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Official Michael Jackson Thread


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His daughter's speech was so touching :'(

Some of the fans were saying how they cried when he died, if you didn't personally know him though...how can it affect you so much? I'm not trying to be rude or anything I just want to know

well, for me at least, some people leave their marks in this world, touched the lives of people, through their songs, their messages, their dreams, their joy and pain. well we cried when we watch touching movies or read moving stories. how many people cried during Titanic? Armageddon? Forrest Gump? Nicholas Spark's novels? if we can grieve for fictional characters, what more a real person who was a part of our lives?

i'm not a fan, technically. but i love some of MJ's songs and especially his messages. Man in the Mirror is my favourite song which i always have somewhere about me, to remind myself that if i want a better world, i have to start with myself.

i don't follow celebrity news and i dislike tabloids. MJ's death did not affect me very much at first, because i admit, i was brainwashed by the media (even the mainstream) about how weird he was, even though i didn't really believe the allegations. after reading up on his life, watching his interviews, and finally, discovering how much injustice he went through, i grieve for him. i am so sorry i did not find out the truth before and maybe leave some words of encouragement and support for him. for someone wrongly accused surely that's the best thing even strangers who don't know him should have done. at least i'm comforted by the fact that he has many many fans who supported him through thick and thin.

to see him picked himself up after all the damaging things done to him is inspiring, to say the least. i think most people would not be able to endure what he did. just look at the many celebrity suicides. he was stronger and more well-adjusted than most of us, yet we called him a 'weirdo'. just look at how he treated others with respect and love in 'This Is It'. i'm pretty sure most people criticizing him do not have half the respect he gave others.

sorry for this long post. i'm just angry at the injustices he suffered. MJ fans, please subscribe to the newsletter at this website MJ Truth Now to join in the effort to clear his name in mainstream media!

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oh my gosh , this thread hasnt been commented on since april.

whatcha gals been up to?

did you saw the interview with oprah and Janet? , i dont know about you , but oprah strikes me as such a hypocrite.

if you missed it , you can watch it Here(the rest is on the side bar)

also , since the start of the interview , Janet said she still couldnt watch any videos of Michael and later on they put the video of Janet giving Michael an award , my gosh what the heck is up with them.

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Guest sweet_love777

R.I.P Michael Jackson. I may not be able to understand all the pain you went through, but I, along with many other fans and supporters, will never let anything tarnish the beautiful impact you had on my upbringing and you still continue to inspire me to this day.

"If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with."

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Ohh yay a Michael Jackson topic. Sometimes I still can't believe he's gone :(

I had tickets for his This Is It tour and I was all excited coz it had been 12 years since I saw him preform live on stage. But atleast I saw him live once...

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