual narrative between North and South Korea by showing that sometimes, the real enemies are the ones we least expect to be.

FYI: Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young ended up dating for some time after the drama!



5. IRIS (2009)



This one's an oldie but a goodie. Inspired by the 1999 film Shiri, Iris set the record for one of the most successful South Korean dramas about North Korea after it racked up massive viewing shares during its time of airing. In the series, Lee Byung Hun plays Kim Hyun Jun, a South Korean Soldier who was scouted by Choi Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee) for the National Security Service. Hyun Jun tries to exact revenge from his former best friend while managing his complicated relationship with Seung Hee and trying to stop IRIS, a secret society trying to stop the unification of North and South Korea.


Iris is the complete package of action, romance, and thriller with its highly-charged scenes, intense plot points, and bittersweet ending. The drama was so successful that it actually inspired sequels: Iris II: New Generation and Athena: Goddess of War.

6. Spy Myeong Wol (2011)



Here's a more light-hearted take on the North and South Korea drama. North Korean spy Myeong Wol (Han Ye Seul), a stubborn agent who has dreams of moving up to the special forces, is in charge of putting a stop on the rising popularity of South Korean pop culture in her side of the country. She accidentally has a run in with popular celebrity Kang Woo (Eric) who, after a series of crazy events, ends up botching her plan of being promoted. Set on her dream of moving up to the special forces, she goes back to South Korea to finish her mission, only to end up saving his life and eventually, falling for him! Everything was all fun and games until Myeong Wol was given a new mission—to persuade Kang Woo to get on North Korea's side! Spy Myeong Wol has all the plot points one would expect from a drama that deals with the North and South's relations but delivers it in a cuter, carefree way that's signature to the rom-com genre.


7. Blow Breeze (2016)



This 40-episode long drama shows the most realistic—if not ugly—part of being an escapee from North Korea. Mi Poong (Lim Ji Yeon) is a defector from North Korea who, after spending time in Macau, meets Lee Jang Goo (Son Ho Joon), a boy from the South. The two get separated before meeting again in South Korea where they get entangled in a major family inheritance drama. Blow Breeze tackles the harsh realities of leaving the North and the hardships of trying to build a new life in South Korea as a normal citizen. Though the story centers around the relationship between Mi Poong and Jang Goo, the drama serves big helpings of family drama as well.


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