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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest nglkt

i have been watching full house non stop since last year..... rewatch it at least 20 times honestly

IT IS VERY VERY VEYR VERY VERY VERY*1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest ebrigid

currently watching:

- Which Star Are You From? ... I think there are some really good opportunities for Ryeo Won to shine here.

- Spring Waltz ... loving the song "One Love" by Clazziquai

Just finished:

- Goong ... felt so sad for Yul.

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currently watching:

-Delightful Girl, Choon Hyang

-Let's Go To The Beach

-3 Leaf Clover

-A Love To Kill

after this, im gonna start watching

-My Girl

-My Name is Kim Sam Soon


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Guest toremoro

I'm watching "Super Rookie" on TV

Actually, if i stay late at night, i'm gonna watch All in

if my parents don't stay home, i'll watch STH (they hate this drama becoz of da stepmom and Yuri)

at last, if i wake up early i'll rewatch Full House

and they're on TV!

(i don't like downloading hahaha...)

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Guest andie

Just finished Goong, but I'm rewatching and rewatching it. :wub: To say it's really nice is an understatement! It's also very addicting! How I'm going to survive 10mos waiting for season2, I honestly don't know! :crazy:

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Guest jennxxness

well I just finished watching goong..

so... nothing as of now. (which might be a good thing considering midterms- but knowing me- I shall be rewatching goong. LOL)

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Guest sixtwentyeight02

the latest i've watcher were "devil beside you" (taiwanese) and full house (korean). those two are my absolute fav dramas EVER!

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Guest venusling

Currently Watching:

Spring Waltz - My latest favourite drama!

Tree Of Heaven - Just Finish. Like the first half of series. The lead actress can speak japanese. Amazing!

Goodbye Solo - Pretty good. Just lack of background music.

Let's Go To The Beach - Waiting for the sub for so long.

Hello My Teacher! - This one is very entertaining! (Sub until Ep 6). Wondering why it's underrated.

Fashion 70's - The OST is so nice! I like the drama setting and the storyline. Haven finish download yet.

Goong - Give up after watch until Ep 4. Will continue later.

Sweet Spy - Give up after watch Ep 7/8. Quite dragging. Continue later.

Rewatch: My Name Is Kim Sam Soon on TV

Next Drama - Which Star Are You From? (Any opinion on this drama? Worth to watch?)

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Guest obbsaran

currently totally falling for ... <Which Star Are You from > !! :D

n < Goong> ... but I jus want to noe the ending.. lost interest somewat.... -__-

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