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[variety] We Got Married 우리 결혼했어요

Guest jahye

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Guest jahye


[MBC] New Sunday Sunday Night segment스타 웨딩 버라이어티 우리 결혼했어요

610x147_we-got-married.jpg US & Canada fans, please help support Soompi by watching WGM on SoompiTV - thank you! ^^;v

Star Wedding Variety We Got Married is a 설특집 (Lunar New Year Special), one episode variety show that aired on February 6, 2008.

Lee Hyuk Jae, Hyun Young, Oh Sang Jin announcer

Solbi, Hong Kyeong Min, Jang Yoon Jung, Alex
Crown J, Seo In Young, Jung Hyung Don, Saori

What's It About?

4 predetermined (as in participants don't choose who their partner is, but the pairings are set up by the PD) couples are allotted a certain amount of money ($20, $40, etc) to prepare dinner for themselves. The participants try to portray themselves as a real life couple and go out together to buy groceries for dinner. It then follows them to a mock home where they prepare the dinner and eat. In between scenes there are interviews with the participants asking questions like what they feel about their partner and what they like or don't like about him/her. The actual date together as a couple and the interviews are all prefilmed and the participants and MCs watch it all back. At the end, each side of the couple privately chooses if he/she would stay together with his/her partner or not.

Alex & Jang Yoon Jung

Jung Hyung Don & Saori

Hong Kyeong Min & Solbi

Crown J & Seo In Young

HQ: http://clubbox.co.kr/godlove3494
LQ: http://clubbox.co.kr/beautiful7979
*If your clubbox carries it and you would like to be listed, post it here and I will update this list.

cap credits; http://blog.naver.com/ej860524

I was hesitant to watch when it first aired because of the premise, but it turned out it to be pleasantly funny. It also doesn't take too long to get used to the fact they aren't real life couples because even though they're pretending, it still feels real, as if these people are acting like they would in real life. The show had really good response when it first aired so I'm not surprised they're bringing it back as a regular show and I'm also glad they're bringing back the funniest couples, Crown J & Seo In Young and Jung Hyung Don & Saori. Solbi is a riot and a sure hit to be funny with anyone, glad she's back as well. Alex and Jang Yoon Jung were by far the most.. real? like it all just felt a little too real image Alex.. he's too slick for my liking, like he's done this many a time and knows his way around women a little too much. I don't think the show needs 3 hosts.. that's really the problem with shows now, they hire way too many hosts for such an easy job, one or two is enough. I like Kim Won Hee and Lee Hyuk Jae, so I say get rid of Lee Hwee Jae who isn't even married, yet he's MCing a show about married couples.. Anyways, if you like variety shows of the talking kind, or romantic kind I guess, I'd say We Got Married is a pretty funny one to watch.

We Got Married started out as a pilot show during the Lunar New Year and has now been picked up for a regular segment on MBC Sunday Sunday Night program. The show returns this week (3/16) with new MCs, Lee Hwee Jae, Kim Won Hee, and Lee Hyuk Jae. It also brings back most of the original participants and some new ones: Alex with actress Shin Ae, Jun Hyung Don - Saori, Crown J - Seo In Young, and Solbi with Andy. It will be a multi-episode long segment, lasting more than one week. Whether or not the show will keep using the same couples or invite new people is unknown as of now.


We Got Married on MBC Sunday Sunday Night

Episode List
Episode 1 (080316): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 2 (080323): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 3 (080330): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 4 (080406): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 5 (080413): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 6 (080420): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 7 (080427): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 8 (080504): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Jung Hyung Don - Saori, Alex - Shin Ae
Episode 9 (080511): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Lee Hwee Jae - Jo Yeo Jung, Hwang Bo - Kim Hyun Joon
Episode 10 (080518): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Lee Hwee Jae - Jo Yeo Jung, Hwang Bo - Kim Hyun Joon
Episode 11 (080525): Crown J - Seo In Young, Andy - Solbi, Lee Hwee Jae - Jo Yeo Jung, Hwang Bo - Kim Hyun Joon

Episode 1 (080316) (LQ, MU)
Episode 2 (080323) (LQ, MU)
Episode 3 (080330) (LQ, MU)
Episode 4 (080406) (LQ, MU)
Episode 5 (080413) (LQ, MU)
Episode 6 (080420) (LQ, MU)
Episode 7 (080427) (LQ, MU)
Episode 8 (080504) (LQ, MU)
Episode 9 (080511) (LQ, MU)
Episode 10 (080518) (LQ, MU)
Episode 11 080525) (LQ, MU)

For non MU links for LQ and HQ episodes, visit DKYang's Blog. On the right, click on We Got Married to find the links.

HQ/LQ: http://clubbox.co.kr/Kalena85
HQ: http://clubbox.co.kr/allaboutheenim

Song Downloads
bm05om has compiled many songs from the show with download links in this post.

DC Inside We Got Married gallery: http://gall.dcinside.com/list.php?id=married

>> Click here for the regularly updated post for this show <<

Includes updated info, faq, download list (of episodes, subtitles, background music), ratings, etc.
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Guest etoile

so i just watched it on youtube and ive got to say about the couples

...alex was sorta greasy not my kinda guy but i can see how korean girls living in korea would lap it up. with the whole event/romance thing.

junghyundon... uh no thank you. even though the wine thing was nice.

id like a guy like crown j or hkm even though this show is scripted ,they portrayed the type of guy id like to marry. hkm would be kinda boring like solbi said but i thought crownj was nice. :D .

lol i like this show . hehe

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Guest damifino

We Got Married Lunar New Years Special

Part 1: http://youtube.com/watch?v=A7A4DbMNc94

Part 2: http://youtube.com/watch?v=UY3bArqp_e0

Part 3: http://youtube.com/watch?v=DJhSaj6dzkA

Part 4: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bcVz_yZVnqY

Part 5: http://youtube.com/watch?v=D4lpaqVzQx0

Part 6: http://youtube.com/watch?v=6mye4JiqDgs

Part 7: http://youtube.com/watch?v=CBfqly89MiE

Part 8: http://youtube.com/watch?v=okxZH0oh01w

Part 9: http://youtube.com/watch?v=VbhqxGfNu1k

Alex is a bit of a know-it-all and on the too slick side for my taste. I didn't get the best impression of him in this. Also, some of the dialogue/behavior between the couples especially Seo In Young and Crown J made it seem too obvious and seemed too scripted.

It was entertaining enough, but I'm curious as to how they are going to do this show week in and week out. I guess they will do different tasks that married couples do, but still it seems to be a bit of a stretch to do over the course of many episodes.

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Guest iisenaii

omg, in a very long time i found a show that was really exciting. hahhaha, i mean how often are people in general gunna find out how the other person acts at home or what not. like people said, even if it is scripted..... it shows that these celebs are human. (: alex..................ah, at first i loved his voice and then slowly as he's letting himself known through variety, i love him even more. it could be buttery but ahhhhhh, loved every scene of this!

can't wait til it starts to come out every week!

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Guest silverwingz

i just watched that New Years Special... and it was alright. quite entertaining.

really loved watching the Solbi and Hong Kyung Min couple. Seo In Young annoyed me, but Crown J was pretty funny with his temper.

throw the tea towel and do push-ups... how many times did he do that?! lol... it must be a stress-reliever for him.

the Alex and Jang Yoon Jung couple looked like they were carved out a movie. Alex is just "too" perfect... it just looked weird.

Saori and Jung Hyung Don were so cute. they were nothing like a couple. they were more like friends goofing around.

but Jung Hyung Don's idea with the wine was sweet... although the "sweetness" turned to hilarity when he couldn't open it

and started beating chopticks into the cork!

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Guest evelyn168

Alex was flirting too much... But he's really sweet. I just hope he's not like that in actual life or his gf would be really worried... JHD was really funny and I liked how he was really realistic. He explained why he didn't choose Saori cause he thought he wasn't good for him. But Saori was really kind to stick with him. I hope in episode 2, they'll get to know each other more. As for SIY and Crown J, I was laughing my head off... Crown J really is a great guy. I'd dump SIY if she was my date... Solbi is funny too and I like how she got along really well with HKM.

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Guest damifino

I just finished watching the 3/16 episode and Seo In Young and Crown J are really adorable together. Solbi and Andy were cute also and so were Saori and Jung Hyun Don.

This week and next week's continuing episode deals with a newlywed couple moving in together and celebrating White Day, March 14 together. I must say, I was very surprised by Crown J's surprise :)

Alex still grates on my nerves... this time he was paired with Shin Ae.

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Guest yoojeong

I love Jung Hyung-Don couple!!

It was the most hilarious scene!!

Alex is tooooo perfect... Is he gay?? (sorry to Alex fans)

His too much of a romantist!

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Guest damifino

^ Alex seems too much like a player... he grew up in a foreign country (Canada in his case) so he's probably a lot more knowledgeable about the art of dating than most Korean guys who grew up in Korea. However, it just comes across as being too slick and rehearsed for my taste.

The ratings for yesterday's MBC Sunday night lineup was 9.6% (AGB) and 10.5% (TNS).

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Guest iyeiluj

so i see shin ae in those captions are reffering to her rumors linked to different people....i thought that she's the one dumped minwoo, when they dated

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Guest jahye


I probably won't be able to upload the show every week, but here's the full first episode: Episode 1 - LQ on MU

The ratings may not show it since it's the first episode, but the response in Korea has been very positive. The official website for MBC Sunday Sunday Night is filled with positive comments about the show, over 30 pages worth the last I checked.

I must admit I was never a fan of either Crown J or Seo In Young (more like antis.. :sweatingbullets: ), but they are so cute and hilarious together, definitely my favorite couple. Crown J was hilarious when he was going on about his ring, especially the part where he says something like, "This is for real, forget the cameras, what about my ring?!" :lol: His White Day present for In Young was very sweet. I think the most simple gifts are the sweetest, no need to go extravagant all the time like Alex.. the more I see him the more ewww.. like I said before and everyone else keeps saying, he's too slick. The feeling I get whenever I see him is like the feeling of putting your hand in a tub of margarine and squeezing it so it spews out between your fingers.. gross. Just watching him in the previews when he writes on the window makes me want to gag. Andy and Solbi were cute too.. she was acting a little smitten, very different from when she was with Hong Kyung Min. Jung Hyung Don and Saori are also cute.. especially "Don Don" ^_^ I would never marry a guy like him since he lives off of basically a Korean 7-11, but he's cute in his own way too. And was Saori tearing up a little in the preview, when she's looking up at his White Day surprise for her? Awww ^_^

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Guest evilmonk

recommend this show cause its got it all, its hilarious, fun, sweet, and all that...probably my favorite variety show along with 1 night 2 days

the scene where crown j shows seo in young the bedroom was hilarious...i cracked up so hard during that part

and yea i agree that crown j and seo in young couple is my favorite couple...ridiculously funny

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Guest jingjuna

i just watched the 1st episode and it was very cute and something different

i felt so bad for hong kyung min lol

i was laughing really hard during the wine incident

can't wait till this weeks is uploaded

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Guest yoojeong

This weeks was funny... Andy/ Solbi were sooo cute!!

My all time favourtie couple is "Jung Hyung-Don / Saori"

They're just freakn hilarious!!!

Yeah, Alex scares me. His very 느끼해!! No wonder his best friends with Sung Shi-Kyung ^^ Shi-kyung's also a perfectionist!

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