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Itazura Na Kiss Anime~! April 2008~!

Guest puls707

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Guest puls707

aka "It Started With A Kiss" AnimeItazura na Kiss, the Shōjo Manga, has officially been made into TV Anime!
"I don't want it."
Kotoko is upset when the boy that she has been in love with for 2 years refused to accept the love letter that she has written for him. This has made her the laughingstock of the school. Everyone has expected such outcome as Naoki from the A-Class would never go out with Kotoko from the F-Class. Not only he is from the A-Class, he is also a genius and a top student in school. With this rejection, Kotoko decides to move on.
Unexpectedly, during a visit from her friends, her house collapses. Her father decides to put her up at his friend's house while the house is being re-built. To her shock, "the friend" that her father has referred to is Naoki's father. Now that they are living under the same roof, Kotoko's feelings for Naoki (which has never gone away anyway...) rekindles...
This story consists of 23 volumes of manga which spans over a period of a long time, following Kotoko's and Naoki's romance, marriage and married life. However, as Miss Tada passed away before this manga is completed, the 23 volume of manga will not be completed.
Credits: http://www.suki-desu.com/itazuranakiss/story.html

check out these websites for more info:
http://itakiss-anime.jp/index.htm (Official Japanese Website)

Ep.1 Part 1
Ep. 1 Part 2
Ep. 2 Preview
Volumes: 23 (Incomplete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=148Published by: DMPAnime Episodes: 25*This series has also live action drama released.



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Guest ~fantasygurl~

awwwww!!!! i feel so sorrry

anyways the story sounds so absorbing!!! and it's also a shojo! WOW!

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Guest sourx3candi

i can't wait to see this.

i want to see how different it will be from It Started With a Kiss which was based on the manga, love the TWDrama tho.

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arghh! i love 'it started with a kiss'!!!! i wish the author was still alive T_T

What?!! The author is dead?

I didn't know that.

I can't wait for the anime.

I've just finished watching the first season and I loved it.

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Guest gillie

downloaded the first episode....i wanted to watch this cuz i kinda wanna see the difference between the drama and the anime

it looks pretty good so far...i watched half an episode XD

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Guest wileenfc

i liek the anime more than the twdrama one. i love the japanese drama one as well..

i AGREEEEE!!! the anime is so much more hilarious...

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Guest i3lu3fun

i love the japanese drama as well, AKIRADOWN. Takashi Kashiwabara was really handsome in it. the taiwan drama is not bad too, although i felt that some part was a bit draggy. anyway I enjoyed the anime, wacthed ep.3 few days ago. Aww, poor Kotoko has to dragged Naoki's father for the one she loved :P

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Guest Millou

i really like this anime too (well, i basicaly like all anime's that i've seen (almost)

I'm already up to eps 4... can't wait for the next episodes...

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Guest yence
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