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[drama Japan 2008] ルーキーズ / Rookies

Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173


Title: ルーキーズ

Title (English): ROOKIES

Format: Renzoku

Genre: Sports drama

Broadcast network: TBS

Broadcast period: 2008-Apr-19 to

Air time: Saturday 20:00


The story revolves around a high school teacher and coach that tries to reform delinquents by having them join the baseball team.


Sato Ryuta as Kawato Koichi

Ichihara Hayato as Aniya Yabu

Koide Keisuke as Mikoshiba Toru

Shirota Yu as Shinjo Kei

Nakao Akiyoshi as Sekikawa Shuta

Takaoka Sousuke as Wakana Tomochika

Kiritani Kenta as Hiratsuka Taira

Sato Takeru as Okada Yuya

Igarashi Shunji as Yufune Tetsuro

Kawamura Yousuke as Hiyama Kiyooki

Onoue Hiroyuki as Imaoka Shinobu

Murakawa Eri as Yagi Toko

Asano Kazuyuki as Ikebe Shunsaku

Fukiishi Kazue as Mayumi Rie

Ibu Masato as Murayama Yoshio

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Guest Blu_Velvet_Sea

oooo ichihara hayato eh? excited much?! hehe XD But I am not sure of the plot, seems boring to me =/

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Guest Seiritya

I don't know whether I want to watch it or know. I like Shirota a lot (tenimyu~<3), but I think I wouldn't really like the series at all judging from the synopsis >-<;

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it's too bad about the ratings because i think this show is amazing!!!!!!!

when i read the synopsis i thought it was part of the "Gokusen" genre, but these delinquents are BAD-richard simmons to the tenth degree! They make gokusen boys look like angels.

sadly i can't watch it with sub, but it's still so interesting.

I love the cast (some of the guys are pretty cute)...i can't believe what a transformation they went under...esp Nakao Akiyoshi (guy with mohawk)

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Guest naoto

^why can't you watch it with sub? Need some help?

I skipped this because I already picked up gokusen 3 and I didn't feel the need for another delinquent - teacher show. But it looks good though!

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^ ooops sorry, i worded that wrong :sweatingbullets: what i meant to say was that there are no hard subs, and soft subs are coming out slowly. so i'm watching this on veoh with no subs!

thanks for offering though!

it is very good. the first foreign drama where i actually have the patience to watch without subs.

(not gonna lie, at this point i just watch it for the fighting and the guys. but i'm sure there's a great plot behind it! lol)

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Guest naadianaa

OMG!! I cant believe tht ppl dont know where to get softsubs and hardsubs for these...




Enjoy. It's really a good drama... Makes Gokusen 3 fight scenes like a 'girlie' fight. :P

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so far so good. I like this drama. It's a little similar to Gokusen but I like it better. I can't wait for ep. 2. WHOA!! Shirota is being such a bad richard simmons.

Lol thas what I said

it's like that ep from Gokusen 1 where Eiji Wentz guest starred

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Guest alcyone

currently watching up tp ep 2 hardsubbed....i'm in love with Ichihara Hayato..... :wub:

it's definitely more amusing than Gokusen 3

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