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[drama 2008] Life Special Investigation Team 라이프 특별조&#4932

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[MBC] Eom Gi Joon, Shim Eun Jin, Kim Heung Soo, Sol Bi, Jung Gyu Soo
Scheduled to debut on 13th April 2008 Sunday 11:40 pm Seoul time (replacing Before and After Plastic Surgery).

12 episodes.

Director : Lim Tae Woo 임태우

Scriptwriter : Yeo Eun Hee 여은희

Cast : Eom Gi Joon (Kimchi Cheese Smile sitcom), Shim Eun Jin, Kim Heung Soo, Sol Bi, Jung Gyu Soo, Im Hyun Sik

Official Site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/siu/index.html

Episodic preview at : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/siu/preview/index.html

Wallpapers at http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/siu/wallpaper/index.html



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Guest huangsy

Credits to YEOHWEPING for 1st alert about this drama here at Soompi.



Life special investigation team to air in april on MBC sunday nights after Before & After ends.

Cast : Eom Gi Jun, 20061222120815197043912.jpgShim Eun Jin, 200711141608356731.jpg Kim Heung Soo,

20061218162442197792572.jpg Sol Bi, 20070521144459197317732.jpg Jung Gyu Soo,

2005051522033519722743.jpg Lee Du Il, 20061221164807197060302.jpg Im Hyun Sik

In the drama, these 3 are involved in a love triangle.


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Guest huangsy

Not sure but from the little I could understand, in the love triangle, someone is younger by 7 years and another one age difference is 5 years.

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Heh. I came in cos in my currently dazed state, I found the name 'Shim Eun Jin' very familiar. I saw her picture and still thought to myself, 'Am I supposed to know her?' and finally, when I see smr's post, did everything all fall into place. Hee... COOL... I shall watch out for this particular drama series then.

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Guest huangsy
Guest bless_u

oh... I'm so excited for eunjin... but I was really hoping that she could do like a love drama or something:

Here are some pictures I want to share:

Eunjin with Se7en:


Eunjin MC in Six Woman Show




These are just some pictures I want to share... she also have her own Clothing Line called Z'bago

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Guest Richard_62

Is Kim Heung Soo the guy in [Princess LuLu]???? Seeing the pictures of Eunjin....Suddenly remember she appeared in Love Letter before.... Ya... She is pretty........

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