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First Asian Face Of Gucci: Huang Xiao Ming

Guest singerchick

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Yeah he reminds me of Siwon.

He has a hot face as my friend would say. lol

I think he's attractive overall, but I wanna see him smile or show a true laughing picture haha.

I bet it would be cute. Anyways yayee for him on being on the Gucci ads.

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Guest Kyunjae

In some of his pictures...he doesn't always look Asian. Probably why they chose him...has the east/west combo look down. :P

That's what I was thinking! haha

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Guest RainFan4ever

I thought I saw him in some dramas. So he was the guy in Return of Condor Heroes with Liu yi fei? Correct me if I am wrong. He does have that West meet East look. Some people when u see them in real life they look ordinary but once the camera hit them they change to totally different person, some people camera just love them he has really fit body not too fat nor too thin.

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