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What K-dramas Are You Watching Right Now?

Guest litoxshortaii

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i'm watching summer scent...it's old. i know...=)

im in episode 14...i'm kinda slow because i don't really like this drama..it's kinda boring for me...

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i'm currently watching...

marrying a millionaire up to episode 6

1 litre of tears just finished episode 5 (i cried in all of the episodes so far)

and right now i'm in the middle of downloading the movie Duelist

hopefully i'll get around to 1 chinese drama after this before school starts again.

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Guest ktvseriesfanz

having just finished the classic - "Beautiful days"..i am stuck on what to watch korean wise. I've got "my girl", heavens' tree and to follow Mnikss..

which one shall i choose??

movie wise..i got art of seduction, cantonese flicks like cocktail and shopalcholic..

anyway..what kseries are you watching now?

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Guest SweetKim

to tell yoo the truth...HEAVEN'S TREE was not that good. if yoo want to see a classic tearjerker yoo HAVE to watch

-stairway to heaven...both main characters of heaven's tree played in this drama (ksw and cjw)

-winter sonota (w/ choi ji woo)

-Autumn Tale/Autumn in my heart (w/ Song Hye Gyo, Wonbin, Song Seung Hoon,

Han Chae-young...possibly the hottest cast ever..lolz)

and i think MNIKSS is overrated, although sunah and hyunbin did an awesome job in it!!

yea beautiful days was REALLY GOOD


~MY GIRL was a pretty decent drama

~FULL HOUSE-w/ jung ji hoon (BI-RAIN) and Song Hye Gyo

~Q*GIRL SONG CHUN HYANG--really good--underrated

~MY sister in law 19 (YOON KYESUNG<--singer from G.O.D.)...funny

just finished

~Lovers in Paris was good but the ending just sorta made it fall short

~GOONG/PALACE (w/ yoon eunhye<--baby v.o.x.) really good, it was like really slow in the beginning but turned out to be very addicting

to tell yoo the truth kmovies fall short of my expectations, but i like

~HE WAS COOL w/ song seung hoon~

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well i kinda thought my girl and goong were sorta overrated... especially in the soompi threads... :excl:

completed dramas :blush:

fashion 70's is a must watch...

hello, mr. god is a good one

currently watching... :lol:

good-bye solo is pretty good

spring waltz

which star are you from

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Guest vondunker

Watching Goong currently, due to my curiosity as the Goong thread were hitting 1700 pages! Like the above said, i thought its abit overrated as wel, as the plot is like a gather from Dae Jjang Gum, Full House & Bride 18 where the young bride were married to this guy on contract basis, and took off in the palace. erms?

Btw, i just finished Full House last week. It was fabulously good.

Yeah i think im kind of late.

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Guest K-popMiko

In my opinion, I loved Heaven's Tree. Just the right length, not much dragging and I love Park Shin Hye and Lee Wan in this. Park Shin Hye can really act, especially at such a young age too. I just finished the series and it's been on my mind since last night, which was when I watched the last episode. Definitely one of the best dramas released this year.

Goong is an awesome drama so far (I've been following it on TV). I love the cast (though, it seems like Joo Ji Hoon is a bit stiff sometimes). Recommended.

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Guest sungified

I recommand you watch Sangdoo, Let's Go to School. It's pretty underrated because it was Bi's first time acting. But it was really good, he seem like a pro. Sad and romantic. It's a tearjecker for sure.

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