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[variety 2008] Coming Out 커밍아웃

Guest HappyKrman

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Guest bibotatu

Oh cool! This sounds interesting ... wanna see :rolleyes:

Really I think Korean folks should be open more about the homosexual stuff ... my Korean friends, who are young, never mind about this issue but they told me that Korean older generations hate this ... thing. I hope this show help changing their minds :sweatingbullets:

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Guest JessNoYouAre

I'm happy.

The whole world needs to progress into better understanding and acceptance about homosexuality.


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I've never heard of him!

He was acting in a drama where he was gay? and he's gay as well?

Wow I bet this show would shock a lot of people because I think there will be like celebrity editions or something..

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Guest sammy

wow judgmental much?

why do you automatically assume this is "progress"?? anything where korean society is different from american society and it's automatically backward? you say you're korean and young, and I guess you see yourself as open minded but you have such parochial racist views.

there's nothing wrong with a society that doesn't encourage homosexuality. there's more than one philosophy in the world and it's very closed minded of you to pass a sweeping judgment on every society that thinks different from you so you can make yourself feel superior and progressive.

how is it that you're so sure that you're right and everyone else is wrong? is American society that great? there's vastly more racism, imperialism, and economic disparity in the US than in Korea. there's more of a gap between the well-educated and illiterate in the US than in Korea and that gap is growing. In the US there isn't even adequate health care and you're so sure everyone MUST BE LIKE THE US or they're somehow inferior?

Almost every major religion in the world right now has proscriptions against homosexuality: if you're a practicing Jew, Muslim or Christian it's immoral. Confucian societies (as korea) have also traditionally discouraged homosexuality because the family is the core unit of society. If you study world history, it's amazing that Korea as entity has persisted for 3 thousand years despite powerful neighbors and incredible external pressures that have crumbled much larger and more powerful nations/ethnic groups. The predominance of the family unit is one of the core values that has defined the Korean national character for millenia and the reason why Korea has survived is because of the close-knit and independent nature of its society versus external pressures and values. So OF COURSE the natural predisposition of Korean society is to be extremely resistant to homosexuality which is fundamentally contrary and destructive to the concept of a family unit with a mother, father, grandfather and close extended family working together. And here you are some kid in the US to make sweeping judgments about an entire country such as "there's way too much homophobia in Korea" without any clear consideration of why the society is that way.

Being a Korean kid and saying things critical of Korea probably makes you look really cool and progressive to other kids and helps you think of yourself as the "non-typical (and therefore cool) Korean kid... but I think you really need to take a look at the historical, moral and practical reasons why a society is the way it is before passing judgment. And also what's in the best long term interest of that society. America naturally lends itself to being gay-friendly but not all other countries do, nor do they have an obligation to.

I'm not saying homosexuality is right or wrong but it's very closed minded of you to say offhand that the billions of people who believe it's immoral are backwards. There's legitimate arguments on both sides for just about every hot topic issue in the world. Sociologically speaking, there's no reason any other country in the world has to change just so it can be in-step with present cultural mores in the US in order to be "progessive." Granted many do, due to the enormous influence of American popular culture but to say everyone has to be like us is really closed-minded

It's not that Korea doesn't "encourage" homosexuality. It's that they 1) pretend like it doesn't exist in their society and is something that dirty foreigners have brought in or 2) they think it's disgusting. Of course there are those that don't, but overall, Korea has an extremely oppressive view of homosexuality. So you saying "there is nothing wrong with a society that doesn't encourage homosexuality" comes off as very, very ignorant. If you are thought to be gay in Korea, you'll be tormented by your classmates and it's not like there are loud and out gay student organizations to help you cope. Think of how mentally distressing it would be to grow up in a society where you're told that you are mentally unsound if you are gay. The sooner Korea gets more gay acceptance, the sooner the gay men and women can have a healthier lifestyle. By covering it up and acting like it's wrong/not there, it is forcing people to live a giant lie.

It's not that the US is always right, but the US isn't always wrong, either. We have more acceptance for gays. You're making that to sound like a bad thing...?

So, not sorry, but YOU sound like the one that needs to open your eyes.


Wow, thanks ginger...i looked into this post waaaay after I actually posted what I said!


you were obviously offended by my comments which kind of fascinates me b/c progress is really kind of an opinionated thing, and if you really believe that i'm close minded and judgmental than you should probably go back and read your post b/c i've got to say that it really beats my post in that category.

disclaimer: I NEVER EVER said that the US is better or more progressive than korea, in fact, I think the US itself is also very conservative on the issue of homosexuality (with the exception of a few metropolitan areas). I didn't even mention any other country in my post, so I'm not sure why you're so fired about it. If you really want progressive, more liberal and open minded countries go look at Germany. (and even they have their own faults.)

You're right, there's a great deal of racism, sexism, and imperialism involved in American history, BUT MY POINT is that because of the criticism that American society receives, it constantly and very slowly progresses toward radical ideas. Of course Koreans have their own cultural reasons as to why homosexuality is looked down upon--but don't most cultures?

I'm not sure you really understood me, but I don't mean to say that one country is better than another because every country has faults and problems and has had problems in their history. Personally though, as a Korean person I would really like to see Koreans be a little more open to homosexuals, and in fact, STEP UP to something that the US can't seem to do with open arms either. Ginger is correct---in korea, you mention anything about homosexuality and immediately you can't get a job, can't get friends, etc... there's extreme discrimination.

By the way, did you understand what I said when I wrote "선진국"? B/c i think if you see that Koreans are actually the ones who constantly point out that they lag behind the "superpowers" (if there really are any left) that remain in the world. So if you really want to criticize people for following an "American" or more "progressive" way of life, then I believe you should be talking to the Koreans who believe becoming a 선진국 means following the western nations.

OH, and please don't dumb down this argument . I wasn't trying to be a "cool kid" by arrogantly stating critical opinions.

I personally can't help but comment on things like this b/c I have close friends who are homosexual, and I personally would never want to see them be discriminated against.


님아, 개념좀 챙겨가시길 바랍니다.

그리고....너나 잘하세요....

i feel kinda disgusted by tat =(

no offense.

님도 개념좀 챙겨가시길 바랍니다.

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Guest xkhan

I'm actually quite surprised theres going to be a show, but hopefully it wont cause any chaos. Really want to see the show.

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Guest tenshiii0ox

^^You guys are all close-minded for not being able accept each other's views and opinions. As humans, we can't help but to be close-minded on sensitive issues. Don't think you're "open-minded" because you most certainly are not.

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Guest kyungxah

omgsh wow im in shock..

i know for sure netzin arent jsut gonna sit there and jsut watch

i dont have a good feeling about this show...

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Guest Ane

He said he knows one famous fan-made REAL gay couple. Could it be...?

haha, when i read: "He mentioned he noes sum gay couples in the entertainment field. Who? " in the title, first people i thought of was JaeHo... lol XDD

Hahaha. I thought the same thing too. YunJae <3

Can't wait to see this show. ^^

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