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Lead are: Hiroki Nakadoi (21) 85.7.26 Shinya Taniuchi (19) 87.9.23 Keita Furuya (18) 88.6.13 Akira Kagimoto (18) 88.8.20 DVD 「Lead Upturn 2007 ~B.W.R~」 intgzomeisxx_200700001905_001.jpg

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ahahh kim those pics of akira look so sexy ^^

thanks for the pictures eveyrone ill post some later

jenni that pic of them shopping is so cute ahha

i wish i was with them keita and akira look so hot lol

and hiroki AWW =[ ill help him carry some bags ahah

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omg akira looks so sexy school boy!

lol i rarely seen hiroki with a beanie. it looks good on him.

re-post (so glad i had it saved)

Hiroki Diary Entry 2005-10-2

before we even know it, it's the next day already!!


you're thinking "why so excited" right?

what do you think?? i'm going to be in a dramaaa!

is everyone keeping an eye on it? it starts airs


something like: "are there any kissing scenes" "are the

kisses real"

well, it's hard for me to answer..i guess you'll have to

watch it urself! phew.gif

i want to hear the feedbacks

becuz it is my first drama, i wonder if there are going

to be any bad critisms

if you're going to talk about kissing scenes..you'll

have to ask Shinya

as you know, in the movie Boutaoshi, he experience some


so i'm just a 'rookie' and he's the 'vet'..hahaha

anyway, i just want u guys to keep an eye on PINK NO


my aim for the ratings, i want it be like the ending of


translated by Korrupted-Mind (although im not sure what korrupt's new sn will be XD)

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