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♥♥♥♥ The Official Dbsk's Changmin's Puppy Thread! ♥♥

Guest beccary

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Guest Little Ely

OMGosh!!! Sooo Cutalicious!!!! Ah, I want to squeez and kiss it! Muah!!! I think I just fell in love...hee hee :lol:

Just like the owner, cute!

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if that wasn't Changmin dog, i would've dog-napped it already (j/k)

But Mung Dong is seriously just plain adorable! ^^ LOVE IT

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Guest chenism

Maltese puppies are just the most adorable things in the world! Mung Dong looks exactly like DongHae's Bada. AISSSH! I want a maltese puppy now! Name it DBSUJU. :D

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Guest tarobun

I've seen other maltese dogs but this one has to be the cutest one so far!

Kinda expected him to get a big and macho dog. C:

I thought so too! Now we'll just have to see what type of dog Yunho gets - unless he doesn't like dogs... then I feel sorry for him 'cause he only has to live with like, 5 dogs!

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