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♥♥♥♥ The Official Dbsk's Changmin's Puppy Thread! ♥♥

Guest beccary

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Guest justlovely12

New Picture of MangDong!


that's not mangdongie.. that's the maltese in the taiwanese drama "fated to love you". it's english name is Baby G


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Guest Sharnka

oh how i just love maltese's [:

mang dong is much too cute! <3

i could hug mang dong forever if i could. xD

the doggie's like a plushieee.

mang dong loves changmin very much so :D

i remember changmin saying that he got mang dong because all the other members in dbsk have big dogs. xD

like yunho and typhoon <3

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Guest smlove

the cutest dog ever!

and the cutest dog owner ever!;;

together? *dies*

btw..changminnie is cuter than the dog..

even his muscles are cute :P

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Guest MinJee_318

Awh.. I just love Mangdongie!!

She's just so cute, like her owner!!


I love the recent pictures of the two of them together!

Its nice to see Changmin with his puppy for once!

It just shows you how much he loves his doggie!!

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Guest ElyssaNicole

I have officially fallen in love with Maltese...thanks Changmin. Maybe I can get a maltese and our dogs can have a playdate! Ooh, I would love that...!!! <<starts day dreaming about a day in the park with Changmin and MangDong>> **sigh**

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