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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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Guest pajnra


Save the last dance for me

Only you

Heaven's Tree (i really like this drama. it's so sad. i had cried watching this drama. any drama that can make me cry, i say, is really good.

Star in my heart

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Guest moon_kaka

The only 1 current on air 4 me is bad family ^^

I'm watching Sharp2 now T___T too bad no subs!

uhm ... start with my girl & goong. I'd like to have complete to watch ^^

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Guest huyen2501

i've been rewatching my girl over and over cause i love it so much. gonna go watch loveholic cause i haven't watched it yet and i'm curious. waiting to watch goong, spring waltz, and which star are you from too :)

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Guest ktvseriesfanz

i have seen STH. Apart from korean stuff..i am also watching a j-drama - a litre of tears.. Have also yet to watch "crying out love in the centre of the world" and "to be with you" - all j movies.

because all the above are teary..i think i'll watch "my girl"..to bring back a smile on my face. I didnt really enjoy Full house..i gave up halfway

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Guest alliana

I'm watching Jewel in the Palace/Daejanggeum on DVD right now...it's intriguing but I also find it tedious (not used to watching 50+ episodes for a series :D ). But it's still good.

Aside from that, I'm watching Goong on youtube right now and am currently hooked/obsessed. :)

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Guest mintoro

just finsih watching (recently)

18 vs 29

wonderful life

my name is kim sam soon

recently watching

spring waltz


and movie i agree with SweetKim

He Was Cool is best,.. i watched it for 213768342 times

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I have just finished watching 18 vs 29.

Currently watching Autumn Shower by Kim So Yeon, Yoo Hee Jin and Oh Ji Ho. I bought this DVD drama due to the wording on the cover stated Life has taught us that love does not consist in gaxing at each other but in looking outward together in the same direction. I am in mid disc 3.

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