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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Title: 不良笑花 / Bu Liang Xiao Hua

English title: The Bad Campus Belle /Miss No Good

Genre: Romance, comedy

Broadcast period: Around end of 2008


Rainie Yang plays a jewelry store owner with no sense of style. When she meets prince charming Dean Fujioka, she consults Will Pan, a poison-tongue stylist, to help revamp her style.


Rainie Yang as Xiao Hua 笑花

Will Pan

Dean Fujioka

Mei Mei

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that is so great that dean is in this series. although i want to see him with rainie being paired up, i know that will be unlikely since wilber is main. but hopefully, dean will be paired up with a super cutie. dean's chinese is awesome. for someone who lived in taiwan for such a short time, his chinese is unbelieveable. i love hearing him speak mandarin and then put in a little english words in btw. that's great!

in addition, dean has great eyes and a super cute smile. he the one japanese that i like a lot.

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who is Dean?cant wait for this story's detailed outline and their appearances to be released.since its a rainie drama,i bet it will have rather good ratings plus story too.^^

EDIT---oh.okie.i think i know who's Dean seeing the post below..is he the one with "Dian" in his chinese pronounced name?

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Guest XiaoHuaHua

Oooooohhh! This seems interesting!

Will Pan?!?!? Ahhh yayy! :)

I love Rainie's acting too! I seriously can't wait for more info!

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Guest keaiclam

I think I first saw Dean in Zhuan Jiao Yu 到 爱。Can't wait to see Rainie and Wilbur. I hope Will and Rainie have songs to sing. =]

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Guest babiplucki

daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang, rainie looks like a complete train wreck for this series :lol:


credit wiki.d-addicts

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Guest epique.

Yay!! Can't wait for this drama as well!!


Rainie Yang is a VERY good actress, shes so cute!

I don't know Will Pan... :(

But I know Dean...Yay!! I LOVED him in Corner With Love!!

Oh My Gosh!! Mei Mei???

From the group: Hei Se Hui Mei Mei???

Wow!! I didn't know she was going to be in this drama!!! :o



Chen Yan Xi [the girl acting as Rainies best friend in Why Why Love] is also in this drama!! Yayy!!!

She's really good!!

More updates at: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Bad_Campus_Belle


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