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[drama 2002] Dae Mang 대망

Guest wils

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Guest 122333

hahaha....geun suk was so small back then...i saw this way back and didn't recognise him when i saw him again in Do Re Mi....and then in Hong Gil Dong...hahaha...he's grown so much ^^

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Guest buddhjie14

Happy 29th Birthday Jo Hyun Jae hyungnim!

This is your first prince role in a drama series!

I hope you're healthy and doing great in your military service!

I'll always be your fan!

Hope to see you soon again!

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Guest riehae

I wasn't able to watch this.

I will search for this.

I don't know much Kdramas before 2004/2005.

I hoep I can watch this some time.

The cast seems great.

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^ wavesmile.gif wils!! We have been looking for you on the Chuno thread!! Hope to see you there, especially when Chuno finally airs...


Hi, chingu~~~ *hug* Nice to see you again.

Just a minute ago I stopped by the Chuno thread and was overwhelmed by the number of pages.. Amazing... :lol: I will take time to read the postings thorougly.. B)

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I downloaded my copy of this drama with English subtitles from veoh.com (the arirang version of 60 eps). So whoever uploaded that, thank you very, very much!!! :) I get to enjoy my fave actor, Jo Hyun Jae, in Dae Mang whenever I feel like it.

Dae Mang holds a special place in my heart as a Jo Hyun Jae fan, because it is his role here as Prince Regent that got him his lead roles in Love Letter and later on in Seo Dong Yo.

I love Son Ye Jin's character more than Lee Yo Won's. SYJ's character has more life than LYW's. I really wanted her to end up with Jang Hyuk, but she left the series early. So sad :mellow:

I love Jang Hyuk and Jo Hyun Jae's onscreen chemistry, bromance to the max!!! I love the way Jang Hyuk's character took the young Prince (JHJ) under his wing.

I have some questions though. In the version I downloaded from veoh, there were some parts that has no subtitles. Can somebody (probably wils, since you are the Dae Mang expert, when you get the chance to read this post :) ) please explain these parts:

1. the meeting in the palace with the King and the nobles (?) - what did they discuss?

2. the scene where the Prince Regent was visited by Lee Yo Won's father, the mayor, and JHJ acted as if he's crazy - throwing away books, and swatting at some imaginary things in the air. Why was he acting crazy? Why did the mayor visit him?

Actually, I have more questions, but I need to revisit the drama. Will come back to this thread after doing that. Hopefully, someone will enlighten me.

Thanks, wils, for creating this thread. At least now I know where to go next time I have a question about Dae Mang.

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This article was posted on the wulijohyunjae website (an English website for Jo Hyun Jae) on June 6, 2009.


I must confess "Great Ambition" (Dae Mang, SBS 2002) is one of two Jo Hyun-Jae dramas that I have not watched from beginning to end. I did plough through the first episode, though. I made the mistake of watching it in bed and had difficulty keeping my eyes open by the end of the episode. I only remember it was very dark and I could not tell who was who. I was already very disappointed when I did not see JHJ's name among the actors just before the start of the drama.

The next day I learnt to use the FF function on my remote. The first time JHJ appears (in Episode 12?) he brightens up the scene immediately. He's wearing a sort of pink garment which would look sissy on any man except JHJ. He later appears in yellow and bright red (in the imperial robes of the Crown Prince.) I read somewhere that:

1. When JHJ went for his screen test, the director asked him to put on the costume of the Crown Prince. One look and the director said: "You've got the role."; Nobody could look more regal than our JHJ.

2. JHJ's role is originally very small and his character is supposed to die very soon. But his initial appearance aroused so much interest that the director/scriptwriter had to expand his role, which is why his Crown Prince is still there at the end of the drama to take possession of his kingdom.

3. The director of "Seo Dong Yo" saw JHJ in "Great Ambition" and it made an impression on him. When he was casting for the role of Seo Dong, he insisted on using JHJ, even though no actor so young has ever had such an important role in a historical drama of such length.

4. Some Korean fans remarked (tongue-in-cheek) that if the Crown Prince really looked like JHJ, Korea would still have the royal family today!

JHJ's role in "Great Ambition" is very small, but every time he appears, he sucks the oxygen out of the room (in a manner of speaking.) And JHJ was only 22 then. Enjoy these photos.

The Crown Prince in his Imperial robes

The first appearance of the Crown Prince in the drama

The innocent look

The Crown Prince in disgrace (that's why he lets down his hair)

The Crown Prince in yellow

Near tears (remembering his deceased mother)

Every inch a prince

credit: CarpediemJapan for the photos and wulijohyunjae for the article

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Jo Hyun-Jae got the opportunity to act in “Great Ambition” (Dae Mang) and began playing the minor role of the Crown Prince. For the first time he used his own name JO Hyun-Jae (in his dramas previous to "Great Ambition" he used LEE Hyun-jae).

JHJ saw this as a chance in a lifetime and gave his best under the director’s guidance, creating the memorable Crown Prince. He received such praise as a newcomer who does not look like a newcomer. In the cast, the Crown Prince is not an important role.

When the drama started, there were lots of enquiries about him. For the first time, people were paying attention to him. Because of this, his role was expanded. Instead of being killed off early, he became the companion of the lead character (Jang Hyuk) and ended up coming into his own as the king.

After the failure of KAIST, JHJ tried harder and finally succeeded in making an unimportant role more important. His Crown Prince gained him many fans, even in Japan. That was when he first broke into the Japanese market. He also got the chance to act in other dramas.

The director and scriptwriter of “Love Letter” decided to use JHJ. He became the lead actor three years after his first appearance in a TV drama. Later he was handpicked by the director of “Seo Dong Yo” to star in the 55-episode historical drama, the first time such a young actor was elevated to such a role.

“Great Ambition” is the turning point for JHJ as an actor and the first time he used his own name. In an interview in Japan, he also said “Great Ambition” was the turning point in his career.

JHJ is quiet by temperament, but he wants to be an actor, so he follows his dream and gives his all. He is not a very emotional person, so it is difficult for him to cry, but his beautiful tears and angelic smile light up every drama. He is improving under the camera all the time. He can move people with his clear, luminous eyes. He is born to be an actor: he refuses to succumb to frustrations and does not falter under difficult circumstances. He performs each and every role with sincerity and verve.

JHJ is now serving in the army; his fellow soldiers see him as one of the boys. He is very low key; he has not released a single photo (until the Korean Army released his photo in an interview in August 2009), and is quietly undergoing training and faithfully performing his military duties (he will be discharged on June 19, 2010). He is the same beautiful actor who moves people in his dramas.

His straightforward character is revealed in an interview at the premiere of “Untold Scandal” (2003):

“I only got the script a few days before shooting of “KAIST”, [that's why I didn't do too well.] I took a year off and learnt to act, to grow up. How do I act by myself? It’s a secret. When I’m acting, I don’t think about anything outside of my role. Compared to the name of Jo Hyun-Jae, I’d rather my fans remember me through my characters’ names.”

JHJ is not content to be confined to his roles; he always gives his best to every role. His future is something to look forward to.


Credits: Translated and adapted from CarpediemJapan, wulijohyunjae for the English translation.

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Guest jayjayfox





A woman left her newborn child at the doorsteps of a rich merchant, stating that the child was of the merchant's blood. Eighteen years later, the small child grew up to be Park Jae Young (Jang Hyuk), the younger son of PHC. He was a warm-hearted person though a bit naive in the ways of the world and was often being used by his scheming elder brother Park Si Young (Han Jae Suk)who was a person totally lacking in moral.PSY lived to satisfy his own ambition and not concerned whom he hurt along the way.Not knowing Yoon Yeo Jin (Lee Yo Won) was of the aristocratic class, PJY had loved her since they were small children. YYJ also loved him and tried to ignore her higher class status. When PJY ran away from home after finding out that his father and elder brother killed the family of a govt official for refusing his bribe and tricked his friends into admitting the crime, he encountered Choi Dong Hee (Son Yeh Jin) and her merchant father. Through these people, he also got to meet the mother he had never seen who by this time has become a powerful political lobbyist. Into the mix, the fight over who would be the next emporer was getting intense with the 2 brothers supporting different sides. Will good trimph over evil?

•Title: 大望 / 대망 / Dae-mang

•Also known as: The Great Ambition / A Great Hope

•Genre: Historical Drama

•Broadcast network: SBS

•Broadcast period: 2002-10-12 to 2003-01-05

•Air time: Saturday & Sunday 9:45-10:50 PM

•Jang Hyuk as Park Jae-young

•Son Yeh Jin as Choi Dong-hee

•Lee Yo Won as Yoon Yeo-jin

•Han Jae Suk as Park Si-young

•Yang Jin Woo as Jang Pon-yeon

•Jo Hyun Jae as the Regent Prince

•Jo In Sung as the young Lee Su (appeared in the first episode only)

•Producer: Kim Jong Hak

•Writer: Song Ji Na






























































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Guest Queen_16

Hey guys, I'm dying to get the subtitles for this drama.

Do you know where I get download it? Thanks for your help! :)

yep,, me toooooooooooo, Plz help me..!!

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jo_dud10 & Queen_16

I suspect the posting with 60 DL links, before your requests, are for TV-Ripped Eng-hardsubbed versions.

If they are not, then you just have to go back to Page 4 onwards and look for MU DL links posted by aida_ladida for those files.

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Sharing some JHJ stuff from the drama DAEMANG/GREAT AMBITION


wuliJHJ's comments: Every time I see Jo Hyun-Jae as the Crown Prince in “Great Ambition” (Dae Mang 2002), I marvel at the fact that this is his first “real” role in a drama. He does not at all look like a newbie on the set. Every appearance is a miracle, especially when he is wearing his regal robes. The final smile is so sweet, so serene!

The 22-year-old JHJ, in his first small role in a big production, manages to hold his own among the more experienced actors. For most of the drama he was in the company of Jang Hyuk, one of two lead actors in the drama, and he does not look like a newbie at all. He manages to capture the Crown Prince’s innocence, ingenuousness, ethereal qualities, and curiosity about life and the world to perfection.


The following dialogue occurs at the end of “Great Ambition” (Dae Mang), when Jo Hyun-Jae’s Crown Prince is about to return to his kingdom to reclaim what is rightfully his — to ascend the throne. This is his last conversation with his travel companion Park Jae-Young (lead role played by Jang Hyuk.)

CP (Crown Prince) PJY (Park Jae-Young)

CP: You really don’t want to go back with me?

PJY: No, I’d like to return to my village.

CP: Can’t you pretend this country is your village? Won’t you stay by my side?

PJY: You do what you have to do and I’ll do my thing. Maybe we’ll see each other again someday.

CP: What is your village really like?

PJY: A place where everyone has his/her own business, no distinction between high and low, everybody understands one another, all leading simple lives without being laughed at.

CP: Is there really such a place on earth? What you have described is Utopia!

PJY: In reality there’s no such place, that’s why it’s called Utopia. I think we’re very lucky. If we live in this ideal world Utopia, we won’t know what to do next. Now is not yet the time, so there are many things to do. That’s why we’re lucky.

Well, there’s something philosophical in there for you to contemplate. Even though JHJ only has a small role in “Great Ambition”, his presence is felt throughout the drama. His role as the Crown Prince really caught the eye of the Korean TV-watching public and propelled him to fame. He never looked back after this.

Credit: http://blog.daum.net; http://hyunjaelove.jp; http://blog.naver.com; www.johyunjae.hk. Thanks! English translation by wulijohyunjae.



JHJ scenes in Great Ambition/Daemang (1)

prissymom: There is a scene in this drama (also included in the above MV at around 1:01) where JHJ is in some sort of reading room (?), the man who plays LYW’s father entered the room to talk to him, then JHJ started throwing away books (he looks crazy in that scene) while the man who plays LYW’s father looks at him in alarm. My copy of DaeMang have no subtitles for that particular scene. Would really appreciate if somebody can explain that scene to me.

wuliJHJ's reply:prissymom, just checked GA and found scene you asked about. This is what transpires:

Just before scene, after the court session, courtiers are discussing court politics – whom to side with. Then LYW’s father (L) goes to see the Crown Prince (P) who is reading. As soon as he is announced, P starts throwing books. P permits L to enter and throws a book at him. Dialogue is as follows:

P: Oh! Sorry! Trying to hit flies, almost hit you.

L: Flies?

P: Yes, this winter there is one flying about – I’m trying to catch that fly.

(L is about to kneel when P stops him with):

P: Don’t kneel. Fortune tellers say every time I receive this kind of respect, my life will be shortened.

(L looks alarmed.)

P: You should try catching flies. These useless books are useful for catching flies.

(And he throws a couple more books.)

L: I know you are just letting off steam.

P: What did you say? I’m deliberately doing what?

L: I know you look healthy but are really weak. You are brave but a little confused.

P: If you’re here to test me, go away. If you want to stand on my side, again go away. It is not good for either you or me.

L (crying): I actually don’t know anything. I only know you like to sneak out at night and this has become the talk of the court. Please don’t do that anymore. If you want to go out, go out openly and come back openly. I will do my best to protect you. Every time I think about you sneaking out at night, my heart aches. If you want to do anything or see anyone, tell me and I’ll pave the way for you.

(As he is speaking, P is listening intently and seems to be meditating. Then he starts flipping a book.)



1. JHJ sits in front of a wall, talking to the wall as if it is a person. Telling the wall the loneliness he feels. Around 2:24-2:39 in the above MV.

2. Around 2:58 in the above MV - Crown Prince is in disgrace. He will remove his royal robes and let down his hair.

3. Around 3:48 in the above MV - Crown Prince conversation with Park Jae young (Jang Hyuk). THis conversation takes place after CP finds out that his father, the King, has died already. CP talks about the loneliness of his life.

Here is another MV of JHJ (with Jang Hyuk) in Daemang: JHJ as Crown Prince in Great Ambition/Daemang (2)

Other JHJ pictures from the drama:





credit: videos Credit: http://blog.naver.com; www.johyunjae.hk; English translations by wulijohyunjae. Thanks!

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Guest dairykhang

Where can I find good quality of this drama? And soft sub?

I've searching everywhere but the quality is bad and MU links are all dead :((

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Guest daisydorothy

I just finished watching this drama and thank you very much for the Arirang links and uploads by aida that she provided at the first page of this thread. I am biased for Han Jae Suk, him being my favorite and number one Korean actor. I watched this because of him and his character here. He is so talented an actor that his acting stands out in his projects. It is a good drama, it has a good story, it has a good message. Over all, I like it and his character was portrayed by him so well in this drama. Two thumbs up for all those behind the making of Dae Mang!

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I started watching this because I wanted to see Jang Hyuk's development as an actor. He's really adorable here as PJY. Still, I must admit that his character frustrated me so many times.  :)) I'm down to the last three episodes now. I'm watching the 60 episode version of Arirang, btw.
I liked the actor who portrayed the Crown Prince here too. He almost beat Jang Hyuk in terms of cuteness!
Want to know a secret? I wanted PJY to end up with Dong-hee but it's just not meant to be. :-< I felt like Dong-hee suited PJY much better.

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ariasaven said: I started watching this because I wanted to see Jang Hyuk's development as an actor. He's really adorable here as PJY. Still, I must admit that his character frustrated me so many times.  :)) I'm down to the last three episodes now. I'm watching the 60 episode version of Arirang, btw.
I liked the actor who portrayed the Crown Prince here too. He almost beat Jang Hyuk in terms of cuteness!
Want to know a secret? I wanted PJY to end up with Dong-hee but it's just not meant to be. :-< I felt like Dong-hee suited PJY much better.

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