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[variety 2008] Coming Out 커밍아웃

Guest HappyKrman

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Guest SeungRi

This show is entitled "Coming Out". This is a new gay variety show in Korea. The MC, Hong Suk Chun, is a homosexual himself. I have watched episode one and it is really touching. :tears:

Whoa! It has been a long time since I have updated! I was getting pretty excited because these two men are finally getting married to each other! In this episode, you can see they are doing preparations for their wedding, however, the another partner does not want to show his face. Nvm, I STILL HOPE THEY CAN BE TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY!

By Han Sang-hee

Staff Reporter

Hong Suk-chun, the first Korean actor to publicly ``come out of the closet,'' is hosting his own television talk show, ``Coming Out'', a program that features the lives of homosexuals.

Hong will be hosting the program with actress Jung Kyung-soon on cable channel tvN. He stirred the nation when he came out in 2000 and suddenly stopped appearing on television for a while.

At a press conference for the show, which was swarmed with reporters and photographers eager to get a glimpse of the now successful owner of three restaurants, Hong said that he was not initially thrilled about hosting the program.

``When I first saw the synopsis of the program, I thought it was crazy. There are people around me who once thought of coming out, but there were always problems with family and work. This program is not just coming out to your friends or family, but to all of Korean society,'' he said.

The program will show mini dramas of guests' lives as homosexuals and talk with Hong and Jung. The two hosts will work as mentors and give advice and coach guests on gay issues in Korea, particularly coming out.

Choi Seung-jun, the producer, said that his perspective toward the gay community changed as he worked on the program.

``Five percent of Korea's population is considered homosexual, but who knows if the number is higher? These are people who are living with us right now and the suffering they go through is unimaginable,'' Choi said.

He added that he wanted the audience to try and understand the homosexual community for a more ``healthy society.''

Perhaps it was because Hong had a rather difficult life after his announcement, being shunned by producers and friends and even the public.

``I don't advise people to come out because I know it is a hard decision. But as for myself, I have never been happier. I don't have to lie to myself any more,'' Hong said.

Actress Jung, who is straight, said that when she was asked to be the co-host of the program, she was more than happy to participate.

``I told the crew that the program must be based on humanity. So many minorities (including the gay community) are being discriminated against. Korean society needs more programs like this,'' she said.

Korea was never a haven for the homosexual community, but the hosts and producer agreed that the program will work as a means to bridge the gap between homosexuals and the public.

This is what he says:

During the 'Coming out' press conference, Hong was asked if he had "talk to any gays in the entertainment field?"

He replied calmly ," I have talked to the very famous couple you guys have always been talking about."

Everyone was shocked by what he said.

The rumours of some gays celebrities in the entertainment field is only left to be confirmed.

However, Hong said that he is someone who keeps secret. Thus, he would not reveal the names

Credits: ME! and YoonJaelovebar.


Hong Suk Chun


Some screen caps I took:









somemore pics:


Alright, I know a lot of you want the link but youtube only have part of the show. Thus, I have given you the link to the whole episode! Episode 1:


However, no subs. But i still hope you all can enjoy the show! ^^ Hong Suk Chun's story is sad! T-T

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Guest whoa

i wanna see!!!!

lmao at the girl taking the cellphone pic of the two guys kissing....0.o

i cant imagine what she would do with it.....

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Guest Lighto_Yuchun

Looking forward to this,hope there will be someone subbing it.

I think it will be so interesting since yaoi brotherly love relationship is famous in Korea.

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For a country full of males who are constantly feeling up on each other, I've always wondered why Korea was so unreceptive towards gays.

Oh well. Hope this show doesn't bomb.

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Guest genie828

WOW! Bravo Korea. lol

I always thought Korea was so uptight and against this kind of stuff.

I wonder what the audience response is like in korea?

Would anyone know where I can watch this?

It looks very interesting.

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Guest 13!nujiem

is Korea the first country in Asia for featuring the topic of yaoi brotherly love on TV?

anyway, this sounds interesting.

wouldn't mind watching it. :X

if it's a hit, they could consider doing one for yuri sisterly love too. :X

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