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1) Only post GOONG related articles & pics. Subsequently, JJH modeling pics should go to JJH thread and YEH pretty leg pics go to YEH thread.

2) This is NOT A CONVO THREAD. Please use Private Message (PM).

3) Make your posts count. Say things that are relevant about the show, no more one liners.

4) Do not quote entire posts only to say "thanx" at the end of it. Save ur thanx when u have something else to say.

5) Refrain from quoting the whole message, just related sentences. Anybody who wants to read the original quoted message, can click on the arrow to jump to it.

6) The big pictures should be taken out when quoting somebody. Remove <img>...</img> or completely remove the pictures.

7) When posting pics, articles and anything else, backlog to see if it has already been posted.

8) Feel free to say hi and goodnight to other users, but include it in a post of relevance.

Irrelevant messages with no substance such as "YAY", the copying and pasting of the number of people in the thread and posting for the sake of "owning" a page all constitutes to spamming and if caught, may result in a mod warning. To read more about what is considered 'spamming', please read this.

Please help keep this thread spam-free. Thank you.

-Soompi Goong Community-

IPB Image
Goong is adapted from the same titled manga by Park So Hee. Read the manhwa here

It's a different Korea, where a royal family rules and a beautiful palace sits in the heart of modern-day Seoul. It's where a normal girl and a celebrated prince will discover their fate, tying them together for as long as their love-hate relationship will allow. Chae Gyung, art student one day, crown princess the next, must find a way to survive the extravagance of palace life while falling faster and faster in love with her husband, the lonely and reluctant prince. Once upon a time, there was far from enough warmth between them to build the fairy tale relationship, but in this modern Cinderella story, scandals, love triangles, and royal jealousy can all fit in the shoe.

Shin Chae Gyung (Yoon Eun Hye)
- A heroine with a heart of gold, Chae Gyung is compassionate, free-spirited, and fiercely loyal to her loved ones. She's won the genetic lottery as a result of her grandfather's agreement with the late emperor and is promised from the cradle to the crown prince of Korea. Nineteen years later, she grudgingly accepts marriage to a handsome but outwardly unemotional Prince Shin. Despite her clumsy, silly ways, she brings a cheerful, genuine presence to the doll-like stoniness of the palace and slowly gains the acceptance of the royal family. In the beginning, the animosity between herself and Shin is mutual, however, as the estranged distance between them closes with understanding, Chae Gyung learns that true love is the only thing this prince charming needs to make her the queen of his heart.

Lee Shin (Joo Ji Hoon)
- He's no Romeo or Casanova, but he's won the heart of every girl in Korea as their crown prince. Brought up with every adherence to proper manners and royal duties, he's suddenly found himself married to a spunky, "common" girl who isn't afraid to treat him like a normal human being. Though inwardly touched by Chae Gyung's open adoration of him, he isn't the type to express how he feels through words. Throughout the course of their marriage, he faces ex-girlfriend troubles and repeated royal scandals, all topped with his impending vow of giving up the throne for his freedom. In time, he learns he's truly come to love his Cinderella and has to find the courage to tell her before his pride drives them apart forever.

Lee Yul (Kim Jung Hoon)
- The fallen angel and palace outcast, Yul is sentimental, reserved, and possesses a first-rate lady killer smile. The quiet type, he prefers books and nostalgic childhood places to the party scene. First cousin to Shin and originally first in line to the throne, Yul was just five when his father died unexpectedly, leaving the crown title to Shin's father. Following imperial law, Yul and his mother left the palace to live a solitary but not unpleasant life in London. Fourteen years later, his return to Korea is driven by a shadowed desire to reclaim his throne. In the royal chaos that ensues, he also finds himself falling for Chae Gyung, unable to let go of the fact that she was first betrothed to him. Over time, as his feelings grow, he must choose between his dream of becoming king and his love for a woman he can never have.

Min Hyorin (Song Ji Hyo)
- A premier ballet dancer, Hyorin fulfills every stereotypical characteristic of the high school Queen Bee: pretty, rich, and incredibly immune to human emotions. At least on the surface it seems that way. For two years, she's carried on a relationship with Shin, both of them keeping it secret to avoid mass media and social attention. Prior to his wedding, Shin proposed to Hyorin to escape his arranged marriage, but she declined, not willing to give up her dancing dreams. She feels the full sting of her rejection only after Shin marries Chae Gyung and resolves herself to win him back. In addition to the love triangle she creates, she also has a hidden past that threatens her confidence and desire to live. Beneath the haughty exterior, she's insecure, lonely, and increasingly hopeless as she watches Shin move on without her. Her only remaining wall of support is Kang In, who may or may not be able to convince her that his love for her is enough.

Director: Hwang In Roe
Date Airing: January 11th, 2006 - March 30th, 2006
Time Airing Wednesday and Thursday, 9.55 pm
Broadcasting Channel: MBC
Number of Episodes: 24 Episodes (A sequel, Goong 2, will be aired February 2007)
Official Site:: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/gung/index.html
Teaser Preview: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...dpost&p=1313531
Ratings: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...dpost&p=1280219 or here
Cast Profiles: http://www.soompi.com/forums/index.php?s=&...dpost&p=1334146
Episode Summaries: http://home.pacific.net.sg/~rebbie11/goongsummary.htm

Official DVD Information:


.. IPB Image
Episode 01: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 02: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 03: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 04: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent/ Mooload
Episode 05: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent/ Sharebigfile
Episode 06: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 07: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 08: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Filefront/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 09: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent/ Mooload
Episode 10: Megaupload/ Clubbox/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 11: Megaupload/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 12: Megaupload/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 13: Megaupload/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 14: Megaupload/ Sendspace/ Bittorrent
Episode 15: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 16: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 17: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 18: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 19: Megaupload/ Bittorrent -2 episodes in one torrent, 19 & 20-
Episode 20: Megaupload/ Bittorrent -2 episodes in one torrent, 19 & 20-
Episode 21: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 22: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 23: Megaupload/ Bittorrent
Episode 24: Megaupload/ Bittorrent

Goong Special 1.5 : Sendspace/ Bittorrent
/ Translation


Links to softsubs will be immediately updated here, so please refrain from requesting for them in the thread.
DO NOT ask why the subs aren't released yet or make any comment about the subs that aren't released yet.
The time frame for releasing subs is about one week, do not expect to see anything after a day.

If you are confused as to how to use softsubs, refer to this post.

Episode 01: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 02: HQ subs/ LQ subs

Episode 03: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 04: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 05: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 06: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 07: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 08: HQ subs/ LQ subs
Episode 09: HQ subs
Episode 10: HQ subs
Episode 11: HQ subs
Episode 12: HQ subs
Episode 13: HQ subs
Episode 14: HQ subs
Episode 15: HQ subs
Episode 16: HQ subs
Episode 17: HQ subs
Episode 18: HQ subs
Episode 19: HQ subs
Episode 20: HQ subs
Episode 21: HQ subs
Episode 22: HQ subs
Episode 23: HQ subs
Episode 24: HQ subs

LQ SUBS 11-21

ENGLISH Hardsubbed Episodes:

Capricious's site
Nay's Silent Regrets
Kpopper's ep 1-4

Video/Soft Sub/Bit Torrent Trouble Shooting

Soompi tech thread for playing videos
D-addicts Soft Sub Thread
D-addicts general faq
FAQ made up by the wonderful beautifulxmess!
BSplayer Walkthrough by Saki
Subtitle Workshop Walkthrough by Roujin

..IPB Image
IPB Image

OST 1st Album:
download the complete OST here, here or here.

01. Perhaps Love - J & HowL lyrics / romanized lyrics / translated lyrics
02. Give Me A Little Try - Seo Hyun Jin lyrics / romanized lyrics
03. Du gahji mal - JungJaeOok & The One lyrics / romanized lyrics
04. NanNeul Saranghae Nuhman Saranghae II - Shim TaeYoon. lyrics
05. DangShineun...NaNun BaBohImnida (Acoustic ver.) - Stay lyrics / romanized lyrics
06. Perhaps Love (Remix) - J & HowL
07. 1993 KwangWha 49Nyuhn
08. 宮
09. Bokjang Boolryang!
10. OoJoo JungBohk #1
11. Crystal Flower
12. A Dancing Teddy
13. Negah SunTaeHan Giriya!
14. Dahji Mohtan Ma-uhm
15. KohTiPi NeRinDa
16. OoJoo JungBohk #2

IPB Image

OST 2nd Album:
download the complete OST here(MP3), or here(WMA)

1. Sarangae Bbajida - Howl & Luna romanized lyric
2. Geudaereul Saranghamnida - Stay romanized lyric
3. 이 노래를 부를게요 (I Would Sing This Song) - SOREA
4. Always - 건휘
5. 궁 (Piano) - 두번째달
6. 바람에 실어 (Blow By Wind) - SOREA
7. 꽃잎이 내리다 (Piano) - 두번째달
8. 너를 보면...(Words by 비궁마마)
9. 恶缘 - 두번째달
10. 내 맘속의 너 (Words by 황태자)
11. Home - 두번째달
12. 닿지 못한 마음 (Acoustic Version) - 두번째달
13. 별처럼... (Words by 비궁마마)
14. 말할 수 없어도 - 두번째달

Track 1 MV

Additional song

01. Parrot (Aeng moo sae) - Howl download here or here / romanized lyric << First appeared in ep 11, when Shin carried the fainted Chaegyung.
02. Ice Pond - 두번째 달 download here or here << The sad instrumental song. First appeared in ep 18, during Pyeha's flashback memory, with Yul's mom. *EEEWW*

...... IPB Image

//NEWS.INFO: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9


-- Production/Behind The Scenes
-- Press Conference/Interviews
-- Official Pics
-- Magazine Shoots
-- Screen Caps
-- Misc. Pics
-- Misc. Pics (unrelated)
-- Manga/Drama Pic

-- Behind the Scenes
-- News
-- NGs
-- Interviews
-- Music Fan-Videos
-- Animated Gifs

-- Voting Poll: Who should Chaegyung end up with?
-- The Goong Dictionary: terms you should know!!
-- Episode Summaries: compiled by Rebby
-- YKYOWGW: You Know You're Obsessed with Goong When...
-- EPPIE AWARDS: reviews by Theedqueen
-- How to register to MBC: mei_yee_chan's guide
-- International Goong Map: Goongers' address book
-- Eclick Korea: Where you can buy Goong merchandise

-- Goong Graphics Album
-- Goong Graphics by Theedqueen
-- Goong Graphics by beautifulxmess
-- Lapampam's Screencaps Archive
-- MBC Wallpapers: 1 2 3

*note-if you plan on using the graphics for whatever purposes, MAKE SURE you download it to your own computer and put it on your own server like photobucket or imageshack. Don't forget to credit the person who made the graphic. Each graphic is labelled with the person who made it, so this shouldn't be hard to do. If you need to know why, go here

......IPB Image

Soompi's Goong Manhwa thread
I Love Korean Drama - Goong Forum
OH-highness Goong Forums
Goong @ Naver
Korean-manwha Scanlations
Manga Tea House (where you can get scanlations)
Theedqueen's Goong Website
Goong Graphics by beautifulxmess
BokuWaShinigami's Goong HQ Episode Downloads
Goong Community @ Livejournal
Episode Discussion Links *might contain spoilers

Goong Fanlisting
Goong Fanbase

Yoon Eun Hye thread
Joo Ji Hoon thread
Kim Jung Hoon thread
Song Ji Hyo thread
Choi Sung Joon thread
Lee Yong Joo thread
Uhm Sung Mo thread

Vietnamese Soft Subs
Malaysian soft subs
Chinese: Megaupload- 1/ Bittorrent- here/ Clubbox- 1 2 / NGs

Yoon Eun Hye (CG): http://cyworld.nate.com/dbsdmsgp
Kim Jung Hoon (Yul): http://www.cyworld.com/jh_yool/
Choi Sung Joon (Kang In): http://www.cyworld.com/tjdwns11
Uhm Sung Mo (Ryu Hwan): http://www.cyworld.com/umsungmo/
Dahn Ji (Yoo Hee Soong): http://www.cyworld.com/dange84

Jeon Ji Ae (Lee Kang Hyun): http://www.cyworld.com/jiea

Bummie's Clubox
Creidesca's Clubbox
Cyberkid1987's Clubbox
Effekted's Clubbox
Iyagi's Clubbox
Kalena85's Clubbox
Kissity's Clubbox
KRCity's Clubbox
Maysialee's Clubbox
Meitha83's Clubbox
Nilucky's Clubbox
*Noanymore's Clubbox
Touya's Clubbox
Sylver's Clubbox
gfamca's Clubbox
Mandyquyen's clubbox
Xiaomao123's Clubbox (chinese subs)
YYCAF's Clubbox (chinese subs)

PDbox Links
mei yee chan's PDbox



"Goon" can be litterally translated as "Sir" or "mister", but the way its used in Goong, is more like a cute-appellation (short nickname) for Shin & Yul.
IPB Image
IPB Image

Uploader Credits (in the dl section):NoName, 6shin3hwa7, jun ji, sarangie, cfb, j o a n _, jihunny79, penny, soutsada7, leikela, minwoogrl, roujin, bokuwashinigami, hunnibunni, sophendo, cilik, <3 Michelle, Casey, testing, rainbowbrite, chigurl, awdark, fantasian, Ailin*

The Rules are compiled from Angeline, Rebby and noriko's posts on page 1277.

Drama Synopsis & Main Characters description by SnowApple

Also, thank you to the following people who have helped with this thread:
daramji*, iluxxx, ellegirl19, Christine, jihunny79

Thank you beautifulxmess for creating the graphic of The First Post and allowing them to still be used.

Thank you theedqueen and beautifulxmess for all of your hard work maintaining The First Post...!!

Thank you to the so many incredible people who have helped the process of maintaining this post.

This post is currently maintained by bitterkoekjes.
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Guest redmango

I don't think Yoon Eun Hye fits her role. :0 but then I might change my mind when I watch it. :)

I agree... I can't wait for goong, I've been waiting since last year but I'm not sure if I'll be pleasantly surprised or disappointed. At least its better than having Boa as CheKyung. Although i have to admit in melon.yun's post, the first and last Eunhye pictures kindof look like CheKyung... Yul seems to fit his role perfectly at least look/feel wise not sure about his acting. He's never acted before has he? And Shin's ex girlfriend too...

Anyone read volume 9? I think it was up to 9 this summer when I went to Korea... I was wondering if you could supply a little spoiler since I couldn't understand it...

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OMG i CanT waiT eiTher!!!FiGhTing 4 EunHye!!!

OOoo i love your signature!!!

Has filming started for this show? When will tis show air? Really wan to see this show... :rolleyes:

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Guest alumni_adv7

OOoo i love your signature!!!

Has filming started for this show? When will tis show air? Really wan to see this show... :rolleyes:

Thanks For uR replY...My Signature pics is from The XMAN shows...i think it's episode 98 and 99...Last Sunday is Episode 100...Before the soompi were upgrade...i download it in XMAN threads....But now everybodey start from beginning...I have the shows but i dunno how to Upload it...If u want it ..teach me how to upload it (^-^)!!!So i could Upload iT for others Too!!!!WelL thanks ... :P

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Guest krazyxdreamer


even though i REALLiE like eun yun hae

i think goo hye sun would have made a better choice for the role!

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Guest xdementiax

yes, and we're back on line. . .

she's not the prettiest girl out in the industry at the moment, not even the top ten, but there's just something about her that transcends the petty classification of just being "pretty" --> the girl's charismatic; that alone can carry her far

i think she'll do a decent job portraying the character; and, considering that i'm a big fan of the manhwa, i wouldn't miss watching it for the world; i've already decided on buying the subsequent dvd's, just for collecting's sake!

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albert.. YEH was in a movie before? Do you know the title of that movie? cuz after watching her on x-man, i think she's really cute.. can't believe she's only 21.. but i think she will do well in palace since she looks fabulous in those uniforms

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i think the cast is pretty good...esp for yul and hyolim :D eunhye kinda fits her character, but omg SHIN WHY DID THEY RUIN YOU?!?! *weeps*

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Guest cassiopeia

I love the Manhwa!!!!!!!!!!! This should be a great drama. But since the manhwa is ongoing, what could be the end of the story? Should be a big spoiler then.... :unsure:

The manhwa is a must read. So I guess that explains much about the drama ..... ^^

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I have seen tat Xman.. her "romance" with KJK is one of the reason y i start to like Xman so much.

Still no dates on when this show will air??

I have posted some pics of her new ad with Bi under her own thread.. :D

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Guest jkan93l

i dont think they even started shooting yet. :P

KTH <3

:huh: ... hmmm . i thought the started shooting around the end of sept.. iione.. :D i might be wrong..


pic of yeh and jh...honestly he wansn't my choice for Shin...but i'll give him a chance....cause i want to see some new faces rather then always seeing actors from before :PB)


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Guest lenakeem

EEK yay!

blehh YEH isnt going to be on x man anymore for a while.. >.<

and then.. when YEH does come back.. KJG is prolly gonna be in the army or soemthign >.< *cries*

hmm i havent read the manhwa.. can soemone tell me what its about please?/ ^^-

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Guest JessixFFx

^ That would awesome if you could do that, xONE. :D I don't mind timing this series. This is my most anticipated series of 2006.

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