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First Asian Face Of Gucci: Huang Xiao Ming

Guest singerchick

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Guest x teehee

I don't get why people would say he's copying rain...it's not like that style is so original as to be considered Rain's style only or something. :mellow:

He looks good :)

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Guest foowdx3

i freaking LOVE huang xiao ming. not just because he's gorgeous and hot, but because he's so well-spoken and intelligent. if anyone has time, check out some of his interviews. he is freaking amazing :] i'm so happy that he's modeling for GUCCI <33

and how the heck is he copying rain? rain didn't invent that style. besides huang xiao ming is hotter imo...

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Guest vc1188

ohhh xD

what a hot fella

tho i kinda like his other ads more than the gucci one

Me too! I was hoping he'd go for the more rugged look in the Gucci ads. He just looks cute in them, which doesn't seem to fit with the brand

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