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{official} Hanchul (hankyung + Heechul)!

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Guest tian82

they r just SO GOOD 2gether~ (^w^)

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This couple are so cute!!

It is actually hard for me to chose between them and ShiHan!

Me too, haha. Hard for me to choose between Hanchul, Shichul, and Shihan <3. (Are there threads for Shichul and Shihan here? Anyone want to link me to them? Thank you in advance!) Thanks so much for posting pictures and gifs, everyone! keep em coming ^^.

How about some Full House ones? :) Brings back some good memories.












I loved when they appeared on YSMM together.


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Guest AlecRuby

I loved it when they were on YSMM and the kang ho dong kept on making fun of HanKyung's korean and when hankyung was trying his best to speak korean even though he had some pronunication prbs, heechul would start translating for him. and when hankyung told him to shut up, heechul starting yelling, saying, "WHY DO YOU THINK THEY WANT ME TO COME ALONG? HUH?? BECAUSE THEY KNEW YOU HAD SOME PRB WITH KOREAN AND SO THEY TOLD ME TO COME WITH YOU. NOW I AM HELPING YOU AND...." roughly translated. Then Hankyung was like a cute little baby saying sorry and patting heechul and saying thank you my friend. They were so cute to each other. But I was so shocked when they announced Hankyung and Heechul immediately popped up and started kissing hankyung, i was like, "HECK NO YOU DID NOT JUST STEAL ANOTHER HANKYUNG KISS.' but sadly heechul did. i was mad, that person was supposed to be me.


^ HAHAAH! omg, I just love this picture. I laugh everytime I see it... ^^

ohmygosh, they're naked together and heechul looks like a girl. man they look hot, especially hankyung. i never seen him take off his shirt before.

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Wow, love the pics with them.

Did you guys see the newest clip of Hee Chul and Han Kyung for their 2nd concert dvd I think. Each member listen to another talk about the other one and there is a card that they write down stuff in.

hee Chul said that Han Kyung and him are the best match. He said everytime hannie sing, he sing after. Everytime Hannie dance, he dance after him. I laugh so hard. They have these love and hate going on, I noticed that before Han Kyung probably think of Hee Chul as his older brother, new friend, but after living with eachother for so long, they Han Kyung got used to hee Chul and now they bug eachother all the time. I love it when they bicker, but even more when they are adorable to eachother!

For those that have a asianfanatics.net account, there is actually a Hee Chul and Han Kyung site that have lots of comment and pics.

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weeeeee~!!!!...HanChul!!!...my fave couple!!!...they are just so cute/funny together...

i remember in the relay talk vid Heechul said dat dey are a perfect combo..weeee~!!!

here r some pics dat i found in my folder...







wahhh!!...dont know who to credit...the pics were in my folder for a long time.. :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

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