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[variety] Sang Sang Plus Season 2 상상플러스 시즌2

Guest silverwingz

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Guest kaixuan94626

I never knew SSP2 ended! :S Just watched the last episode today (where they looked back on previous episodes)

Does anyone knew what show is replacing SSP2? :>

most probably is the new talk show by Kim Seung Woo :D Seungseungjanggu (Win Win) i've been waiting for this!! there will be Wooyoung from 2PM and Taeyeon from SNSD being the assistant MC of the show together with 2 other MC..but still, the main host is still Kim Seung Woo!!! Yippee! :D:lol:

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Guest xx_JenJenGirl

does anyone know what episode number of sang sang plus 2pm (& G.O.D) was in? and if possible, can you give me the download link? the full thing is not on youtube TT.TT


so i found out the episode number, but none of the downloads work, grr. does anyone have it on uTorrent? (megaupload doesn't work for me and that clubbox place keeps telling me to log in, boo~)

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