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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest tamia1146

which star r u from?-is sooooooo good....im totally falling for kim rae won..this series is so touching n yet funny..(ppl,u should start watching it!!)

goong-haven't finished...waiting for the subs..dun worry i can wait..yea..i like this drama a lot in the middle of it...and then lose interest too..maybe quite draggy??or it's just the same problem b/w chae gyung n shin n yul...but i really like shin n chae gyung when they're together :D (a lot of good scenes!!hehe...)

bad family-episode 3 is soooo funny!!watch it...

heaven's tree-quite good.........but u have to get ready a tissue box...i like the couple in the series..the lead actress is so good while she is still young in this industry..

spring waltz-can sumbody give sum opinion about this?haven't watch it..

save the last dance for me-huh...im quite late...but hey,it's so nice n sweet...n i cried a lot too!!

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Guest doopz

Just finished with Goong... I think it's overated.

Currently watching "Which Star Are You From?". waiting for epi 9 to 10. Personally I like this drama, It worth watching... I think it's better than Goong.

Going to watch Spring Waltz, Bad Family and Alone in Love. Don't know which one to watch first...

Going to re-watch My girl, My sassy chun hyang and My name is Kim Sam Soon.

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Sweet Spy eps.8 , sometimes it makes me boring but I can't get over Dennis O'niel.

Marrying a Millionaire eps.8 ,but my friend told me that it was't really good and i give up to watch it. I'll continue when i have nothing to do.

Going to watch : My Girl and some Japanese Drama

Going to re-watch : Goong, waiting for the rest subtitle...

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on TV: Bizarre Bunch (Peculiar Man, Peculiar Woman) epi 78 tonight

Farewell to Tears

on my pc: Bizarre Bunch epi 141 (hopefully someone will upload epi 142)...just shows how impatient i am

and during my free time i watch FULL HOUSE over and over and over again :)

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Im currently watching...

Kim Sam Soon(filipino channel)


Bad Family

Spring Waltz

GoodBye Solo

i have so mannyy i cant remember all :sweatingbullets: but so far, on my opinion, Goong is the best so far, Bad Family comes in second, spring waltz come in 3rd...Goodbye Solo is kind of disapointing me right now...

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