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[manga] Pretty Face

Guest Misao

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crossdressingIt's a really funny ecchi manga. image But sadly, it's already completed.. =(


Martial Artist Randoh Masashi, is given the face of his secret love Kurimi Rina after an accident destroys his face. After a year in a coma he tries to return home only to find his family gone. However his secret love mistakes him for her lost sister, Yuna. Randoh then decides he must find the real Yuna for the sake of his love, Rina.

Well, give it a try! image

Click here to read.

Scanlator: Akatsuki

Volumes: 6 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=633Published by: Viz




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Guest OrangeAddiction

oh i didn't know this was gonna be 6 volumes only....I read the first vol and it is so funni~^^ I shall read the rest...oneday...gah...so many animes to watch and mangas to read.......-_-

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I never completed this manga, I stopped after Volume 5. I'm surprised it ended at 6! It's hecka funny, especially how he finds out people are glad he's gone.~ :lol: Gonna go finish then, thanks for sharing the links.

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Guest x__FL4*

omggg.. HAHHAA i LOVED this series! i finished reading the whole series and.. LOLLS omg!! it's WAYYY too funny =P it's kind of sad at to what happens at the end.. well not really but.. you know? LOLLS if you actually read the REAL ending.. hahaha

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